Sunday, December 23, 2007

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HRC, The Next FDR?

I was reading today's new Daily Kos article on Hillary Clinton (or as many have began referring to her as, HRC - Which I like a lot by the way), and it was kind of compelling. The comparison of "HRC" and FDR is accurate , and it's telling.

See the following excerpt from the article:

"Basically, Hillary is doing her part to continue building upon the good legacy that FDR left us.

As I have said before, Hillary is strongly committed to changing course and putting an end to the disastrous legacy that Bush & Cheney are leaving us. Hillary is committing to a true universal health care plan that will cover everyone, lower costs systemwide, and enact enact tough regulations on the insurance industry. Hillary is committing to a truly bold and revolutionary climate action and energy indpendence plan that will take on our addiction to fossil fuels and go far and beyond even our own state plan in California in tackling the climate crisis. Hillary has put forth a comprehensive plan to end Bush's disastrous Iraq Occupation, and she has matched her words with action when it comes to ending Bush's era of neocon-style "cowboy diplomacy". When it comes to fighting for a bold agenda of progressive change and building upon all of FDR's good work, Hillary truly is "our girl".

And you know what makes all of this even better? Like FDR, Hillary now has the strength, the courage, and the experience to deliver on her agenda of progressive change. Hillary obviously has the domestic and foreign policy experience to hit the ground running as soon as she's sworn in as our next President. And of course, she also has the know-how to make proposed policy into enacted law."


Ya know it's one thing to talk a good talk, but HRC has what it takes to stand up and fight for what's right, and ACTUALLY get things done. I know I for one am so sick of politicians talking, and doing nothing. I firmly believe if we elect Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as president, she will roll up her sleeves and do what it truly takes to put the USA back on a better course.

FDR had more than just a great stump speech, and promises. He had what it took to make things happen, and so does "HRC!"


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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hope for America

Tonight, as I enjoy being finished with finals for this quarter, I think of how lucky I am to be able to receive higher education. In fact, much of my education, thankfully is paid for by the state of California (not all of it) and the federal Pell Grant. It makes someone like me, who's parents were never financially able to assist me with my education, get the education I need to further my life.

Man, I'm lucky. To be a citizen of this great country, the United States of America. Fortunate to have a great family who loves me unconditionally, and me the same them. To live where I have the freedom to be whatever religion I want, if any at all. We have a lot to be thankful for, as citizens of this great land. I would never want to live any other place. I truly feel that our country, is more than just land and shores, but that it has a "soul." I really feel that. It's the people who make this great country, the leaders, the teachers, Moms and Dads, Grandparents, our friends, everyone...

I'm optimistic about the future of our country. I believe our country has gone down a dangerous road for the last 7+ years, and we must do what it takes to save the United States of America. We MUST let the Republicans know, that Democrats are united in our stance to take back this country for the PEOPLE! We will fight them, tooth and nail, and we will win!

The 2006 Midterm Congressional Elections are just a HINT of the victories we will enjoy! I'm happy that I have a chance to make history, and elect the first woman president of the USA. But, Hillary Clinton is much more than just a woman running for president. She IS who we need to bring this country back on the right course. It DOES matter, though, that she's a woman. It's not the sole factor that qualifies her for the great office of the presidency, but it matters. Imagine the signal we can send to the world. We talk about America being the country of tolerance, and a place where EVERYONE in this land can obtain their dreams (the American Dream) if they truly work for it. Imagine the message we could send to the world electing a female president! A president who will restore our standing in the World, make sure all of our citizens are taken care of, and protect us from the imminent threats that forever loom!

Great citizens of this nation, be positive and optimistic, for we have a GREAT opportunity to make history this year! Let's make it together, WE CAN DO IT!!

Chris McLeod