Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hillary Supporters To Run A Full Page AD In The Chicago Times

This Sunday the group Hillary Clinton supporters for John McCain will run a full page add in the Chicago Times. Just a reminder that we don't have anything to do with this but I think it is great what they are doing. I had some people email me and say that we should rewrite this but again we did not write this I am only posting about what this group is doing.

Here is an excerpt of what will appear in the newspaper

"This is an open letter to inform you that we will not be backing, supporting or voting for Obama in November at the General Election. We have heard all of you say that we are "FEW" or that we are a "SMALL" group of angry, bitter women, but that we will fall in line and vote for a Democrat when we look at the issues. Well, you can keep on thinking that if it makes you all feel better about the "crooked" election you ran in the 2008 Presidential Primary. We are here to tell you now that there are over 2.5 million of us and in November, we will vote for "John McCain and ONLY for the Democrats on the ticket that supported Hillary Clinton", unless she suddenly becomes the nominee.

This is not because we are "sore losers" or any other stupid reason you come up with. It is because you took the Democratic Party and made a SHAMBLES out of it. The Democratic nominee was NOT elected, he was selected by "those smoke filled back room deals” that you all have said over and over you didn't want to see happen. It was the way you proportioned the Delegates, the way you STOLE Delegates, the way that you started trying to push Hillary to drop out before the Primary Season was over and all of the people had voted. It is about the way you blamed her for the "Division" in the Party, saying that she was only staying in to hurt Obama's chances. You and Obama are the ones that divided the Party with a lot of help from the media, so all of you need to pat yourselves on the back and stand up and take responsibility for destroying the Party and any chance we had of taking the White House back." (you can read more here)

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Elaine said...

I do not want you to take this as an insult, because I do support what you are doing, but I think this needs to be rewritten. I am sorry I am not a very good writer, but I have seen other blogs written about reasons why we are supporting McCain that come across as more mature, rational, etc. Please don't be insulted because I am not trying to be insulting - I just know I have seen stronger words that come across with more effect in my opinion. If I can find them again I will send you a link, but I think you should ask others for input as well. I wish I was very effective at writing letters to help a cause but I really suck at it! Again - please don't take this as insulting - I am voting for John McCain because I am also a Hillary supporter. I know that the woman Harriet Christienson? said some very effedtive words on why she is voting for McCain - please try to see her interview - I don't remember which one but will send you things as I see them! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I saw the comment by Elaine. I agree that the letter does sound a little too angry or something, although I also don't want to criticize. Not at all.

BUT, I have written a very good letter, or at least I think so (smile) to Dean, Pelosi, and Reid. If you'd like to see a copy, let me know how I can attach it or send you a copy for your review. See if you like it.

Anonymous said...

I should add that my letter to "them" is also quite angry. But perhaps worded a little better.

Lauren M said...

I think the letter is just fine, why you ask..... because I am mad. I am mad as hell and I am glad someone has taken the opportunity to let these people know what they did is not acceptable. They are thieves in the night, that obviously don't mind working during the day. They are rubbing our noses in "their" decisions and they are really loud and clear about not caring what we think. As you can see, it's probably a good thing I didn't write that AD ...... I feel violated and tricked. I only voted once in my life and that was 30 years ago when I was 18. I swore I would never vote again, unless I totally believed in the person I was voting for. Hillary is the only person I truly believe deserves to be our President and it was for all the right reasons. For me, it was a worthy reason for putting my faith and heart into her campaign. Somehow, I just knew everyone would recognize this great blessing and our country would finally be ok. Now I'm sick to my stomach and I feel left at the alter. So I appreciate that AD and a special thank you to the people responsible

Elaine said...

I am angry too Lauren (VERY ANGRY). But if the goal is to try to get as mant people informed on your issue - you must present yourself in a way that would attract them to your side. I know the author of the original ad is a rational mature person - it is just that he/she writes like me - with my heart not my mind. If I was to write the ad beleive me- it would have alot of %$#^&* and (*&^#@ you dickhead DNC people words in it. I found this link to a great explanation on what happened and it would be very useful to have some of this bloggers thoughts in the news ad IMO.
Here is the link - It is about the nomination being stolen.

NLee777 said...

The people responsible for the ad needs to Re-Write!

Sirtriz said...

I agree with most. The wording is not particularly effective or compelling, but rather comes across as exactly what you are saying you aren't -- angry, bitter, etc. It's ok to be angry or bitter, of course, but it needs to be written in a more "higher road" or "principled" fashion. Also, I think a little more explanation of how Obama stole the nomination would be helpful, backed by more facts than rhetoric.

layla said...

i love it! it is excellent the way it is! i am tired of us dems always coming across as not sounding angry! i am sick of it! we are always trying to be politically correct and sound just right. screw it! it is time to draw the line in the sand and go toe to toe. it is time to kick ass and call names! quit being a bunch of wusses and pansies! ENOUGH!!!! that is the problem. we are always wussy and it has gotten us NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you that you are more than 2.5 Million strong. There are many of out here, I talk to them, that are of the same mind. I have tried to leave comments and to supply important information in a timely way so it could be usefull to the Hillary Supporters but could never get posted. I have always been polite if firm and could not get the information out. I often had to fax Hillary's campaign to get it out, and they did use it as talking points after I faxed. This could be coincidence but it doesn't matter. I wanted the community to know this stuff in time to make a difference but could not. Some I got to them too late because I did not know how to get the campaign to listen.

I have tried to get into PUMA but the password I got does not work and I tried to change it but nothing I do works.

Could anyone give me some hints as to how to get into posts? I think many people get lost when they can't post.

I say we are more than 2.5 million because if I can't get on and I know at least 5 other people who are with us but don't blog, imagine that multiplied by 2.5M and that might be the number.

I used the name "a clear thinker" on HRC site and will use "Willow tree" from now on.