Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama Clueless On How His Tax Plan Will Work

From NoQuarter

How is Obama going to fix Social Security? The One has NO IDEA. Yet, that’s not stopped him from coming up with more Change We Can’t Believe In.

In Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, Donald L. Luskin reports the following:

Would it help Social Security’s financing problems? Mr. Obama has no idea. One of his senior economic advisers admitted to me that no one on the campaign has run any detailed models or performed any rigorous analysis. When one proposes an enormous tax increase, shouldn’t there at least be a spreadsheet somewhere?

This kind of stuff scares me. Read the rest at NoQuarter
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1 comment:

Patricia said...

I really think that people had better think long and hard before anyone votes for him in November...the man has "no" experience...not a clue...all he is good at is bashing Hillary and Bill...of course...they are good people now because he needs their help...IF I were them...I wouldn't throw my support or waste my time getting him elected...The Democratic Party picked the "wrong" can only hope that things change before November.....
GO HILLARY............Don't let him stop you for fulfilling your dreams.....