Monday, June 16, 2008

Dean Slow To Pick Up On Sexism Because He Doesn't Watch TV

From the NYTimes

"Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic Party, who says he was slow to pick up on charges of sexism because he is not a regular viewer of cable television"

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I guess he doesn't read newspapers, listen to radio or talk to Democrats either.

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R said...

Nice photoshop job, too bad it had zero relevance to the article. But thats typical I'm thinking.

M. Sakel said...

Screamer Deano boy shows considerable subdued chutzpah in this lovely photo depicting his multi-talented personality. Where was Deano in the past few months when the media misogynist frat-boys were producing their Oscar-winning Hillary-bashing series with reruns on cable? Maybe too busy helping Barry find some arugula at the local Iowa Whole Foods Superstore?

Dean should help Barry start revising his resume including the YuTube mega-hit "Obama gives Hillary the Finger" and submit it to SNL for the comedian-rapper's role they've got available for the new season December. Sweetie will be a shoo-in. He's got the talent and misogyny to match! He can teach them the succesful 'flip-off' and hold a Junior High contest to see who can muster the most sexist insults during commercial breaks! He's competitive and will do well. But in case he doesn't get the job, he could send his resume for the Speechwriter's position at McCain's HQ in November. Cynthis McKinney should help him draft his green agenda.

R said...

I am 100% convinced that this site has been taken over by Republicans , only they could be this shallow and asinine.