Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Press Release We Sent Out This Morning

Group Vows Half-Million Supporters Will Back Hillary in General Election

Organization cites surging membership and closeness of previous elections in their promise to impact '08 elections

June 4, 2008 --, an organization with upwards of half-a-million supporters, announced today it is committed to breaking ranks with the Democratic Party and supporting Senator Hillary Clinton in the general election - regardless of her status as the party's nominee. is not associated with the official Hillary Clinton campaign. However, the organization says it is filled with disaffected supporters who are ready to be "former" Democrats because of the contempt and disregard that has been shown to the many party faithful who support Sen. Clinton's presidential candidacy.

"We've already registered more than half-a-million supporters and our numbers are growing daily," said Robin Carlson,'s campaign representative. "The treatment from the Democratic Party and the media of this historic candidate has energized voters across our nation," Carlson added. "To throw that support away with such contempt and disregard would be a huge mistake." points to the closeness of presidential elections in 2000 and 2004 as examples of how large an impact its supporters could make in November.

Carlson added "Mark Twain said, 'Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul.'"

"In what is perceived by many as a 'petrified loyalty' to a less qualified candidate, and a manipulative stance to dictate that Sen. Barack Obama become the Democratic presidential nominee by 'decree,' the Hillary Grassroots Campaign stands ready to mobilize its half-million member base to action. Given the results of the Democratic National Committee Rules & By-laws meeting on Sat., May 31, the Hillary Grassroots Campaign is pleased to re-affirm its commitment to supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton's continued campaign all the way to the general election."

Carlson also said that the calls for Clinton's withdrawal from the race are "disgraceful" and "unprecedented in the history of the Democratic party."

"If the DNC behaves like they don't need the Hillary Clinton supporters, so be it. We will go elsewhere," Carlson added. plans to move its mission forward whether by write-in votes or by supporting Sen. Clinton in becoming an Independent candidate.

Carlson also had harsh words for those calling for Democratic Party unity, in some instances months before all primary votes had been cast.

"Critics will say that we must preserve party 'unity' at any cost, but really it means only if we support Sen. Barack Obama. We are sick and tired, as Hillary supporters, of being basically told to shut up and get out. We are tired of being 'careful' in order to preserve party unity."

"As one of the great heroes of democracy and enfranchising the women who made up half of the U.S. population, Susan B. Anthony, said, 'Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation.' We are done with being careful, cautious and disenfranchised, whether in Michigan, Florida or in this primary process," Carlson concluded.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton is our candidate and she can win without the Democratic Party. Can the Democratic Party win without her?"



Anonymous said...

Please consider before you write-in. I was told, any write-in will go to the party itself. Meaning if you write in Hillary they may give the vote to odrama! I am voteing McCain if I have to. To keep odrama away from the "why'd" house!
We are takeing out democratic voters card, tearing them in half, writing Florida on one half, and Michigan on the other.Then we are writing a check to john Mccains campaign fund(any amount) copying the check. Then sending the torn card and check copy to the DNC.
Then you can send McCain the check, or tear it up, doesn't matter.
We need to let the DNC know, we will not tolerate, their election rigging, this is not democracy, its robbery!
Proud to be an independent!

Lauren M said...

Thank you for giving us a voice.... I am personally sick to my stomach. This country is out of control and why won't it be as long as we let them tell us what to do and who to vote for.

I support Hillary in her decision to quit fighting..... but she needs to know, that we are all out here fighting for her. She sacrificed so much for us and I am so sad that I didn't give, say and do more.

I wish I could tell her I'm sorry.... my heart actually hurts.

PS I would rather vote for a known war hero than Satan (hopefully I don't have to do that either).

Anonymous said...

Party doesn't make the difference--It's the individual person himself or herself, in this case it happens to be Hillary. She makes the difference. What's in a name, in this case a party name, Hillary R. Clinton is the "PARTY". She is the VOICE for all Americans, whether some choose to believe it or not, she is the reigning PRESIDENT OF THE USA--she must be on the ticket, I truly believe she will get it. So now how can we convince her to stand on her own affiliated party. I'm in it to win. SHE MUST BE ON THE BALLOT COME NOVEMBER. What can we do to make this happen? Maria in Oklahoma

Nilla said...

It seems my soon to be former party thinks we will forget what they did to us, to our candidate and to woman. Some wounds leave scars that just don't heal. I will not "man up" and be a good little zombie, I understand why Senator Clinton has to do what she does, but I need show no such constraints. Obama will never get my vote.

Rebel ready to fight said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

I was sick to my stomach when I received the email last night from Hillary's campaign, saying she was making a speech to congratulate Obama.

("Odrama", that's great! LOL!)

I felt so much better when I saw that this campaign is willing to keep us all together in our common passion to see our rightful president-elect all the way to election day! I'm ready to continue the good fight...whether writing in or voting for her independently. Either way, the media (owned by Clearchannel, which is GOP-friendly, so it figures it would be so disgusting) has been horrendous--and I am disappointed beyond belief with the DNC. The DNC sent me a junk mail letter asking me to do their survey and send them a donation. I told them I only donate to Hillary's campaign, where my money matters. I told them I am dissapointed in them and I am changing my party affiliation...then I went right to the post office, dropped in the letter (let the DNC pay for the postage), and picked up a voter's registration form. I'm so out of that party. I will never, ever vote for McCain or any other repulsican for that matter...anybody who does would be a would be doing exactly what the GOP and Clearchannel hoped to votes for McCain by ticking off Hillary supporters.


I am looking into either Green or Peace and Freedom as my party. Screw the two main ones!