Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Say No Deal

The Hillary Grassroots Campaign is proud to announce that we have joined the coalition to just "Just Say NO Deal."

Millions of disaffected voters or "pumas" (party unity my ass)
have banded together to form this coalition
of the unwilling...
- Just Say No Deal!


wangmo said...

Yay!!! I'm in!

PUMAs v Fukwit Misogynists
by wangmo | June 7, 2008 - 4:33pm

william DenverCO said...

These web sites are all great. Now at what point do we start uniting? Are names being duplicated? Can we physically come together before the August Denver Convention?
How can we get many others to join?

jennifer said...

PUMA's vs NIKE's (No Income Kids with Education)

lindanow2 said...

Thank you for joining PUMA. I appreciate it. Go Hillary.

Rob said...

If HRC won the nomination, I would have voted for her in November.

If you are a true Democrat, you will support whomever the nominee is, regardless.

You can not allow yourself to be fooled into sites that cause party division, like this one.

The sexism issue is a fallacy and simply is not true. So do not be fooled.

donna said...

rob -

if you were a real citizen, you wouldn't align yourself with a party who has shown absolutley no respect for or loyalty to its members.

i am an american, not a democrat. i will do what is right for my country before what is right for my party.

Martine said...


The presumptive nominee is coasting to the nomination on the strength of unrepresentative caucases, a bias activist media and dysfuntional party rules.

Hillary has been bullied out of this race, despite the number of votes she has received and the probablity that SHE was the strongest candidate of the three.

This a wake up call. All successful movements begin as an unpopular uphill battle. But real change is not a function of complacency and inertia. Righting injustice is a core Democratic value. I understand why you may choose to accept the status quo. But please respect those who are brave enough to set a better course.

I look forward to hearing what I can do to help.

CubeGuy said...

I wonder what Republican/Conservative PAC or special interest group is paying for sites like this?

Anonymous said...

Hillary doesn't even support this kind of nonsense. Hillary is not bitter enough that she would turn around and enable an anti-woman, anti-choice, pro-war candidate like McCain just because she lost.

Katieschoicein2008 said...

It's so rich for a man to tell women "the sexism issue is a fallacy and is simply not true."

You must not have been watching MSNBC and CNN to name a few media outlets.

The "Uncommitted Super Delagates" from our own party were some of the biggest offenders. I watched many of them bashing Clinton even as she won huge states, and won others with huge percentages, favoring Obama, though they claimed to be "uncommitted".
They may have been able to strong arm Sen. Clinton, but they'll have their hands full convincing 18 million Hillary Supporters otherwise.
I'm an American first,a women second,and a FORMER Democrat third!
The DNC Members chose Obama to be their candidate.
Now I get to chose my candidate!

LB said...

Yes we can unite. Thats why i,am going to back Senator Obama He won so lets get it togather. If Senator Clinton had won I would have voted for her. And if Senator Clinton is backig him why can,t you. If you want to destroy this party by voting for John McCain because she did not win then do it. So my son can do another tour in Iraq. I am a proud American and a proud mother of four children who serve this country. Army Airforce Navy and Marine.And I am a proud Democrat,And I am going to back the nominee.And you can write all the ugly things you want about him. write all the nasty bloggs get Fox news to dig up dirt on Him but remember they did the same thing to the Clintons

COURTNEY said...

Stop this or Mccain wins.. Hillary lost, Period. this deides the Party in a year it should win. You all will certainly be unhappy and Mccain wins then turns around and continues to stack the Supreme Court..He has already promised his Conseratie base that he will do just that.. Hillary LOST GET OVER IT....

Kelligesq said...

Hey, I just finally found you and I love "Party Unity My Ass" what a great name!

But the person who mentioned above we have to unite all these groups as one is right on the mark. There's power in numbers and if we stand together AGAIN for Hillary we have the numbers.

For 2 years I listened to that yellow haired blowhard Tweety put down Hillary's voice and laugh while he has a female anchor who has a loud loud har har har weird laugh but that he loves.

I'd love to have everyone email him and tell him PUMA thinks he's a mysonigistic jerk, and we wont forget how he daily disrespected the only qualified candidate and kept trying to push her out of the race .

Another Hillary blog had the idea of sending our faces with half a picture since we in Florida are only worth a half vote - those in Michigan too.

And the Super Delegates. They were only created in the 1970's and their only purpose is to undemocratically overthrow the vote of the democratic people if the party bosses dont like who the people choose as their candidate.

Well, we need to overthrow the party bosses, starting with Dean and Pelosi.

We are 18 million. Dont waste your vote on McCain or that big Zero.

Either stay home, or write in Hillary Clinton. In the General Election YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE IN and if it's an electronic machine call over one of the poll workers and they'll tell you how to write in, or VOTE EARLY ON A PAPER BALLOT SO THAT YOU CAN WRITE IN HILLARY CLINTON.

Meanwhile, if we can all join together, and all call up the Democratic Excecutive Committees in our counties and find out who the delegates to the convention are, we can turn this around, have a convention fight, and have those delegates vote for Hillary, or we wont vote for any democratic candidates down the ticket. That will get their attention.

They should have thought about Party Unity before they screwed us over.

Now let them make it right.

Hillary won the popular vote.

Hillary won the delegates if they hadnt taken votes away from her and given them to the Zero and renamed uncommitted votes as
Zero's votes.

If they dont respond, the next step is to form a new political party. And it doesn't matter to me whether you call it PUMA, or The New Democrats, or The Populists, whatever, but the time to move is NOW
while 18 million of us are disgusted with the undemocratic Democratic party. This is it for me.


Kelligesq said...

Oh yeah - these guys on here saying "vote for the zero" and all that Krap -
the UK Guardian reports the Zero has put together a squad to go all over the internet to stop negative blogging against him. Shades of Dick Cheney with his propaganda press releases. Whose advising the zero? Karl Rove?

So dont be fooled by Zero's in cougar clothing.

Deep South said...

I am watching this as a republican and marvel at how naive Democrats are,we in the republican party are not excited about our nominee but i bet you none of us can even dream of voting for a democrat coz our values are like night and day but I saw a Mr Bowers on MSNBC saying this coalition would rather see Macain in offic I am watching this as a republican and marvel at how naive Democrats are,we in the republican party are not excited about our nominee but i bet you none of us can even dream of voting for a democrat coz our values are like night and day but I saw a Mr Bowers on MSNBC saying this coalition would rathere than Obama,strikes me as naivity or racism....but well go for it so we can have the next 16 years in the white house!!Are we seeing the true colors of democrats who have been accusing republicans of racism for decades but can not handle one of their own coz of the colior of his skin.....its a fun show for us republicans!!

Chris Brown said...

Yeah PUMA's a great organization.

Politico's Ben Smith reported a few days ago that his colleague, Ari, ran into, Will Bower, the whackjob founder of PUMA, while covering the Larry Sinclair presser at the Nat. Press Club. Bower "called Sinclair's story 'worth exploring.'"

Avi swung by Sinclair's press conference at the National Press Club today, an utterly strange scene in which the highlight came from Sinclair's spokesman. Montgomery Blair Sibley, whose law license has been suspended, explained why he was wearing a kilt by saying that it was more comfortable for "those of us on the other side of the genital spectrum."

At the Press Club, Avi also ran into Will Bower, a sometimes-Huffington Post blogger who founded “Party Unity, My Ass” — a group for die-hard Clinton supporters that are now backing McCain — and was invited by the McCain campaign last weekend to meet with the presumptive Republican nominee, and called Sinclair's story "worth exploring."

“I don’t think he should be written off without consideration,” he said when asked about Sinclair. “I think it's worth exploring.”

Anonymous said...

Keep the change, Obama.

Rebecca said...

I'm a Republican and have heard
several republicans say they
could vote for Hillary but none
say they would vote for Obama. At
least we know Hillary is loyal
to her country whether or not
we agree with all of her policies.
I think many women in the republican party felt her pain
when she was trashed by the media
and her own party. It's true we
are Americans first and women are
Americans too.

JP said...

have fun fighting this losing battle. there may be lots of anti-Obama websites, but polls show the true numbers of former Clinton supporters who haven't come around to Obama are quite small. and over time these numbers will continue to diminish as more and more true Democrats come around to supporting our nominee. if you're a Democrat, then there's no other choice. and yes, if Clinton had won, i'd be saying the same thing to Obama supporters. i.e., get over yourself. you're really willing to vote for McCain --someone who won't support a woman's right to choose and won't push to end the war just because your nominee didn't win??! do you not realize how self-centered that is? to those people, you are not Democrats. you are spoiled, self-centered brats.

MZL said...

Hillary Clinton herself has endorsed Obama and they are campaigning together. Whatever Republican front is setting up these "PUMA" websites needs to STOP IT. And all democrats who supported Clinton need to realize that you can't take out your own frustrations on the party. Because whatever you might not like in Obama is a thousand times worse in McCain. Take a look @

Anonymous said...

Please people. It is not about Hillary, it is not about the party, it is about us. We need help in this economy, we need our troops home, we need our planet saved. We don't need John Mccain as the president.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the objectives are of this group. The next president will most likely appoint 2-3 supreme court justices. McCain would definitely appoint more justices in the mold of Scalia and Roberts. Hillary recognizes this and knows how important it is to our country. Think of the implications and don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand Barack
I got a voter card only to vote
for Hillary
Now what?
I would not vote for that Barack if he was the last man on the face of the earth
Now what?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bDon't fool yoursrvis that you people are Democrats knowing that you people are Republicans trying to fool other Dem that you people are Democrats.If you you are truly a Democrats you would vote for Obama.If you woman are frustrated house wives or your boys friends had frustrated you people,don't end it on Obama b'cose this won't work in nov.You nonthing but naive Democrats or Republicans,spoiled self-centered brat.Our loyal Hillary is so very kind and not like you frustrated woman.Shame on you frustrated fogs ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...


You don't vote for someone just because you're a democrat. You vote for someone because they're qualfied and experienced. Judgment also comes into play. That's the problem with this country. We need to stand up for what is right. That means not hijacking elections by the DNC and the media. It's not the will of the people, sweetie.

Practical Democrat said...

Don't get upset Clinton supporters. Here's a little insight as to what is going on around here.

The obots are just trying to tick you off and wear you down. They will be as mean and rude as they can because they want to drive you away.

It's a Republican tactic used by the likes of Ann Coulter (shudder) where they just spew shrill vitriol at you, contradict every attempt you make at reason, and simply will not hear anything you have to say. They want us to go away.

Unfortunately for the Obot controlled DNC, we are more united against Obama than Obot Democrats are united for him.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys support the anti-Christ?
Apparently the devil made you do it.

Anonymous said...

HAGS (Hairy Aging Girl Socialists) proudly joins PUMA. said...

We are trying to get Hillary's name placed into nomination. The Dems owe her at least this much respect, and it would demonstrate respect for the 18 million of us who voted for her. But WE NEED YOUR HELP in the next 10 days.

Since at least 1884, more than one candidate's name has been placed in nomination, frequently as a "favorite son". No restrictions have been placed on this action - until now, and nominated personalities have garnered as few as 6 votes on the first ballot. Now the DNC is limiting the nomination to the "presumptuous nominee" Barack Obama. In order to get any other names into nomination, the DNC is for the first time enforcing a provision allowing this to happen, only if 300 elected delegates petition to nominate someone other than Obama.

If you know any elected delegates, please have them contact the group which is leading the charge on this front at: Please spread the word to your political friends, who might know someone.

You can get a list of your state delegates by googling "DNC certified delegates", then click on your state. We are looking for ELECTED delegates only. Even Obama delegates may be willing to sign, especially if they are out there selling "unity". Time is of the essence. Please help.

If you don’t know any delegates – and after you’ve e-mailed all your friends about this project, please write a letter to the editor or go online and e-mail a comment to the editor of your local newspaper. Call for the delegates to place Hillary’s name into nomination at the Democratic Convention later this month. Call for her elected delegates to be allowed on the first ballot to vote for the person they were elected to vote for - Hillary. Ask why the DNC and the Obama team are so afraid to allow this traditional recognition to continue this year. Ask why the DNC is again changing the rules.

Anonymous said...

You kidding me, First you use Hillary math to say she won the popular vote. Then you want to disrupt the convention. You are all under a delusion if you think you Your be able to stop the process. You say you believe in the democrated process and this is what your fighting for. First you don't. This is all about you and the republican party we know who you really serving. You say you supporting 18 million people voices well they move on how about you, Hillary don't have 18 million people any longer and for you to try to disrupt the convention. This is nothing more then being racist and your scare Obama, and you don't want to see him in office and you will try anything and everything to keep him from it be rest assure your being WATCH VERY CLOSELY

mcsid said...

Obviously members of this website really don't care about Democratic issues -- you care about making a stink and losing the presidential contest. Grow up.

Michael S said...

Please people, think about the consequences of a McCain win in November:

Continuing damage to the environment.
Continuing disrespect for America throughout the world.
Continuing tax windfall for the richest at the expense of the middle class and poor.
Continuing lack of medical care for millions of Americans.
Endless war in Iraq.
Further decline of our economy and more losses of people's homes.
Further dependence on imported oil.
Continuing and increasing influence of fundamentalists and the NRA.
Appointment of right wing justices to the Supreme Court with all that might bring.

Please, please, get over hurt feelings and do what is best for the US and for the future of our country and the world. Do not help John McCain deliver four more years of Bush policies and Karl Rove-Dick Cheney style governance.

Anonymous said...

Hillary must be elected as there are no other candidates qualified to handle the incredibly important issues that face our nation at this time. Obama has shown over and over and over and over that he has no substance behind his words. Even the democratic convention cannot fill all its seats and people are bored and yawning at the speakers. Hillary is the answer. She has the experience, the courage under fire, the strength in conviction, and work ethic and drive to get the hard work done. This next four years is going to hurt, because the people of this nation have over spent instead of lived within their means and saved, people cared more about themselves than others. This is not just the republicans, this was democrats as well. We need a correction in our nation, and it will take all the knowledge, effort, connections, and work our leaders can muster and our people can give. We know that Hillary must back Obama or be black listed from the democratic party, even though she has made history with her efforts. She must do twice as much to receive half the credit due to gender double-standards. Through all of this she still handles it with humility and style. Go Hillary!

Anonymous said...

You people are a bunch of NUTS!! After the last 8 years of the BUSH administration you would even THINK about not making sure a DEMOCRAT wins the white house.

IF McCain is elected what do u think the BACKLASH will be against HILLARY CLINTON?

You people need to GROW UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello....George W Bush was the worst president this country has EVER had, he had NO experience in foriegn affairs...his only experience was the bottle and cocaine !

Anonymous said...


What's more important, the next 4 years or the next 20+ years???

If Obama does a bad job he will be out in 4 years, but the Supreme Court will still represent democratic beliefs for the next 20+ years.

If McCain wins, he is out in 4 years, but his choices for the Supreme Court will represent republican beliefs for the next 20 years!!!


Please don't be selfish!!

As a fellow Hillary Supporter I beg you not to be selfish!!!

I want my children to have a better future!!!!!

This election is bigger than YOU, HILLARY and OBAMA!!!

Think about the Supreme Court!! Please wake up!!! Please!!!!





Anonymous said...

Any of you get the feeling that these ultra feminists are pissed because a woman didn't win...not necessarily that Hillary lost. Hillary must have been just a symbol of their wo-man or no-man agenda.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee's over. Get behind the nominee of our party or go join the right wing, ultra conservative assholes who want you to stay at home, with the kids you had to have, because you didn't have a right to choose what to do with your body.

I'm amazed that I have to even say it...what the f*** are you ladies thinking?!!

Are you that uniformed and oblivious to the political ramifications of your seat of your pants reactionary actions that have given foder to McCain and his campaign which is now being run by Rove operatives.

I'm sick to my stomach watching some of your organization's leaders fumbling on nationsl news shows, trying to raionalize your actions with explanations that absolutely make no sense.

I don't want you in my party if you can't recognize that the time has come to unite. You can complain and work to make changes to the party rules later if you think they need to be changed. But it must be done with Barack as President. For the good of women, for the good of the party, but most importantly for the good of our country and our future.

Robin said...

As much as I celebrate and join in the efforts of women to take their rightful and equal place in the world and in politics, I think it's time to actually listen to what Hillary Clinton is saying. She is saying over and over in her speeches and appearances at smaller talks that she wants unity and that she is behind Barack Obama. The media however is talking up the various derisive content that is further dividing supporters of the values Hillary stands for and jeopardizing the election. As much as we may think Hillary is somehow, between the lines, saying she still wants the nomination -- it is time to listen to her actual words and believe them. We cannot lose this election. We should really think of how we will feel if John McCain wins because of this dividedness. Will these issues still be as important then when we're in worse shape, and farther away from the value we all believe in? It's time to unify. It's time to follow Hillary Clinton's lead. And we can also happily watch her continue to rise in politics. We know Hillary Clinton is a star. She always will be. Nothing has been taken away from her.

Anonymous said...

If I hear another one of your kind say, “Well, I need to know more about him…” Like what? Like what is the degree of his visual acuity? On what day of the week was he born? Does he prefer boxers or briefs?

These people need to get real. The man has printed his platform in DETAIL in a bound booklet; has posted his platform IN DETAIL on his web site; AND has TWO autobiographical books in world-wide distribution – yet, still they insist, “I don’t know enough about him.” YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

What you are really angry about is that all of your racists stereotypes have be dispelled. Both Senator Obama and his wife have succeeded inspite of 400+ years' attempts made [many sanctioned by the US government] to discredit and destroy Black people in America.

All of you White “need-to-know-more-about-Obama” folks need to ‘fess up and tell the truth. You think that as a Black man, Senator Obama has a lot of nerve trying to get into “your" White House.

For the non-Whites of that same mindset: you are outraged the Senator Obama would dare to tresspass on those "good White people's" House.

During her interview with Larry King last night, Ms. Elizabeth Joyce's right eye started twitching and her face became beet red when asked to clarify her opposition to Senator Obama. She knew she it would be unladylike to admit to her racism.

At local conventions, the Senator Clinton supporters were the ones carrying hostile, racist anti-Obama signs. Most of them were miserable White women who were just generally unhappy anyway and needed a focus for their ire.

Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. You know Senator McCain is not the answer and the powers-that-be will give Senator Clinton her term in the Oval Office next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more frightening then a mob of group thinkers coming to a conclusion based on charisma. Germany learned this the hard way. So have many other countries that were fed up with their leaders and government. Not vetting a presidential candidate and excepting less than robust credentials and experience opens a door to disaster. Gen Y, Gen X, Milliniums, and non readers have not learned this lesson yet, but they certainly could soon. We'll survive either candidate, but our country will suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Elizabeth Joyce!

I want to thank you for the great entertainment you provided on The Larry King Show. Was the TV appearance followed by sobbing and fits of vomiting/diarrhea?

Abortion is murder and Affirmative Action is theft. The 60's are over!