Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 1 of "Buck$ the DNC VOTE"

"Buck$ the DNC Vote"
Remember to Contribute June 27th-29th
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My contribution is part of the "Buck$ the DNC VOTE" drive and is only to be
used for Hillary Clinton primary or general election campaigns so Hillary
will be fully funded and ready to finish the fight for the White House by
Independence Day July the 4th

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1 comment:

layla said...

I do not trust the dnc. I will not give them .01 cent of my hard earned money! P.U.M.A.! I will give them money when Hillary becomes the nominee. Then and only then, will they see any $$ from me because, they have proven they are not a party of integrity, morals, or being on the up & up. plus bobo the clown says small donars don't make the much of a difference anyway. plus the "chosen one" should be able to raise millions by his george soros and all his corp cronies.