Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cynthia Ruccia(JustSayNODeal) on Larry King

Larry King interviews Cynthia Ruccia from and Ellen Moran from Emily's list. womenforfairpolitics is a member of the justsaynodeal coalition. Ellen just comes off as a total tool, but Cynthia did an amazing job

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Tabitha LoVerso said...

I would definitely agree with that. I think women are the biggest fools of all for swallowing this crap that the media and the Obama campaign have been spewing out from the beginning.

I do not think that this country is going to turn back the clock in Roe v. Wade and I think it is horrendous that the Democratic Party is playing that card to try and scare women into voting for Obama.

At this point I feel that there is little he can do to win over the majority of the 18 million Hillary supporters that stand strong.

This is much more than Hillary Clinton at this point. Hillary Clinton was just the catalyst that brought the vicious sexism in this country to light and I for one want to make this country a safer and more fair environment for myself, my daughters, and the other women across America.

It would be foolish for me at this point to vote for Obama after all that I have witnessed. That is my personal stand.

Furthermore...I was never a John McCain supporter, and certainly not a Republican but I will give him props for never degrading women in the fashion and severity that I have seen from Obama himself via the media. He should be ashamed of himself, he himself having two daughters and a wife.

A side comment to all of sickens me to see the domestic and international media paint his wife as the next coming of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It is absurd. I see very few similarities at all. She should not be awarded such a compliment and I am also disgusted to see that people can be so easily swayed. It is a blessing and an obligation to have and be held to your own independent opinion for your own reasons.

People need to think about how each of these candidates will affect their lives and the lives of their children. I for one will be banking on McCain, as sad as that makes me leaving the Democratic Party, but I feel alienated and there is irreparable damage that has been done. I can't reverse that.

I would hope that the Democratic Party would take this advantage to rebuild itself in a more positive light. However there have been ample examples to suggest that that is not where their emphasis lies...rebuilding the party. They are now integrated in the Obama machine. I am highly disappointed in Pelosi, Brazile, and especially Dean with his prior primary experience. Why should the rules change for Hillary? Oh that's right, because she's a woman, unless they can prove that otherwise, it is obviously not for the good of the party. That's a smoke screen and one that the American public is not buying.

Good luck Obama. It will be interesting to see who wins in November.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia did a GREAT job!! I really wish she had just bluntly said, look, all we have to go on with Obama is his past, and what his past tells us is that he has NO EXPERIECE, first and foremost, having said that all that we would have to rely on is his JUDGEMENTS and his word. AND unfortunately, his JUDGEMENTS up to this point have been just horrible, and his words are not believable. So why then would any of us take such a CHANCE on him in the White House. We represent fighting against sexism however, WE also would never want to see anyone with his track record of both anti-American and racsit associations in the White House.

rosemary said...

good for you cynthia! i watched you live on larry king and you were wonderful! and i too am tired of the roe vs wade song and dance. reagan, papa bush, and the shrub (bush jr) have not reversed it, so why would mccain, the most liberal repub of them all? plus, i would rather have roe vs wade taken away anyday versus wearing a burka on my head and having that sharia law imposed. women need to wake up and not let that stupid roe vs wade arguement fly anymore or anylonger! i notice men who support bobo the clown are the ones who keep brining it up more than anybody. they need to just step aside and shut up!

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Ruccia was good but misguided in her statements, and to call Ellen Moran (who came off wonderfully and with intelligence) a "tool" makes no sense and just shows how far up your butt your brains are.

A vote for McCain is a vote for many more thousands of deaths in Iraq as he prolongs the war "100 years".

If you can live with the blood of those thousands of young men and women on your hands then vote McCain.

Quit whining about sexism and vote the way Hillary wants you to vote, Democratic.

Anonymous said...

anonymous who just posted must be a clueless man. "stop whining about sexism" is what he said. your totally ignorance about every issue is obvious. mccain did not say he wants to be in iraq 100 years and you know it. he also did not start this war,and he was totally against it. and you want to talk about whining, your bobo the clown candidate, whines at everything from "someone is mean wah wah), someone was mean to michelle (wah wah), to even america is mean(wah wah), you can't say anything about us obamas or you are a racists (wah wah) don't say this, don't do that, (wah wah)" everything about your candidate is totally unmanly, he is the wussiest, most whiniest pansy i have ever seen, more than any woman i have ever known too. i am from out here in west texas and we like tough, real men. not fake pansies who cry racism all the time to get their way like a baby