Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Check out "Just Say NO Deal" on the Radio

Check out Cristi Adkins on WIBA 1310 Upfront with Vicki McKenna talking about Just Say No Deal

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Anonymous said...

My entire family are sickened by what the media and the DNC has done to Hillary. THERE IS NO WAY I COULD EVER VOTE FOR OBAMA OR ANY PARTY THAT DEAN and Pelosi is affiliated with. I think Susan B. Anthony said it best
“No self-respecting woman should
wish or work for the success of a
party that ignores her"
— Susan B. Anthony

I say AMEN !! We will write Hillarys Name on our ballots here in Alabama. Write in votes are honored here in my State!!
And yes I am telling everyone I am WRITING her name in....Let someone try and intimidate me.

Anonymous said...

Just Say No Deal Christie and Peter!
Wow! that was great! Good job.


It's Hillary or it's John McCain.
But it not's Obama!

vrajavala said...

There are state regulations about the Write in campaign. in some, like the one I live in, florida, unless the candidate is registered, you are throwing away your vote. it won't be counted. so we have to make sure Hillary is registered.

vrajavala said...

I have the link for state regs for write-in on my site

BJ said...

we can't write in our candidate in arkansas, so i have to figure out what i'll do, but Nobama Ever! Just Say No Deal!

NLee777 said...

Hot off the Press

New video featuring this blog site and many others from Just Say No Deal