Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama Pulls The Race Card...Again

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Castleriggpekes said...

Is anyone planning to go to that Unity, NH appearance of BO and Hillary? It would be great to get together a group of those 18 mill supporters and perhaps chant Hillary's name...just to remind everyone that we're still here and still PO'd...

Douglas I. Thompson said...

This is the future in an Obama administration. Any policy disagreement would result in a group of Brown-Shirted thugs showing up and denouncing you as a racist. Maoist Cultural Revolution, anyone?

Anonymous said...

it's a sad sad day when I agree with Laura. But what she skipped is that this is the tactic he used against Hillary and her supporters all through the primary.

So why does Obama think that people who don't like him are so ignorant. I am sick to death of being called an ignorant racist by this insignificant fool of a man and his juvenile supporters.

stretcj said...

Anyone remember the movie "The Manchurian Candidate"?

eebaltimore said...

This is outrageous! I just wish McCain or his surrogates would blast this latest race-bating strategy by Obama. He tried to ruin Bill & Hillary Clinton's reputation with this slimy tactic. I am hoping someone blasts him for this disgusting strategy. In other words, no one can say a word "agin him" without being labeled "racist." Can't you just see what a wonderful time we'll all have if this jerk gets elected? We'll never get anything done to address our nation's problems. We'll be too busy discussing whether or not this one or that one said something "racist" or not. Please, please, DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!