Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Action Items - How You Can Help

  • Write letters to Hillary, DNC, to the SD’s
  • Send Dean your torn up party affiliation cards
  • Register as an Independent
  • Contact and/or contribute $ to the opponents of the Obama Supporters up for Re-Election
  • Contact newspaper editors, talk radio, media outlets and other blogs about Just Say NO Deal
  • Help retire Hillary's debt, or contribute to her Senate re-election

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Jet said...

McCain was in a POW camp due to NOT following orders. He "kids" around about his trying to get a worse conduct record than his father had... THOSE ACTIONS DO NOT A PRESIDENT MAKE!


Anonymous said...

McCain and Obama dont' deserve to be PRESIDENT AT ALL, they will make a mockery of this country!

kimberlykeesler said...

I am dismayed that Hillary didn't make it, as I am one of her avid supporters, but you are really trying to fight an uphill battle to get Hillary as a write-in or whatever.....all it will do is take away votes from the Democrats and help put John McCain in the White House.

I will vote for Obama and just pray that he has the good sense to put Hillary on the ticket so we don't have another 4-8 years of economic disaster!!!!

I am supporting the 8 + 8 = 16 Years of Progress movement (Obama + Clinton)