Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hillary Needs You To Champion Your State

18 MILLION VOICES RISE HILLARY RISE is a grassroots, nationwide, volunteer network of Hillary Clinton supporters who are organizing actions in Denver and nationwide during the Democratic National Convention to support Senator Clinton, celebrate her historic achievement, and advocate for Women's Rights worldwide.

We are seeking grassroots volunteers to help publicize and organize the Denver action (coordinating mass transport from their states, helping network people with housing shares/accommodations, etc.), and to help organize concurrent state actions for those who cannot travel to Denver.

There is much to be done before the Convention, and we need boots on the ground in every state to make these actions a reality.

We need:
> --State Organizers
> --State Volunteers

Please contact if you are interested in joining our efforts, please specify STATE ORGANIZER INTEREST or STATE VOLUNTEER INTEREST in the subject heading.

This action will be a pro-Hillary event so it promises to be an uplifting and inspiring experience, both at the action itself, and in the planning of it.

Thank you for your efforts in helping make this event be a success.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What is going on here?? None and I do mean NONE of the GOP FORMER Nominees are being Pressured into having all of their contributors, AND themselves OUT on the campaign trail for McCain! They have endorsed him and have showed up a few times, but they are NOT being Pressured the way Hillary is to BE ON THE TRAIL and swing ALL of HER supporters to HIM. This IS getting absolutely stupid! Obama has all ready LIED about the public campaign financing because if he DID go with Public Financing he could NOT BUY votes the way he has the DNC! And now he thinks he can BUY his way INTO the white House! With a little help from 18 Million of Hillary voters??? Well, he can FORGET MY VOTE and I sincerely HOPE that the other MILLIONS will do the same. Hillary is going to get really sickening in the days to come, and I do not fault her for that, however, if I hear her say VOTE FOR BARAC OBAMA one more time I will HURL! He doesn't have ANYMORE EXPERIENCE than he did a year ago, HE IS STILL NOT TRUSTWORTHY, AND HE IS NOT PATRIOTIC> Those who are fooled by his sudden interest in the flag pin, and his NEW ad where he is trying to convince HIMSELF that he loves this be it! I am not drinking it! And I am sorry, but every SINGLE time I see Hillary standing next to HIM I want to vote for McCain TWICE!