Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Press Release: Just Say No Deal Asks Obama Supporters To: “Show Some Class”

Just Say No Deal Asks Obama Supporters To: “Show Some Class”
Tasteless Behavior Like the Booing of Public Officials Has NO Place in Our Election Process

- Online and Nationwide—, a coalition of voters, individual activists, blogs, PACs and grassroots organizations, reacts to the scene on Monday night in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena when Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm received a deafening chorus of boos at her mention of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Moments later former Vice President Al Gore experienced similar jeering when he referred to Senator John McCain.

Just Say No Deal Coalition members will not tolerate such offensive and disrespectful conduct from supporters of Senator Obama aimed at any individual— whether they be an elected official or a member of the community at large, and the Just Say No Deal organization will not align itself with any candidate that permits this shameful behavior to be exhibited in any forum.

During this lengthy primary process Senator Clinton and many of her 18 million supporters have endured pointedly hurtful behavior and vulgar attacks by unruly and inappropriate backers of Senator Obama in public arenas and in new media outlets. The most prevalent arena of these assaults has been on the most recognized sites within the blogosphere.
Concerned citizens continue to break their silence to express their dissatisfaction with party leaders and the short-circuiting of the nominating process. The Just Say No Deal portal offers those voters a plethora of voting strategies, calls-to-action and blogpostings to guide their general election decision-making. In doing so, they reclaim their voices and vow to Just Say No Deal!

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lambert strether said...

OT, but I hope you will join us at Corrente in National Fourth Amendment Defense Day (which we just invented) Friday, June 20.

Unless you're OK with the government sucking up all your data without a warrant, of coure, which is what Harry, Nancy, and Steny are trying to do....