Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lou Dobbs Wants To Know?

Should Hillary run as an Independent?

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Jane Heffelfinger said...

I would do a triple flip if she would run Independent! I personally feel it's time for another party and she would be the perfect person to coordinate those efforts.

Or she can face the SOBs head on and TAKE IT TO THE CONVENTION!!! If I'm elected as a National Delegate I'll be right there with her!

I am a Texas State Delegate and I can tell you that "me and my crew" will follow her - many of us are changing our party affiliation to Independent anyway, so we would love to have her join our party!

Anonymous said...

Yes! By all means.At my work place there are alot of Hillary backers & ones who will not vote for either McCain/Obama.We have talked and they would fully support a 3rd party run by Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I'm so disgusted with the way she has been and is being treated by the MSM, the DNP, the DNC, Super Delegates, Obama, Obama's campaign and Obama's supporters. For me, my family and several friends, it's McCain rather than Obama, but it would be Hillary before McCain. We are lifelong moderate democrats who are really seriously thinking of registering as independents now.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not voting for Obama. I would vote for McCain before I would vote for that "CHANGE" and "HOPE" man. I would rather go for experience and Hillary had that. I would rather do whatever it takes to make OBAMA loose. Voting for McCain is a slam dunk loose for him. I need to make sure the looses

Anonymous said...

i would jump for joy if hillary ran as an independent i will not vote for obama so hillary i think you should go for it your party betrayed you time to get even best of luck to you

Anonymous said...

Why the hell not? She had the people, not the super delegates! Is it not we the people who choose the president? Such BS!

Anonymous said...

Hillary was shafted.

I am a female Staff Engineer and would never vote for McCain or Obama. All my friends and family will vote for Ralph Nadar (or other Independent candidate) before we would consider McCain (who supports the war which is wasting tax payer dollars) or Obama (who in my opinion has a hidden agenda with Kenya along with the other Muslim countries).

I read Hillary's biography a few years ago and have the utmost respect for this woman. Her parents raised her with the same morals and values as my sisters and I in the midwest. She's bright, energetic and no nonsense. We need someone like Hillary to bring back the economy and be a respected nation again.

Otherwise, its SOS. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Pretty soon we will be like Mexico and the other 3rd world nations.

Anonymous said...

If she wants to run, of course I would vote for her. Heck yea!!!

If not, my vote is for McCain. Obama and his henchmen will never get my vote!

W. Marian Little said...

She absolutely should. She is far more qualified than Obama and much younger than Senator McCain. The stress will become too much for him.

Why the stigma against women?