Monday, August 16, 2010


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It has been a long time since I posted anything. The last post on this blog was back in February but so much has changed since then. The range of topics that could be discussed is a never ending list of problems and challenges still facing America. As we see the days fly by each day there is more and more speculation about many things in the Democratic Party's political future. One rumor that is all over the place is the question of Hillary Clinton possibly replacing Joe Biden on the ballot in 2012. An Obama-Clinton ticket would more than likely come across very strong and many people have speculated that if the economy does not begin to improve more. If the job market does not improve Obama will have the disadvantage in 2012. As, the sitting President takes blame for anything that happens while he or SHE is in office. It happened with Bush and now is happening to Obama. I will admit that although there are many problems that he could not fix overnight and as Americans we want immediate gratification. In truth it will take years for the economy to truly recover and the health care bill does not take effect I have been told by an Insurance broker until 2014. Or, this is the year it will take full effect. So I really do not know why so many are freaking out about it now!! Which brings me to the next question many are asking. Will Hillary run in 2012 against Obama? In our history we have never seen a member of a President's cabinet leave the administration to run against a sitting President for the party's nomination. Many have said that if Hillary did decide to run in 2012 and the key issues facing this country do not improve or stay the same she might stand a really good chance of winning. I know that I am bias as I was a State Hillary Delegate in 2008 and I think it is time to shatter the glass ceiling but, who am I to predict such things!! I will not vocally voice my personal opinion on this post but, the rumors are flying. Now let the blogs begin once more to come alive with speculation and all I can say is that this is going to be interesting!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sect. Hillary Clinton On A Sarah Palin Presidency.

From Today!

Hillary asked about Sarah Palin as President

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Monday, February 15, 2010

New Poll: Would you support Hillary if she ran for President again?

Hearing alot of great talk of Grassroot Campaigns starting up again to support Hillary. What do you think about 2012?

I'm In It To Win It!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hillary Clinton Most-Admired Woman

According to the new USA Today Poll, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the most-admired woman in America followed by Sarah Palin and Oprah.

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