Friday, May 25, 2007

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Applaud Magazine names Senator Clinton an Inspirational Woman

MANCHESTER, NH – Applaud magazine, which is “New Hampshire’s only magazine for and about New Hampshire women,” named Senator Hillary Clinton an Inspirational Woman for its cover story in its Summer 2007 issue. Over 25,000 copies of the magazine are distributed for free to various locations throughout the state, including Hannaford’s grocery stores and local businesses.

“I am honored to have received this special recognition from such a strong voice for women in New Hampshire,” said Clinton. “Women across the country are ready for change and I am ready to lead that change.”

Applaud focuses on issues related to New Hampshire women, seeks to encourage women to achieve their personal best. The magazine regularly shares stories of Inspirational Women in an effort to motivate and inspire its readers. The article and cover are attached.

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CBS Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Still In Front

(CBS) Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani continue to set the pace in the 2008 presidential race, according to the latest CBS News/New York Times poll, but both are facing some new challenges.

Giuliani's lead over his top Republican rivals is down, while his negative ratings are up; Clinton's lead over her Democratic opponents is up, but she's lost support to Sen. Barack Obama among critical African-American voters.

The poll finds Democratic primary voters continue to be more satisfied with their party's presidential contenders than Republicans are with theirs. That's a change from past elections, when Democrats tended to be less satisfied than Republicans with their candidate options.

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Clinton proposes health care fixes to curb rising medical costs

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that an ounce of prevention is worth billions of dollars to the health care system as she called for far-reaching changes to curb rising costs.

“Our health care system is plagued with underuse, overuse and misuse. It is, simply put, broken,” the New York senator said in a speech to George Washington University medical school students.

Clinton, who as first lady in the 1990's fought and lost a major battle on health care reform, outlined seven changes designed make the system more cost effective.

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Senior Citizen Democrats Among Strongest Supporters of Clinton, Gallup Finds

Senior citizens give Clinton wide margin over Obama

May 24, 2007 – A Gallup poll released today shows senior citizens, who are Democrats or Democratic leaners, strongly support Sen. Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. They also choose Clinton by a wide margin over second place candidate Barack Obama.

Lydia Saad of Gallup News Service reports, “Not only does Hillary Clinton rank first among the leading candidates for the 2008 Democratic nomination in Gallup's national polling, according to data from an aggregated sample of over 3,000 interviews with Democrats conducted by Gallup since March, she monopolizes the position at the subgroup level among men, women, whites, blacks, young adults, and seniors. She also leads regardless of Democrats' religious affiliation and political ideology.” Read More

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pick My Campaign Song: Round 2

Thanks for all the great responses! Go to to see the final round of choices -- including your suggestions -- and vote for our campaign song.

Monday, May 21, 2007

2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Update

New York Senator Hillary Clinton has a double-digit solid lead over all challengers in her quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination. That’s the second time in three weeks she has enjoyed a solid lead. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows Clinton at 35%, Senator Barack Obama at 25%, and former Senator John Edwards at 18%. That’s the highest level of support we’ve ever measured for Edwards. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is solidly atop the second tier of candidates with 5% support. Read More

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clinton Tops Obama in Harris Poll

After showing signs of slipping support in recent months, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton widened her lead in May against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, her top rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Harris Interactive's latest survey shows.

Among 1,022 adults who said they expect to vote in a Democratic primary or caucus, 40% said they would be most likely to vote for Mrs. Clinton. That was up from 37% in April and put her 13 percentage points ahead of Mr. Obama, who drew the support of 27% of respondents. Read More

Clinton: Farm bill should do more for produce growers

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that a major new five-year farm bill should make Americans healthier by piling more vegetables onto their dinner plates.

Clinton, D-N.Y., and Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said they would push legislation to encourage small fruit and vegetable growers to get more customers in nearby cities which often don't have affordable, easy-to-find produce. Read More

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Clinton supports measure against Gonzales

DES MOINES — Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., expressed support for a no-confidence vote in the Senate on U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, saying it is in "the best interest of our country" that he be replaced. Read More

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Sen. Clinton unveils recovery agenda for N.O.

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, laid out a broad disaster recovery agenda Friday before a crowd of New Orleans' elected and community leaders, calling for a federal census to determine the current needs of hurricane victims and the creation of a Gulf Coast Corps that would provide financial incentives to lure professionals and skilled laborers to the region.
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Human Rights Leader Dolores Huerta Endorses Clinton

Huerta will Help Lead Campaign's Hispanic Efforts

Washington, DC -- Hillary Clinton received today the endorsement of human rights leader and community activist Dolores Huerta, the co-founder and President Emeritus of the United Farm Workers of America. Huerta will serve as co-chair of the campaign's Hispanic outreach efforts.

"Throughout her life Hillary has been a strong leader, working for issues that make a difference in every family's life, like education, health care and good paying jobs," said Huerta. "I believe she is the best qualified candidate and the one that's ready to put our country back on track."

Huerta worked with Cesar Chavez for over thirty years until his death in 1993. She helped him fight for fair wages, medical coverage, pension benefits and basic human living conditions for farm workers. She was also among the first voices to speak against the use of toxic pesticides that threaten workers, consumers, and the environment.

Huerta currently serves as President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which focuses on community organizing and leadership training for low-income, under-represented communities. In 1993, Dolores was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame and received the Ellis Island Medal of Freedom Award. She has also been recognized by Ms. Magazine as "Women of the Year," and by Ladies Home Journal's "100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century." In 1998, Dolores received the United States Presidential Eleanor D. Roosevelt Human Rights Award from President Bill Clinton.

"I am thrilled to receive Dolores Huerta's support" Clinton said. "She has been a tireless advocate for fairness for workers, women and children. I'm humbled to have her support."

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Senator Hillary Clinton on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Senator Hillary Clinton on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Washington, DC -- "This afternoon, a bipartisan group of Senators, who have been working closely in conjunction with the Administration, announced that they had reached an agreement on a comprehensive approach for reforming our broken immigration system.

"As I have long maintained, comprehensive immigration reform must have as essential ingredients a strengthening of our borders, greater cross-cooperation with our neighbors, strict but fair enforcement of our laws, federal assistance to our state and local governments, strict penalties for those who exploit undocumented workers, and a path to earned legal status for those who are here, working hard, paying taxes, respecting the law, and willing to meet a high bar. In particular, we must also ensure that any bill protects the sanctity of families and does not lead to the creation of a new underclass in our country.

"I will scrutinize carefully the proposed compromise to see if it honors our nation's principles and proud immigrant heritage while also respecting the rule of law."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Help Pick the Hillary Campaign Song

I say vote for Shania Twain "Rock This Country" or U2 "Beautiful Day"

Sen. Clinton gets endorsement from Gov. Spitzer

Governor Spitzer is officially endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential bid in 2008. The state's top Democrats gathered outside the Capitol in Albany Monday as Spitzer formally gave his support to the senator.

Top fellow Democrats are circling around the state's junior senator 17 months before Election Day.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said, "Let's put America in a New York state of mind."

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N.H. lawmaker endorses Clinton

New Hampshire state Senate President Sylvia Larsen endorsed Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign yesterday.

Since Governor John Lynch has said he will not pick sides, at least for now, Larsen is the highest Democratic office holder in the state to make an endorsement.

In a conference call with reporters, Larsen said, her decision came down to one issue: trust.

"The bottom line is that I trust Hillary Clinton." Larsen said.

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Clinton's experience works in her favor

As political cliches go, "marathon" isn't a bad one to describe a presidential campaign. It's long and exhausting. And this year could be the toughest ever.

But, contrary to conventional wisdom, the biggest beneficiary of the early, accelerated pace is Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). Voters still see her as flawed and divisive but also, as Gov. Eliot Spitzer said in endorsing her Monday, as a tough and gutsy leader. Despite the hype over Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), it's still her race to lose.

Clinton, who again has regained a dominant position in the polls after Obama showed signs of surging, may have been forced to sweat and spend many months earlier than she had planned. That's because of Obama's stronger-than-expected challenge.

But, beyond polling strength, Clinton still has more of everything necessary to compete over the long haul - more experience as a public figure, more loyal and battle-tested advisers, a more reliable base of support and more of an ability to raise huge sums of money - than anyone in the field. Read More

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hillary Video : Health Care for All Children

Hillary speaks with mothers in New Hampshire about her plan to provide health care for all children.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Message from President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton talks about Hillary's life of public service and why she's the right choice to be president.

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Clinton Honors Mother's Day, Calls for Health Care for America's Children

Clinton Honors Mother's Day, Calls for Health Care for America's Children

WASHINGTON-- Hillary Clinton celebrated Mother's Day today by calling for health care for every child in America, urging Congress to pass the Children's Health First Act and give mothers the gift of peace of mind. The campaign also posted a video of Hillary discussing the important role her mother played in her life, and encouraged supporters to send Mother's Day eCards through Hillary's website.

"Nothing keeps mothers up at night more than worrying whether their children will have the health care they need if they get sick," Clinton said. "We have a moral obligation to our children to give them a healthy start in life."

Clinton introduced the Children's Health First Act in March to extend coverage to the 9 million uninsured children across the country. As President, she is committed to providing affordable, quality health care for all Americans.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the ranks of the uninsured are growing--low-income children made up 23% of the 1.3 million newly uninsured between 2004 and 2005. And children without insurance face far more difficult lives, as needed care is more likely to be postponed and they are less likely to see a physician or dentist for standard preventive care. Uninsured children admitted to the hospital due to injuries are twice as likely to die while in the hospital as their insured counterparts.

Hillary's legislation allows States to expand children's health coverage to families up to 400 percent of the Federal poverty level (which is $70,000 for a family of three) through the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and receive increased federal payments.

Her bill includes incentives for states to expand children's health care to those who are not eligible, and identify and enroll uninsured kids that already qualify for coverage. The bill offers a new affordable coverage option for both families and employers by allowing them the opportunity to buy health insurance coverage through SCHIP. And it provides new incentives to strengthen and protect employer-sponsored coverage, something more than 50 percent of children enjoy today. (from

Clinton urges higher learning

ORANGEBURG — U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton encouraged Claflin University graduates to reach out to others who haven't traveled as far down the academic road.

In her commencement address Saturday to the historically black university's 320 graduates, Clinton stressed the importance of an American higher education system that's accessible and affordable.

Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, told graduates, their family members and their friends at the Seventh-day Adventist Worship and Convention Center that most Americans don't enroll in or graduate from college. Many of those young people live in poverty and lack family and other support. They're "treated as if they're invisible," she said.

Claflin, she said, has been an accessible institution since it opened in 1869, welcoming students regardless of race or gender. At the time, that was "nothing short of revolutionary," she said. Read More

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bill Clinton as First Spouse

Bill Clinton as First Spouse

Bill Clinton plans to be a First Husband for the 21st century: A post-modern, post-ego presidential spouse who doesn't earn an income of his own, but rather pays the bills from family savings and does what he can to help the missus down in the Oval Office.

"I've tried to get in a position where, you know, I — I won't — I'll be able to do what she did when I was president — that is, I don't want to spend any time making a living," Mr. Clinton said in an interview on CNN late Tuesday night, when asked about his activities if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the presidency in 2008.

"I hope I will have saved enough by then, if she is elected, that we can just, you know, pay our bills and — I'd like to keep our two homes, our home in Washington, our home in Chappaqua," Mr. Clinton added. "And otherwise, I'd like to devote whatever time she wants to whatever she wants me to do and I should be able to have probably two to three days a week to do in the foundation. I certainly hope so."

Mrs. Clinton has been fairly explicit that she would keep Mr. Clinton busy if she becomes president, saying he could become "ambassador to the world" — with missions to improve ties with other nations and tackle foreign policy hotspots.

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Clinton Calls for Senate Investigation on Gas Prices

Asked Senate Committee to Investigate Oil Refinery Shutdowns and Possible Price Gouging; Highlighted Oil Company's Record-Breaking Earnings During First Quarter

....After reports of limited gasoline supply, news of refinery shutdowns and Exxon Mobil, the world's biggest oil company, reporting a record first-quarter profit of 10 percent two weeks ago, Senator Clinton, yesterday, sent a letter to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee stating that oil companies should use some of their record-breaking profits to keep their refineries open without passing on repair and maintenance costs to their customers.

"We need to investigate whether we need stronger inspections or other processes in place to ensure that refiners, number one, are leveling with us when they talk about refineries being down, and number two, that they invest adequately in maintaining and improving their facilities to avoid this in the first place," Senator Clinton said. "I think that the series of factors that go into this problem really deserve attention because ultimately the oil companies are making more money than they have ever made before. They are not reinvesting it the way they need to in refinery capacity, modernizing refineries and improving their processes. That means that they don't use those profits to keep our gas supply as affordable and regulated as possible and I'd like to know why."

Senator Clinton said, "We can also use the tools of the federal government, like the Federal Trade Commission to launch on-going investigations to look at both this refinery issue and the price gouging issue, and if we need new authorities to enable the government to hold these companies and their refineries responsible. I think that we should attempt to get that legislative authority."

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New polls have Hillary winning it all

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton is riding a surge that has her beating all comers, Democrat or Republican, thanks to Iraq and a strong start to her presidential campaign, polls say.

Four surveys in the past few days find the New York senator with double-digit national leads over fellow Democrats Barack Obama, John Edwards and noncandidate Al Gore.

The latest, a Marist College survey, has her with double the support of Obama or Edwards and with 5-point leads on Sen. John McCain or ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a general election matchup.

"She hasn't made a lot of mistakes in the campaign," said Marist's Lee Miringoff, who thought Clinton's uptick comes in part from her showing in the Democratic presidential debate two weeks ago and in part from a strong overall start. Read More



38% Clinton
24% Obama
12% Gore
12% Edwards

(w/o Gore)

41% Clinton
27% Obama
14% Edwards


Leading Virginia Officials Endorse Clinton

Hillary Clinton received the endorsements of leading Virginia officials and community leaders today, illustrating her growing support in the Commonwealth.

"Hillary Clinton has the experience, compassion, and vision necessary to get this country back on track," said Lionell Spruill, Sr., member of the House of Delegates.

Democratic National Committee Women's Caucus Chair Mame Reiley said, "I am pleased to endorse Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified candidate to be President. "Having worked a lifetime to ensure that women turn out and vote, it is wonderful to see the enormous excitement she is already generating among women voters across the Commonwealth."

Leading Virginians Endorsing Hillary Today:

  • Hon. Mamie Locke, State Senator
  • Hon. Louise Lucas, State Senator
  • Hon. Al Eisenberg, House of Delegates
  • Hon. Lionell Spruill, Sr., House of Delegates
  • Hon. Johnny Joannou, House of Delegates
  • Susan Swecker, Chair, Democratic National Committee Southern Caucus
  • Mame Reiley, Chair, Democratic National Committee Women's Caucus
  • Hon. J. Jack Kennedy, Wise County Clerk of Court
  • Hon. Barbara Favola, Arlington County Board Member
  • Jim Turpin, Vice Chair for Finance, Virginia Democratic Party
  • Charlene Bickford, Former Chair, Arlington County Democratic Committee
  • Sandra Brandt, 2nd District CD Chair
  • Audrey Collins, 4th District CD Chair
  • Allida Black, Former Member, Arlington County Human Rights Commission
  • Larry Byrne, Former Vice Chair, Fairfax County Committee
  • Sharon Davis, Former Chair, Arlington County Democratic Committee
  • Janet Green, Former Democratic National Committee Executive Director
  • Susan Rowland, Chief of Staff, Delegate Lionell Spruill
  • Linda Zecher, Democratic Fundraiser

Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal Endorses Clinton

Chairman of Friends of Ireland Makes Announcement on Historic Day

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal.

"Hillary Clinton has the strength and the vision we need to turn this country around," Neal said. "Americans are ready for change, and Hillary has the experience to lead from her first day in the White House."

Congressman Neal announced his endorsement at an event in Washington, D.C. to celebrate a major milestone for peace in Northern Ireland. The endorsement coincides with the inauguration of a new Northern Ireland Assembly that will share power between Protestants and Catholics, fulfilling a major goal of the peace process that stalled more than four years ago. Senator Clinton and Congressman Neal, Chairman of the Friends of Ireland, have been active in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

"Richard has been a tireless fighter for working families in Massachusetts and for peace in Northern Ireland. I'm honored to have his support," Clinton said.

Stella O'Leary, president of Irish American Democrats, served as the host of the event, and Brian O'Dwyer, chairman of the Council on American/Irish Relations, presented an award to Senator Clinton in honor of her commitment to issues important to the Irish-American community.

"Today's historic inauguration of the Northern Ireland Assembly serves as a model to the world in resolving differences and restoring lasting peace through power sharing and the promotion of common interests among diverse groups," Clinton said.

Senator Clinton has visited Ireland seven times as First Lady and as a Senator. During her most recent visit in 2004 she met with Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, delivered a keynote speech on peace and reconciliation in the modern world in Derry and visited the Clinton Peace Center in Enniskillen where she met with victims' families and women leaders of Vital Voices. During that same visit, Senator Clinton met with all of the political parties in Northern Ireland to discuss how to move the peace process forward and fully implement the Good Friday Agreement including meetings with Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain, as well as Catholic and Protestant leaders from Sinn Fein, the UUP, DUP, and SDLP.

Neal was first elected to Congress in 1988, and is co-chair of the New England Congressional Caucus and serves in the Democratic House leadership as an at-large whip. In Congress, he has led efforts to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, which penalizes many middle class taxpayers, and sponsored legislation to crackdown on companies that move offshore to avoid U.S. taxes.

Prior to serving in Congress, Neal was elected to the Springfield, Massachusetts, City Council in 1978 and served as President of the Council in 1979. He served as Mayor of the City of Springfield from 1984 until his election to Congress.

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Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Endorses Clinton

O'Malley Will Serve as Chair of Maryland Campaign

(from The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and named him Chair of Hillary's Maryland campaign.

"At a critical time in our history, Hillary Clinton is the kind of experienced leader this country needs," O'Malley said. "No one is better equipped to repair America's alliances abroad and address the urgent needs of our communities at home."

O'Malley was elected Governor in 2006, after two successful terms as mayor of Baltimore. He gained national prominence for his role in improving education and test scores and lowering the city's violent crime rate by 40 percent, while attracting $10 billion in new investment to revitalize Baltimore's economy. His CitiStat initiative to target the City's spending and track results received Harvard's prestigious Innovations in American Government Award in 2004 and has helped save residents more than $350 million. From 2003 to 2006, O'Malley chaired the U.S. Conference of Mayors Task Force on Homeland Security.

Long recognized as a rising star, O'Malley has been named "The Best Young Mayor in the Country" by Esquire Magazine and one of America's "Top 5 Big City Mayors" by Time Magazine. In 2005, Business Week listed O'Malley as one of "Five Fresh Faces" to lead the Democratic Party.

Prior to his election as Mayor, O'Malley served two terms as a Baltimore City Councilman, chairing the Legislative Investigations Committee and the Taxation & Finance Committee.

"Martin is a terrific leader whose innovative initiatives have been emulated around the country," Clinton said. "I'm honored that he will lead our efforts in Maryland."

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

USA Today - Hillary leads Obama (May 8th)

  • USA Today/Gallup Poll puts Hillary ahead of Obama by 15 points

  • CNN/Opinion Research Poll puts Hillary ahead of Obama by 10 points

  • Rasmussen Poll puts Hillary with an 8 point lead over Obama

  • Friday, May 4, 2007

    Get Involved - Upcoming Hillary Campaign & Grassroots Events

    Upcoming Hillary Campaign Events

    5/5: Ames, IA Office Opening
    5/5: Davenport, IA Office Opening
    5/5: Dubuque, IA Office Opening
    5/5: Iowa City, IA Office Opening
    5/5: Mason City, IA Office Opening
    5/6: Waterloo Office, IA Opening
    5/6: Conversation with Hillary in IA
    5/6: Pie and Coffee with Hillary in IA

    Upcoming Hillary Grassroots Events

    Support Hillary for President
    5/4/07 9 AM to 10 AM
    Clinton Diner 56-26 Maspeth AvenueMaspeth, NY 11378

    House Party for Hillary Clinton our first female president
    5/5/07 12 PM to 4 PM
    Stacey Wilson's House 5 Katherine CourtMadison, WI 53718

    4 Points HillRaiser Planning Party
    5/5/07 2:30 PM to 6 PM
    The Naquin House 3429 John Simpson TrailAustin, TX 78732

    Athena Festival - Hillary Clinton Campaign Party
    5/6/07 3 AM to 5 AM
    Ramada Plaza Convention Center 10 E 120th Avenue (at I-125 & 120th)Northglenn, CO

    Greater Boston Hillary Clinton Prez '08 MeetupGroup May Meetup
    5/8/07 7 PM

    Hillary Clinton Meet Up Meeting!
    5/8/07 7 PM to 8:30 PM
    2800 R Street Lincoln , NE 68503General Area: 2800 R StreetLincoln, NE 68503

    House Party for Hillary
    5/12/07 7 AM to 9 AM
    Lisa's House 920B Merritt DriveHillsborough, NJ 08844

    More Upcoming Hillary Grassroots Events

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    Tuesday, May 1, 2007

    Hillary Video from California - ARE YOU READY!!!

    Hillary receives a warm welcome at the California State Democratic Convention in San Diego, where she talks about the next president's top priorities.