Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Hillary Did For Women

Yes, as Clinton herself has said again and again, her oh-so-close campaign has provided girls across the globe with a role model of a tough woman competing relentlessly to reach the very heights of power. But in the short term, the feminist effects of Clinton's run can be observed most clearly among us grown-ups. Clinton has single-handedly changed the contours of our public debate about gender and politics, and even the roster of that debate's contributors. That's good for women, good for democracy, and good for progressivism. So Hillary Clinton, thank you." (American Prospect)


Anonymous said...

And now it's time for us women to take the lead and use our votes to make a clear message that our opinions and intellect matter.

The DNC, Obama and the media insulted our intelligence and everything we stand for. If Obama did not do it himself, the DNC and the media did, and Obama did not stand up and take a firm stand.

If we are to get noticed and heard, we must not support Obama. Women who supported Sen. Clinton must not cave in by pretending we have healed and forgiven them.

My vote for McCain in November will send a clear message that our vote is crucial to any candidate.

I implore all women to do the same. Do it for your daughters and their daughters. They, too, will need to be heard someday.

marilyn said...

do not realize how people touch
our lives even when we do not know them personally. Hillary did not stay home and bake cookies, but she was every bit a woman, mother, wife,
and a public servant. She knows how
to make her time work well for her.
Some where along the way, God has instilled in her to be a champion for women and children. She has crossed roads where women didn't dare. She has had to be tough, or they would have run over her along time ago..Being married to Bill,
she has had to overcome because
he is still a country boy at heart.
The media hates her simply because she does not let them know what her
next step is going to be. We never
had a queen in this country, but to me, she is my champion, and my queen and she will go down in history of doing HILLARY'S WAY !

marilyn said...

I personally will not vote for
Obama or McCain...I am an old woman, but I will sit this campaign out.
The media has stoled this campaign,
and then sit there smiling and say to them selves, people are blaming the media..We didn't do a thing!!!
What a joke that is...and no one is stopping them from doing it..
I am not caving in...Anonymous,
please if you love Hillary, use your name please...that helps us all to know we are not dealing with
a bunch of Obamas on here..and I thank you personally now for it..
Unless we make a walk on Washington and let our voices be heard on the Mall..We will not change a darn thing...We must unite in some form to make changes..I have found out writing to our senators and congressmen do not do a thing...We must march...HONEST!!! That is the only way they will understand, and know we mean business...!!!
Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

I with you! I will not support the democratic party nor OBAMA. I am sending a message that this treatment will NOT be tolerated. I also suggest sending grevience letters to Advertisers of MSNBC and CNN saying that Advertisers support of these sexist media and bias reporting will be boycotted:
Johnson 'n Johnson:
Geico Ins.:
Tom Nicely)
Toyota: (Jim Lentz)
Nationwide Ins. (Jerry Juregensen(
Lenscrafter: Kerry Beasley - 513-765-6000
Enterprise Rental - 314-512-5000

Tell them that you are boycotting and if you what women to purchase goods they better make it clear to MSNBC and CNN that bias and sexist news will not be tolerated.

Yasashi said...

Hillary is a gem. She has been everything BUT the characterizations of the common media. She has stood on her own and kept faith in her country in spite of the near anathema the DNC attempted with her candidacy. With over half the democrats behind her, they have projected her celebrity opponent as the popular politician- when he is anything but that to those who wanted more. She may never get what she deserved, nor may we who supported her, but it has been a honored to be part of her hopes and dreams, even as she dipped into ours!

Barnabas41 said...

......ladies, please don't forget that many men (and Hispanics like me)throughout the country saw Hillary Clinton's gift to manage our country. Many of us (secure) men were not threatened by a woman becoming President, we were thrilled (and voted) and financially supported Hillary Clinton all the way!


HellHathNoFury said...

It's important not to be mollified by lovely "mother's day" type speeches so we get in line.

A lot of damage was done to women and little girls in this primary process. Women watched as Hillary was bullied to get out of the race, and daily baraged by vile sexist hate speech.

I'm really not in the mood to be pacified into a false sense of "Oh wasn't this great for women." It was horrible. A man with not an 1/8th of the experience and competence of Hillary was handed the nomination. That sent the real message to little girls and women. The old message. No matter how good you are, how much better you are, you need to just shut up and use your energy, money, and talent to support the inferior male candidate.

I'm so sick of this crap. I'll never support Obama. I might vote for McCain just to send a message to the DNC.

Women, don't be fooled. Don't be pacified.

Please don't "get in line" like good, docile, nurturing women.


Crystal said...

Wht astounds me is the repeated demands from the DNC for "unity" and how they seem to be so in denial that we mean business about NOT supporting Obama.

And so much for Obama's fake "unity" if he can't unite the Dem party and bring Hillary on the ticket. What a joke.

The only way to be heard is to VOTE MCCAIN this fall and dump this party.

We can be treated elsewhere. This was utterly disgusting and I'm sick and tired of a party that tries to dictate who we should support when 18 million voters already made it clear that we support HILLARY - NOT DEMS, NOT OBAMA, JUST HILLARY.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

I also will NOT vote for Barrack Hussein Obama...but, I will vote for McCain...
You must vote...if you don't, it helps Barrack Hussein Obama. It's not ideal choice, but, I would vote for Bush rather than give one single vote to that sexist, radical hate filled racist.
I am also, boycotting all the news medias and so are all of my friends and family memebers and that totals about 2000 votes going to please, please...don't just sit this out...if you do, you might as well vote for the racist Obama.And just for the record...we are not naive nor stupid...we will not be 1/2 a and then a whole voter in November...we are angry, we are disillusioned and we will not mellow or forgive...we will not cave in...and he can forget the WhiteHouse, you should see how many people have already joined McCain's campaign...he is not a prophet or the answer to anyones prayer, he is black and that makes him believe he is "ENTITLED" but, that is one place where it's not about him screaming racism, it's about the voters choice. Most of us do not vote party...we vote on the person...and that person is not a racist who is also inexperienced...that person was Senator CLinton...and it won't matter if he offers her the VP...we wanted her as our President..not his follower.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

And for the one cared BHO was black when he started in this was his cocky attitude, him yelling racism everytime anyone opened their mouth, and his most of all it was radical associates..who made it an issue. Most of my balck or African American friends agree, he is radical and not a single one of them attend a church like he goes to, especially not for 20+ years and then brag about how they helped mold him and his morals...his words not ours...I doubt very seriously if we would have ever heard this kind of behavior from Colin Powell, or Clarence Thomas...I think Obama forgot that is was the President of all the people, not just his people whoever they are or his cronies...and radical associates ...Farakon, Jesse Jackson, Resko,Wright, Fleger and his list just keeps building....nor the Hollywood types, like Oprah who put him on his "O" could anyone fall for his "Change" philosophy...if he cannot even tell us how,and he has already started waffling on Iraq...before he was handed the nomination he said he's start bringing the military home immediately after he got into office, then on Wed. he said "we have to be cautious how we get out of Iraq." No kidding..!!! that is exactly what Senator Clinton has been saying...all along.

Anonymous said...


I am not going to vote for BO or McCain. I am going to write in Hillary for President of the United States.

Maybe if 500,000 women across America do the same the DNC will stop "patting us on the head, expecting us to good little girls, and follow the party line".

This is the best form of protest that I know and how to wake up the Democratic Party. If that does not do it, I am going to change my registration to Independent.

Hey! DNC - stop taking the women members of your party for granted!!

Karen in California

Hillraiser now and always said...

You are fools if you think that will make everything better.
WRITE HILLARY IN! That will make a much louder statement. Voting for McCain will just tell the Republicans that they are better, and they are NOT. They are WORSE.
You will be doing exactly what the media hoped you would do...succumb to the Republicans and give them more years for their tyranny.
Yes, dump the party. I just did it myself...I just dropped my voter registration form in the mail to change my party affiliation to Green. Dumping the party will really stick it to the DNC. There is no need to support the Republicans to try and insult the DNC. Most of the DNC are Republican-friendly anyway (which is why barely anything has gotten passed in Congress except for give-aways to Bush and polluters and Big Oil), and they wouldn't care, just so long as they still have their jobs intact for the time being.


P.S.: Bless you, barnabas41. You're a good man! :-)

Anonymous said...

"If Obama did not do it himself, the DNC and the media did, and Obama did not stand up and take a firm stand."

Why is the onus on Obama to lead the charge against Sexism? When Race became issue in this Primary he gave a major speech on the issue that hit it head on. Had he done the same about the misogynist media, he would have been criticized for believing Hillary could not stand up for herself. He would have been painted as patronizing. He was in a damned if you do, damned if you don't position.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I always wondered who would be first when it came to a presidential election - a black or a woman. Now we know.

The reason Obama is getting the nomination is because he is black. Well, he looks black. (Since he's half-black.) And black people voted for him because of the color of his skin...not the "content of his character." (Guess MLK's speech was just BS.)

My husband and I have had to hear from ignorant men "I am not going to vote for that bitch." Let's face it, sexism exists. A man in power is a leader; a woman in power is a bitch. I've worked in corporate America long enough to see sexism rampantly festering, and have been passed up for jobs to men, solely because they've got the "buddy-buddy" thing going on.

It's an ugly world and it's sad that America is so backward that they still believe women are stupid, weak and unable to lead anything but a kitchen or a scout den.

I will not vote for Obama because he is a racist and really has nothing to offer but this facade of "change." What? That we have an inexperienced black guy leading this country? The only thing you've changed is your tune about your racist pastor - apparently he was only your friend and mentor when you weren't applying for a national job...

I will not vote for McCain because he will perpetuate the garbage we've had for the past eight years. I can't believe the Republicans couldn't come up with someone better. I would have voted for Romney, or maybe someone a little more charismatic and less war-mongering.

If I can, I will write in Hillary's name. If not, I don't know what I'll do. I felt she was the best choice, and now I don't have a best choice.

~Michigan voter (whose vote didn't get to count)

Anonymous said...

To Hillary Supporters:

The time is here, the media and Democratic Party Bosses have picked the candidate they want. It is now time for the people to pick to the candidate they want. You can show your support and the people’s choice by:
- E-mail the super delegates asking them to support Hillary at the Democratic Convention
- We must organize a protest for the Denver Convention; in numbers we are strong.
- Send e-mails to Howard Dean telling we support Hillary and we will NOT support
Obama. That McCain will get our votes and we are disgusted with the Democratic
Party. Howard Dean’s e-mail:
- Protest Obama’s campaigns.

Hillary Suspended her campaign which means she keeps her pledged delegates. Given enough opposition by the people perhaps we the people still can choice our candidate by acting on the above. It is important that we unite and show our strengthen as the people’s voice.

Consider Hillary Support sites such as: