Monday, June 30, 2008

PUMA Radio Is Born

NO WE WONT launches PUMA Radio.

An online radio station is starting up, just for us PUMAs.
Here is the first segment, an interview with Will Bower.
Click To Listen To The Show

More segments coming soon. Check out NO WE WONT for more updates
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Anonymous said...

Glad to see another form of getting our message out there. Will Bower's a pretty good person in interviews. Handles himself in a pretty professional way and has his talking points down pretty well. A couple of suggestions: 1) I think he could be a bit more succinct. 2) He should consider how he sounds to someone who knows nothing of these grassroots orgs and is new to them. That said, I think name dropping and he (and the interviewer) acting as if anything is known by the listener is mistake. It's alienating and sounds like you have to be part of the in crowd to be part of this group. Always speak as if you're speaking to a newby, for starters. Then go off into specifics, as needed.

That said, thanks to Will and everyone at Just Say No Deal, PUMA and all the other grassroots orgs who are opposed to Obama. Let's keep working and make sure our message is heard and that we prevail!

Anonymous said...

Noted, Anonymous! Good points all! I myself am a relative newbie all this and am looking for ways to improve. I welcome any and all constructive criticism, so THANK you!!


Anonymous said...

Will, thank you for being open to feedback. I really respect that. And, thanks for all that you are doing. I realize that you and others who are representing Just Say No Deal and PUMA are not used to being in front of the camera and being interviewed by the media, so it's a learning curve. But, the faster you and others can get your acts together re: how you appear, what you say, etc, the more legitimized we will become and the greater out chances of bringing others into the fold. At least that's my perspective. I can't stress enough how important talking points are. Air time is so brief and you gotta' make the most of it.

I used to run a non-profit org and wrote a lot of grants. At first, I hated it. But then I realized how much the process taught me because all grant apps forced me to hone my mission into a paragraph at most, and often into a single sentence. It was a real creative and crucial journey to learn how to do that.

Anyway, thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

cgttI just read on a link at the Hillary Clinton for President web site that Google is shutting down anti_Obama set sites that use their search engine. Can someone find out if this is true and what we can do about that. Curiously, the past couple of days when my husband and I have tried to blog on "The Caucus" that comes up on our yahoo home page, our (anti-Obama) posts have not appeared, though there were posts from other PUMA's. ???? What's going on. Does anyone have connections to look into this further?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Regarding my post just above this, I meant the clintons4mccain web site is where I saw the link about Google.

Anonymous said...

Puma? is that like cougars? older ladies that cruise for you boys?

Only in this case it's older ladies that hate black people and are willing to let McCain "100 more years of war" into the white house.

Menopause must be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

To the sixth poster: Why so nasty? What's your point?

From the first "anonymous". (Don't want readers to be confused with who's who.)

Anonymous said...

FIRST of all, the Anonymous who said menapause is a are Pathetic IF you think for ONE minute that people who WILL NOT VOTE for OBAMA hate BLACK people??? Much to YOUR RACIST MIND, it has NOTHING To do with Color AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH LACK OF EXPERIENCE, that he LIES, he is NOT PATRIOTIC, and he hangs WITH people who HATE white people. I realize that WAS putting it bluntly, but it IS the truth. NOW, did I hear Will Bower say "that he will be voting for a DEMOCRAT in the FALL????? I know that IS what he said, I just cannot IMAGINE WHY? What is HIS POINT with being a PUMA if he IS going to END up voting for this inexperienced Senator???? Cheryl from Maryland

janitt dott said...

Hello Will,

There's an old journalism achood adage that goes:

Never UNDER estimate the intellegence of your audience
never OVER estimate their level of information

In interviews and articles that will ALWAYS work for you!

good luck in your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Let Hill & Bill stump for the crook who tried to ruin nuts can they get? This is someting I want no part of and I am pissed..she got screwed and is helping her imbecile rival who screwed her out of what is rightfully hers..the nomination?

Stupid f'n people the whole bunch of they care about the voters? NO
We chose and they didn't care..
Go stump your f'n brains out for him Hill and Bill stupid... jeezuz H christ.what a circus.

Anonymous said...

To poster #10 - Yes, I agree. It's beyond surreal seeing the Clintons campaigning with/for Obama. But, it's politics and no one should idealize or put any candidate on a pedastal. That said, it does seem just so insane for Hillary to be so going out of her way to help Obama. I understand she's a Democrat and on another level they're all trying to strategize and save their jobs. But, wow, wouldn't it be nice if there were even a shred of personal integrity left out there?

Anonymous said...

Let's get the word out on this new forum about the petition!