Friday, February 29, 2008

Making the right decision to support Hillary Clinton

(*Edit for some reason the first time I posted the wrong video, here is the correct one) Reading someone else's blog I ran across the latest Obama video. It's a bit over the top, creeps me out a bit and pretty much just reassures me that I have made the right decision in supporting Hillary

I also run across this video recently which I found interesting. Apparently Obama in 2004 said he would not run for President due to his lack of experience.

Here is a video from this week. Jim Cramer from the show Mad Money talking about whose best for the economy. is my favorite Hillary Clinton ad running in Texas. It is very inspirational, funny and at the same time sad.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Anyone watch Saturday Night Live? Tina Fey loves Hillary

Tina Fey Loves Hillary Clinton

Tina Fey did a great bit on Hillary on the weekend update. I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

Hillary on the campaign trail in Texas


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Friday, February 22, 2008

What it takes to win in Texas and Ohio

(from the Hillary Campaign)
Here's what you need to know this morning. We were outspent in Wisconsin by a 4 to 1 margin on ads -- and we can't let that happen on March 4.

If we want to win in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont, we've got to even the odds. We can't let the Obama campaign overwhelm us financially. Today, I am calling on you and other online supporters to act together, making sure we have the resources to create a fair, level playing field on March 4.

Contribute now to help us level the playing field.

Let this remarkable two-person contest for the Democratic nomination be determined by the strength of our ideas, the quality of our leadership, or the depth of our experience. But whatever you do, don't let the outcome of these crucial March 4 contests be decided by a lopsided spending advantage for the Obama campaign.

There are just two weeks left before voters go to the polls in one of the most crucial days of voting yet. We must make sure we can hold our own against an avalanche of Obama TV ads, direct mail, phone calls, and online advertising.


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Reviews & Videos from Last Nights Debate!!

Reviews from Last Nights Debate!!

CNN's Campbell Brown notes a 'standing ovation' in response to Hillary's closing remarks. [CNN Univision debate, 2/21/08]

CNNpolitical analyst David Gergen - Hillary's last statement 'was the mosteffective moment she's had on television, I believe, since the NewHampshire primary… [Hillary] really scored on that.' [CNN post-debate analysis, 2/21/08]

Politico's Ben Smith - 'Clinton's answer was a stronger performance.' "Clinton's answer was a stronger performance; Obama seems like he's about ready to get out of here." [Politico, Ben Smith, 2/21/08]

CNN's Bill Schneider - Hillary 'just made an effective argument against John McCain.'"Clinton just made an effective argument against John McCain: Thoughthe Arizona senator is a champion against wasteful spending, Clintonpointed to his support for the Bush tax cuts and the war in Iraq - bothcolossal expenditures unpopular with most Democrats." [CNN PoliticalTicker, 2/21/08]

NBC News' Chuck Todd - Hillary 'had a couple of very good moments on health care and the economy.'"Did she potentially win this debate on points; I think so; it wasclose but she had a couple of VERY good moments on health care and theeconomy that probably scored well in the various focus groups ofundecided voters watching this debate." [MSNBC First Read, 2/21/08]

NewRepublic's Michael Crowley - 'The subject of health care always bringsout a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary.'"So much of the time politicians just seem to be going through themotions when debating the issues. But the subject of health care alwaysbrings out a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary. Peoplecan call her a phony for all kinds of reasons but it's clear she reallygets and cares about this stuff." [New Republic, The Stump, 2/21/08]

ABC News' Rick Klein - Hillary 'sounds calm, in charge, deliberate.' [ABC News, Political Radar, 2/21/08]

MyDD's Todd Beeton - 'Hillary Clinton just hit that closing response out of the park.' "Hillary Clinton just hit that closing response out of the park." [MyDD, 2/21/08]

Videos from Tonights Debate!!

Hillary's opener at the Presidential Debate in Texas

Hillary Explains the Choice on Universal Healthcare

Hillary's Closes Out Big at the Presidential Debate in Texas


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ATTN: TEXANS Vote for Hillary Today (Early Voting Started Yesterday)

Early Voting as already started in Texas
If you live in Texas vote for Hillary Today
Go here for more information on early voting

If you don't live in Texas but have friends or family in Texas, please reach out to them and ask them to vote for Hillary Today!!

It's now or never people, get out and vote

Help Hillary win the upcoming Primaries

Hillary needs your help. Obama has alot of money and can run alot more commercials. We need to help Hillary compete against Obama.

Take a Moment and Donate to the Hillary Campaign

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Send out a bulletin and email to your friends inviting them to donate.

Thank You Message from Hillary & Chris Matthews Video

Thank You Message from Hillary

Onto Ohio & Texas
Only 143 delegates seperate Hillary from Obama. It is a very close race and we can make a difference. If you live in Texas or Ohio get out and vote on March 4th. Talk to your friends and family and contact the nearest Hillary office to find out how you can help.

Help Hillary win the upcoming Primaries

Hillary needs your help. Obama has alot of money and can run alot more commercials. We need to help Hillary compete against Obama.

Take a Moment and Donate to the Hillary Campaign

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Send out a bulletin and email to your friends inviting them to donate.

Check out this Video
I am not trying to be mean but this video is a bit funny. Keep in mind this video is from Chris Matthews who pretty much hates Hillary.
Chris Matthews grills State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-TX) on Obama

Monday, February 18, 2008

Check out Hillary's Economic Plan

Hillary's Economic Plan

Click Here To Read The Plan

Help Hillary win the upcoming Primaries

Hillary needs your help. Obama has alot of money and can run alot more commercials. We need to help Hillary compete against Obama.

Take a Moment and Donate to the Hillary Campaign

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clinton vs. McCain

I will start by saying that it's important for the Democratic Party to stay unified, and understand that the Democratic Party is the party best positioned and most willing to protect the USA from threats, dealing with current foreign affairs in a proper manner, provide adequate health care to its' citizens, safeguard Social Security, protect the environment, provide adequate economic recovery and stability, and fix the illegal immigration crisis. When it's all said and done, any Democratic candidate would be better to do that, than any Republican.

However, there are differences, as always among our Democratic candidates.

Why I think Hillary Clinton is the best positioned to compete against John McCain:

When the general election is in full gear, and John McCain is touting his record as a war hero, claims the surge is working and felt the Iraq War was mismanaged:

-Hillary will be the one who can best remind voters that John McCain has said he has no problem continuing this war for 100+ yrs, and while he was a war hero in the military, he has made irresponsible foreign policy choices in his time in the Senate.

-Our troops have made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq, and are greatly commended for that - John McCain should understand that commitment well, considering his service. How does John McCain commend them? By Voting NO on limiting soldiers' deployment to 12 months. Hillary voted YES.

When John McCain claims the problem with health care in the USA is inflation (which he has said), Hillary Clinton will be the best standing next to him to remind voters that inflation or not, health care in the USA has always suffered.
She will remind voters that have children on SCHIP, that she championed the creation of SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) with Senator Kennedy. Even after her tough fight in the 90s for universal health care that was ultimately lost, she was still able to come back and get low income children access to health care on a bipartisan basis.

-How will John McCain justify to those parents who rely on SCHIP for their children that he voted against the reauthorization of SCHIP? How will they decide when faced with a candidate who helped create it (Hillary) and a candidate who tried to dismantle it (John McCain)?

John McCain is a senior citizen himself (71 yrs old); but how will he rectify to older voters that he voted against including prescription drugs under Medicare in 2000 and Voted NO on $40 billion per year for a limited Medicare prescription drug benefit - while Hillary Clinton spoke out in September of 1999 about the need for strengthening Medicare and getting seniors access to prescriptions under Medicare?

How will they compare when voters see that John McCain voted NO on expanding the enrollment period for Medicare Part D. This proposed expanded enrollment period was a *bi-partisan* effort by Senators to extend the deadline for the new Medicare prescription drug program (Part D) from its original May 15, 2006, deadline to the end of the year.
- The new program was confusing to many seniors, and more time was crucial in making sure seniors were educated and aware about enrollment.
- Senator Clinton joined the bipartisan group in voted YES on this enrollment expansion bill in 2006 and
John McCain turned his back on seniors and voted NO.

How will voters feel when they see John McCain pandering to the top 2% wage earners of the US. How will the remaining 98% of Americans feel?

Hillary Clinton voted YES on reducing the marriage penalty instead of cutting top tax rates.
-John McCain also agreed with Hillary that the "Bush tax cuts" were too much in favor of the wealthiest Americans and voted against them in 2001 and 2003. Now that John McCain is running for President and trying to court disappointed conservatives, he is advocating making those very tax cuts he voted against--permanent.

How will college students feel when they discover that John McCain voted NO on increasing tax deductions for college tuition, while Hillary Clinton voted YES? Who will they feel is looking out for their interests more?

How will those worried about protecting our environment and national security feel when they discover that Hillary Clinton has received a 100% rating from the CAF (Campaign for America's Future) indicating a perfect record for support of energy independence - and John McCain received a 17%, indicating a lack of support for energy independence?

How will worried mothers and fathers feel when they discover that John McCain supports people owning assault weapons? Really John, do people REALLY NEED *assault* weapons?

-John McCain voted against the Brady Bill & assault weapon ban. John McCain voted NO on background checks at gun shows. John McCain supports guns being sold without trigger locks.

-Hillary Clinton voted to get assault weapons out of the streets, and her husband President Clinton was a champion of the Brady Bill. Hillary Clinton has advocated for background checks, even at gun shows.

Americans know that illegal immigration is an issue that is imperative to the national security of our nation, and reforming illegal immigration at the federal level should be a comprehensive plan to secure the borders, and offer a fair path to citizenship.
-Hillary and John have had very similar records in the Senate in regards to immigration reform. However, yet again, now that McCain is running for President and pandering to the right, he is now no longer supporting the bipartisan immigration reform plan.

When voters hear of Hillary Clinton's knowledge on the economy and the challenges it faces, who will the voters trust best to handle this very issue that most Americans have put at #1 as the most important issue facing our country in this election?

-John McCain has admitted that he needs to be better educated on the economy, and just doesn't know that much about it. Voters will be reminded of the great economic triumphs of the Clinton administration, while McCain gets "educated."

Voters will see when McCain and Clinton are side-by-side that Hillary voted to increase the minimum wage to $7.25 in 2005 and 2007 (when it ultimately passed). John McCain voted against it in 2005, and for it in 2007. Interesting how that worked out, considering he wasn't running for president when he voted against it in 2005, but was when he voted for it in 2007.

Where does John McCain stand? Only God knows, because he changes based on what election he is running in. Senator Clinton has been side by side with Senator McCain in the US Senate for years, often casting contrasting votes to that of John McCain. *Sometimes* they voted similarly, but now that McCain is running for President, he's hiding from that record--at least for now!

When Senator Clinton has a chance to stand next to Senator McCain on a debate stage, and let Americans all over know about the real differences she and McCain have had on issues, the selection should be easy for most Americans. Americans who support getting guns out of the hands of criminals, getting seniors their needed prescriptions, securing the borders and offering a path to legalization for illegal immigrants, getting out of Iraq responsibly, ensuring that all Americans have access to health care, protecting the environment, stabilizing and protecting the economy, and so much more---the choice will be VERY CLEAR. They will support Senator Clinton over Senator McCain.


Dirty politics coming from the Obama Campaign...anyone notice?

Anyone notice some dirty tactics by the Obama Supporters lately?
For someone who is supposed to unite people, he sure has created this really mean spirited animosity towards Hillary and Hillary Supporters. For me it all started about a week ago at the Washington State Caucus when the Obama supporters tore down all the Hillary posters that we had just put up.

Then I noticed the Obama supporters have been running this grassroots campaign to grossly misrepresent Hillary's legislative record. I first noticed it about 4 days ago when a friend of mine who happens to be an Obama supporter posted this article that attacked and misrepresented Hillary's record. When I asked my friend about his source he got really defensive and ended the conversation and refused to tell me his source. I later found the same anti Hillary article on the Obama campaign site and posted all over the internet as comments on various blogs by Obama supporters. Read all about this anti Hillary article and learn the truth here

I bring this up because I feel it is only going to get worse, your going to see more negative misleading attacks by the Obama supporters. If you see anything that sounds wrong or misleading be sure to check the Hillary FactHub. It's full of the most recent attacks by the Obama campaign and supporters and it includes tons of information to back up Hillary. I want to make sure we are all informed about the issues and attacks so we can help defend Hillary if we are presented with some false information.

Here are a few examples of some recent attacks that the Hillary FactHub addresses
-Obama recently came out saying that his Healthcare plan covers more people then Hillary (False/Read about the truth)
-Obama Email Misrepresents Hillary's Legislative Record (Read about the truth)
-Obama says that Hillary could not work on a bipartisan basis as president (False/Hillary's Senate record speaks for itself)

Recent News from the Clinton Campaign

New Ad: The campaign launched a new ad in Wisconsin. “Debate” asks Sen. Obama why he has not agreed to debate Hillary in Wisconsin.

Economic Focus: Today in Ohio, Hillary tours a GM Assembly Plant and holds a “Solutions for America” economic town hall in Warren, attends a roundtable discussion on the foreclosure crisis in Dayton and holds a “Solutions for America” rally with Gov. Ted Strickland and former Sen. John Glenn in Columbus.

If You Read One Thing Today: “Listen to the Crowd Noise” by CBS’ Dean Reynolds. “The crowd loves [Hillary]. There is real affection in the air. It may be sisterhood, but it feels like more. In her way, Clinton's rallies are as distinctive as Obama's.” Read more.

The Way to Win: This close election will come down to delegates. Hillary has the support and resources to win the three largest, delegate rich states remaining. Polls have Hillary ahead in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All things considered, for example, “Ohio tilts toward Hillary” according to Sen. Sherrod Brown. Read more.

Follow the Leader: Sen. Obama yesterday delivered what was billed as a “major economic address.” But the only “new” ideas Sen. Obama discussed were ones that Hillary proposed months ago. Read more.

Yesterday on the Trail: “They started arriving just after 6 a.m… [and] endured the morning cold” in Robstown, Texas, where Hillary “received an enthusiastic reception… with a crowd that exceeded the 6,000 seating and standing capacity.” … “After wrapping up a speech to several thousand cheering supporters” in San Antonio, Hillary “was greeted outside by another few thousand students, many of them taking the ubiquitous cell-phone camera pictures, after they had been denied access to the rally due to lack of room.”

Yesterday in the States: In Wisconsin, the campaign opened new offices in Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison and Milwaukee and named Wisconsin native Teresa Vilmain State Director … In Ohio, the campaign announced its Leadership Council, made up of more than 100 elected officials and community leaders from across the state… In Texas, the campaign unveiled a new web page.

In Case You Missed It: “Obama's (economic) plan… is the most shameless piece of potential plagiarism that I have ever seen. He basically took Clinton's words and Clinton's policies and called them his own. If I were a professor I'd give him an F and try to get him kicked out of school,” said Kevin Hassett, Sen. John McCain’s economic advisor and the Director of Economic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

FactCheck: Sen. Obama continues to misrepresent Hillary’s record on trade, using a claim that the Politico’s Ben Smith has determined to be “fairly bogus.” Read more.

Take A Moment and Donate to the Hillary Campaign


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm ready for Hillary....Are you?

America is ready for change, and Hillary Clinton is ready to lead. She's a doer. She's traveled to every corner of the planet, into the most war-torn regions where few other leaders (especially the current President) have gone, and she knows in her bones that the world is crumbling...and so is America.

And when all is said and done, this woman leads already. I will vote for Hillary, because she's tough as nails and willing to lead us. I love the fact that I can vote for a woman for president who's ready to walk through the fires of hell for me.

I am ready for change
I am ready to see the end of this Iraq War
I am ready for Universal Healthcare
I am ready to improve our schools
I am ready for our country to be energy independent
I am ready for a strong woman in the White House
I am ready for a leader
I am ready for Hillary Clinton

Let's show Hillary that we have her back -- make an online contribution today.


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let’s Take Hillary To The Next Level

Let's Take Hillary To The Next Level

I really want to see Hillary become our President. I want to see a strong women in the White House, someone who knows all the important players and can get in there and fix out country.

I love this email I got sent to me today:

This moment in history is going to take more than inspiration to get us through it. Obama is an extraordinary voice, and I think of him as a modern-day Henry Clay or perhaps a Frederick Douglass. We need his voice and his vision of hope, just as our nation needed Henry Clay and Frederick Douglass. But I think of Hillary as an FDR, or a Douglas MacArthur, or maybe a Harriett Tubman. She's a doer. She's travelled to every corner of the planet, into the most war-torn regions where few other leaders (especially the current President) have gone, and she knows in her bones that the world is crumbling...and so is America.

And when all is said and done, this woman leads already. I'm so proud the Democratic Party produced the first woman and first African American candidates who would and could and should be President, at this moment in our history. I will vote for Hillary today, because she's tough as nails and willing to lead us. And I'll love the fact I can vote for a woman for president who's ready to walk through the fires of hell for me.

This is our chance to make history.

We need to take this campaign to the next level. I see two things we need to address ASAP.

1. Campaign Funds - This last Thursday Hillary held an event in Washington at a really small venue and I learned later from a friend it was because the campaign just couldn't afford a larger venue. Obama on the other had, held his event in the key arena and got a lot of publicity out of it. Obama might not have the substance that Hillary does but he has the money. I don't want to see Hillary lose out due to a technicality. So we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to help Hillary. We need to donate what ever we can and get a friend or family member to donate as well. Help Hillary have the funds she needs to compete with Obama. Donate to the Hillary Campaign

2. Promoting Hillary - Doing everything we can to make an impact online.
Write a blog post about why you support Hillary
Make a Video about why you support Hillary
Put a banner on your blog/site
Send out daily/weekly bulletins
Share Hillary videos

Upcoming Primary Feb 10th - Maine
If you live in Maine get out and vote for Hillary on Sunday

Tuesday Primary Feb 12th - DC/Maryland/Virginia

Take A Moment & Donate to the Hillary Campaign
Obama raised over 30 million in January, so lets help Hillary raise some campaign funds so we can win this

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Audio Of The Hillary Rally Last Night

picture by Chris Maryatt

For those of you who missed it, here is the audio of the Hillary Rally in Seattle last night.
Audio Link

She might be a bit short on inspirational talk but I love how she gets straight to the point.

Here are some Videos from people who attended the rally

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Rockus the Caucus" for Hillary

Here is a funny video made by some Maria Cantwell staffers

Obama raised 7 million in 2 days. Help Hillary Match That!

Take A Moment & Donate to the Hillary Campaign
Obama just announced that he raised 7 million in 2 days. Hillary had to use 5 million of her own money. Please take a moment and help Hillary raise 7 million to compete with Obama. Donate what ever you can, ask you friends and family to donate as well. We need to help Hillary so that she can compete toe to toe with Obama

Hillary in Seattle Tonight!!
Hillary Clinton will be holding a rally Tonight at 8 p.m at Pier 30
Pier 30
2431 E Marginal Way South
Seattle, WA 98134
Donate to the Hillary Campaign

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We had a huge night last night

--Here is a Message from Hillary--

We had a huge night last night -- we won the biggest states and the most votes, and we are ahead in the overall race for delegates. But this race is far from over.

Voters came out in record numbers, not just to make history but to remake America. Thanks to your support and your votes, the momentum is solidly on our side.

We don't have time to catch our breath -- the next races are just three days away, and there are 10 more contests in February alone.

Let's meet this moment with bold action worthy of those who have put their faith in us. We are setting a big goal for the next three days: raise $3 million to fund our history-making campaign.

Contribute today to help us reach $3 million in three days.

After seven years of a president who listens only to the special interests, America is ready for a president who brings your voice, your values, and your dreams to the White House.

We had a great day yesterday. Now we must keep that momentum going. You have sustained me throughout this journey, and I am calling on you again to give our campaign the resources we need to win critical upcoming races.

I've never asked so much of you as I am now: $3 million in three days. But the need has never been so great.

Contribute today to help us reach $3 million in 72 hours.

I will never forget all you have done to make this incredible success possible. I'm so proud to have you standing with me.

This is our time, this is our place, this is our chance.

Thank you,

Until Hillary Win's the Nomination show your support by changing your profile picture to the I'm voting for Hillary Banner.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Democratic Turnout vs. Republican Turnout in "Red States"

Let's look at some numbers here folks! We are in a great position for November.

Look at some of today's turnout:

Arkansas 84% precincts reporting

259, 058 Dem

179, 441 Rep

Georgia 96% precincts reporting

1,001,067 Dem

945,840 Rep

Tennessee 99% precincts reporting

617,388 Dem

550,502 Rep

Colorado 98% precincts reporting

118,942 Dem

56,027 Rep

Alabama 99% precincts reporting

537,188 Dem

553, 954 Rep

These are "RED STATES" people! Let's look at this, Republicans either don't care about their primaries as much as Democrats, or they are in deep trouble in November!


Hillary & Obama Tie..On to Feb 9th (WA,LA,NE,ME)

Hillary and Obama Virtually Tie on Super Tuesday
First I just want to say thank you so much for all the help from everyone. It really did make a huge difference. We are making History and I can't be more happy with the results and all the work we have done.

Hillary and Obama have pretty much tied in todays Super Tuesday Election, though Hillary has more Delagates. Now its on to Feb 9th Primaries and Caucus.

States voting on Feb 9th & 10th
U.S. Virgin Islands
Maine (feb 10th)

A total of 239 Delegates
This means that Feb 9th and 10th are very very important

Those of you who live in these upcoming states please start talking to your friends & family, send myspace bulletins to remind people of the upcoming primary, change your profile picturing to the "Im voting for Hillary Banner" and let's win these states.

Hillary's Super Tuesday Speech

Help Drive Hillary's Campaign To Victory

Enormous Night for Clinton!

Currently Senator Clinton is ahead in delegate totals, and tonight has proved to be a great night for the Clinton campaign!

It seems so far that Hillary will win California, by nearly 20%, which will give her the most delegates from California. Other wins in Hillary's corner include Arkansas, American Samoa, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and more states to be include likely.

This has proven to be a competitive race with Senator Obama,and I would congratulate Obama on his wins tonight.

So, the campaign continues! On to Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, US Virgin Islands, Maine, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, Wisconsin and the March voting states such as Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Wyoming and Mississippi.

This contest could even go into April-May-June with Pennsylvania, Guam, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota holding primaries.

I'm happy with Senator Clinton's wins tonight, especially with her win in California, the state with the most delegates of all the Democratic primaries. But, we must fight on!

Another thing to applaud tonight, is the huge turnout for primaries in the USA tonight, possibly the largest in history, especially for the Democratic party, which has far exceeded that of the Republicans.

We will continue to update you all throughout this race on many developments that are yet to come! Happy Super Tuesday everyone, it's been exciting, but as I said--the race continues on!


Hillary last night on David Letterman! Watch the Video!

Hillary on David Letterman

Today is Super Tuesday
If you live in a Super Tuesday State that holds their primary today, DON'T forget to vote for Hillary Today.
Vote and tell all your friends to vote.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday!!!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day to be a Democrat, and an exciting day to be a supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton! Americans want change, and Hillary is ready to deliver!

A recent CNN Poll (Conducted 2/01 - 2/03) shows Senator Clinton leading Senator McCain 50 to 47%.

It is becoming increasingly likely that Senator John McCain may well be the Republican nominee, and Democrats must nominate someone prepared to stand up and fight against John McCain. Yes I know, Senator Obama polls very well against McCain as well, in fact better than Hillary in some polls. However, the part of the equation that is missing is that Obama is not as well known a public figure as Clinton is, yet.

He will become very well known in the general election, and there are many things in his record, that will swipe away at his large levels of support. The difference is, pretty much everything there is to be dug up on her, has already happened.

The Republican attack machine has been after Hillary for over 15 yrs, and she has proven that she can stand up to it, and come out on top. Hillary was seen as a long shot for the US Senate, but won in a landslide in 2000, and again in her reelection in 2006. She managed to win over Republicans in upstate New York, and her willingness to work in a bipartisan way in the Senate, puts Hillary in a good position this year.

Tomorrow's "Super Tuesday" is the closest the USA has ever come to a National Primary, with 24 states holding primaries or caucuses and 52% of all pledged Democratic Party delegates at stake!

As Hillary has repeatedly pointed out, she could have never made it this far in her life and this campaign, without the voters. She needs your help tomorrow. For those located in Super Tuesday voting states tomorrow, be proactive and lets make the turnout for Hillary magnificent! Give a friend a ride to the polls if necessary, post Myspace bulletins, send out emails, do whatever it takes.

This is not a leap of faith to vote for Senator Clinton, it's a show of confidence in her proven ability to make effective change on the grave issues facing our great nation, and a show of confidence in the diversity and growth of our nation.

Tomorrow on Super Tuesday, be a part of a movement in bringing the United States of America one step closer to restoring its integrity around the world, providing access to adequate health care to its citizens, keeping our land safe, tackling the threats to our environment, showing the world that it is truly the country of freedom and diversity, and realizing its full economic potential---by voting for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday February 5th, 2008!

Have a great Super Tuesday folks!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Today is Feb 1st - Change Your Profile Picture To Hillary

How You Can Help On Super Tuesday
Febuary 5th is Super Tuesday
Here is our plan to help Hillary on Super Tuesday
February 1st
Change your Myspace & Facebook Profile Picture to the I'm Voting For Hillary Banner. You can change it back after Feb 5th

February 3rd, 4th, 5th
-Change your Facebook & Myspace Away Message/Status to say "Vote For Hillary"
-Send a bulletin on Myspace on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and remind all your friends to "Vote For Hillary" include Hillary Banner and include a Hillary YouTube Video like this one below

Grab more Hillary Videos Here

Help Drive Hillary's Campaign To Victory

Hillary wins CNN Debate
Hilary Clinton wins the Los Angeles debate with undecided voters in CNN's focus group.

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