Monday, June 30, 2008

2 PUMAs on TV

Jessie Loren of justsaynodeal appears on MSNBC

John David Overton, a PUMA voter, talks to FOX

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see PUMA's in the news, and to see them being articulate and professional. I thought Jessie Loren, in particularly, presented herself in a very professional way. I think that this is crucial as our movement gains strength and momentum and greater media coverage. Folks representing the movement who are interviewed MUST have their talking points down and must be mature and articulate. Way to go Jessie and John! Let's keep the ball rolling!

Pandora1 said...

Great introduction to PUMA, but we could have used more time to flesh out the details of our mission. By the way, will SOMEONE please update Chris Matthews on "Hardball" about the large,highly educated amount of both women and men who support PUMA and Hound? He insists on relegating us to "low-income, blue-collar women" status, which is simply not true, and may serve to denigrate our impact. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Pandora, I agree with all of your comments. And, as for updating Chris Matthews, why don't you send an e-mail to him and the network?

Lastly, I think that characterizing our movement according to an inaccurately narrow demographic (low income, blue collar) should be corrected, I don't think "denigrate" is the word to use as that simply insults low income, blue collar women. But, I think what you're getting at is important and if our movement is not accurately described, that should be corrected so that our base is not misrepresented.