Thursday, June 12, 2008

$1.66 For Hillary

A top priority right now is for everyone to dig deep and show Hillary Clinton that we appreciate the fight that she fought during the primaries and help retire her massive debt. The NYT wrote:
Mrs. Clinton’s options for retiring her debt are limited... the most discussed option is for Mr. Obama... to encourage his fund-raising team to help her with a series of joint events... Several Obama fund-raisers interviewed, however, said privately that ... some Obama donors would find it difficult to overcome the animosity they had built up during a long, hard-fought primary season.
It's Obama supporters snubbing her yet again. Assuming her debt is $30 million, if 18 million people gave her $1.66 (or 1 million gave her $30.00 or 500,000 people gave her $60) she would not have to turn to Obama for help and will know that we are taking care of her. Let's do it!

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M. Sakel said...

Why not order some wonderful gifts from that will leave an indelible print on the Historic 'Hillary Agonistes' period we've just witnessed!

It would be an honour to be able to assist HIllary in her debt on behalf of the '18 million cracks' on the ceiling--while allowing us to see the Light shine through and, hopefully, see the cure for that dreaded Obamyopia affliction!

WWW.HILLARYGEAR.COM would be a great way to help and cherish...

Lauren M said...

If we order from Hillarygear or donate specifically to her website, that goes directly to her and not the Obama campaign. I will NOT donate to Obama or vote for him (unless she's on the ticket... which could ruin her). I will definitely contribute to her debt.... God knows, she sacrificed enough for us.

I think they need to come up with new designs to support her recognition..... or to support her when Obama finally gets flushed.

Boris the Bewildered said...

Caveat: only those of you who didn't max your primary donations can help retire the debt. Otherwise, your money may go in the GE fund - hence: Obama.
So, you may want to put that in the blog entry: only if you didn't max!