Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama Hires Solis: Slap To Clinton

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From the New York Mag

"A Clinton bundler told the New York Observer that the move was the "biggest fuck you I have ever seen in politics." Susie Tompkins Bell said in the Washington Post that "[i]t's a slap in the face."

• Lynn Sweet thinks the endorsement could be seen as "a sign that Sen. Hillary Clinton is drifting down and out from Obama's vice presidential short list." But it may have been unwise to "have sent this signal so soon, as he is busy wooing disgruntled Clinton supporters." [Chicago Sun-Times]

• Marc Ambinder thinks the truth "lies between the straight reading and the conspiratorial reading." Either the Obama campaign didn't expect this reaction from Clinton supporters, or they expected it and just didn't care. "There are lots of Obama aides and advisers who don't think that the feelings of Hillary Clinton's inner circle are terribly important right now," he writes. [Atlantic]"

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Patricia said...

This could go two ways....it will either help Obama or hurt him...and, I for one...hope it will hurt him...he doesn't need to be our President...for a person who has no experience, but thinks he does...will only make a HUGE mess out of things!!! TAKE THIS TO THE CONVENTION and see what happens...Hillary's supporters are and will always remain at her side!!

Lets Get It Started said...

I think this is so stupid...

You know its bad news for the Obama camp when the CNN pundits start sayign you did a bad move.

Pattis Solis Boyle has an ugly name to begin with...just wanted to point it out :)

Sorry Obama every day you make me not want to support you any longer.


Obama's ego has taken over and he's bought into his own hype. I don't care who he picks. I will never vote for him, period. America was better off without him. He has shown poor judgement time and time again and has proven to be the most divisive Democrat I have ever seen. It is because of him that I have left the party. Plus, his not picking Hillary means he will lose and then Hillary can win in 2012. Better for all of us.

estelle said...

What an insult to Hillary.They really wanted to rub her nose in it didn't they!!!.They could have waited but nooooo the good old boys wanted to teach her a lesson.Now it's our turn to speak up.

Please ladies call the DNC, 202-863-8000 and let them know how we feel!! I cannot and will not support Obama.They think that we women are powerless ( not).We can certainly make our voices heard.
Hillary take this to the convention.

Manuel said...

It only shows how poor Obama's judgment really is.

Patricia said...

You people are great...it just shows just how much savvy you all have...we are living the reality to all of this...I was watching a program on MSNBC a few minutes ago and just shook my head and laughed...They were talking about the "mistakes" that Obama is making by what he's saying...and, the mistakes that McCain is making...it's probably better that Hillary NOT get picked to be the VP...it could come back to haunt her in 2012..what would be amazing..awesome if there were enough "write-in" votes that made her the winner...no one should bail out the DNC now...they are crying for money....seves them right!!

R said...

I am/was leaning to Obama to support, but I have to say this was a dumb ass move, is nothing but a negative to the whole process and makes my leaning not quite as far as it once was.