Saturday, June 7, 2008

3 Things You Can Do Today

1. Unsubscribe for the DNC Newsletter
2 Sign Our Petition
3 Join a Third Party like the New American Independent


Anonymous said...

Well I have done both;
I have switched parties. At the moment I am an "Undeclared" member in Colorado. I was a Democrat.

I have visited the NAIP web site, and subscribe to their news letter. Come Monday I will contact them.

I hope many will follow. After the Super Delegate and DNC coup, we know this isn't a "PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE." It is for their self interest.
william DenverCO

Anonymous said...

How about a 4th thing - a huge protest at Denver, a Protest by the people for the people's choice - Hillary

Deb said...

The media is claiming that there are only "a few" Hillary supporters that are not going to vote for Obama. Of course, the media is going to put their spin on it, but come November... the world will see that the majority of Hillary supporters meant what we said.