Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Clinton Tells Obama "Kiss My Ass"

I love this man! He tells it like it is.
A senior Democrat who worked for Mr Clinton has revealed that he recently told friends Mr Obama could "kiss my ass" in return for his support. (from the Telegraph)

President Bill Clinton is a PUMA!
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layla in texas said...

mr President- you are my hero! i love you mr President! never let these bastards (dnc, obama, repubs, & media) get you down. there are millions of us (regular folk)on this planet earth who have your back sir! we love love love you! good luck to you!

kc said...

Way to go Mr.Clinton! Enough political correctness.

Anonymous said...

Mr Clinton - Barack You!!! - in Spades!!!

memberofthetribe said...

After Bill and Hillary Clinton got trashed by most of the Media and at best, the Obama Campaign stood idly by and did nothing, and, at worst, they supplied the Media with talking points; AFTER Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, et al, along with the Obama Campaign itself, plotted, strategized, and conspired to see that the Democratic Party's Rules were SELECTIVELY enforced so as to heavily favor Obama; and, AFTER the Primary Season Calendar ITSELF was INTENTIONALLY CHOSEN so that the deck would be stacked AGAINST HILLARY; AFTER ALL OF THIS, President Bill Clinton's words from THE HEART are a breath of FRESH AIR in the current season of PHONEY and CONTRIVED so-called Unity! BRAVO, Mr. President!!!

memberofthetribe said...

To 'Anonymous':

GET OFF THIS Site, you cowardly Obamabot TROLL!

Anonymous said...

Write in Hillary Clinton on the Ballot. Obama's handlers are not hearing me and millions like me.
Your VP or nothing.

Anonymous said...

An Action Item we can make happen if we work together:

However we each decide to vote in November, this summer many Hillary supporters want to show their continued support for Hillary and their anger at the DNC and many Democratic leaders for pushing Hillary out of the race.

Many Hillary supporters have already made the symbolic gesture to switch their registration from Democrat to independent. (That won't necessarily influence how they vote). In honor of Independence Day (July 4) we are encouraging other Hillary supporters to do the same -- as an organized effort that reflects and respects the differences among us.

To be effective, we need to tell the Democratic Party and the media that we are doing this. BUT, we don't want to lose our opportunity to vote in Democratic primaries for Congress that will be held between NOW and November. Those states include:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, NY, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

For example, many Massachusetts voters are very unhappy with Sen John Kerry's strong, early support for Barack Obama, especially since the state of Massachusetts was solidly for Hillary. As a result, Sen. Kerry is facing his first primary opposition in more than 2 decades: Ed O'Reilly, a very liberal Democratic who (ironically) is criticizing Kerry in some of the same ways that Obama criticized Clinton -- such as voting to allow Bush to deterimine if the US should go to war in Iraq. It appears that the combination of anger about his support for Obama, and anger from Obama supporters who see Kerry as not liberal enough, has resulted in a challenge. Some Hillary supporters will want to send a message to Kerry by voting for O'Reilly. We hope that Hillary suppporters will also ask O'Reilly about his views on election fraud during the presidential caucuses, etc. Meanwhile, for more info see

THEREFORE: I propose that each of us write to Democratic Party leaders before July 4 to say some version of the following:

1. I am an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton for president and am very disappointed in the undemocratic decisions of the DNC and Party leadership that undermined her campaign.
a. The DNC took four Michigan delegates that Hillary had won and gave them to Obama
b. The DNC punished two states that Hillary had won big, Florida and Michigan, by cutting their delegates in half, but did not punish two states that Obama had won which also held their primaries earlier than the DNC rules allowed.
c. Despite the extremely close race, the Democratic leadership kept telling the media and Hillary herself that she should get out of the race. Their behavior was insulting and unfair.

2. That is why I am changing (or have just changed) my registration from Democrat to Independent (OPTIONAL: you may want to add: but only after the Democratic Congressional primary is held in my state)
3. OPTIONAL: Some of you may want to say: I will not give money to the Democratic Party until I see an acknowledgement of the need for real change, such as eliminating undemocratic processes, such as caucuses. The caucuses are much less democratic than primaries, and in 2008 there was a great deal of election fraud, with many caucus participants not living in the precincts or even the state where they caucused.
4. OPTIONAL: Some of you may want to say: I will not support Barack Obama because he did not win the popular vote, and he was selected rather than farily elected. Those of you who plan to vote for Barack Obama can say so, or just not mention your voting plans.

We ask that those of you living in states that do NOT have primaries coming up change your registration before July 4. Those living in states that have primaries should wait. I have attached a calendar of Congressional primaries.

REMINDER: Your registration does not affect how you vote in November. It also does NOT influence how the media polls show Democrats are going to vote or have voted UNLESS you choose to tell pollsters how you are registered. That's up to you.

We had planned to ask you to write to the DNC, but the DNC has now been taken over by the Obama campaign. They have moved their operations to Chicago and the DNC web site is now all about Obama (see

So, instead, please contact YOUR U.S. Senators, your Congressional representative, AND the following Democratic leaders or DNC members. You can send to all of them at once if you'd like to, except Harry Reid needs to go through his web site:

Al Gore:;
Nancy Pelosi:;;
Steny Hoyer:;
Senate Democratic Committee:;;
House Democratic Committee:;

Harry Reid:

To actually change your registration, google your state voter registration info. It's easy!
For example, for Maryland,

Please let me know if you do this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm a passionate Hillary supporter, and now a proud member of theh Independent party and a PUMA. But, for the sake of keeping things real, Obama must have kissed Clinton's ass, because I saw an AP piece just a few days ago that Bill Clinton was, indeed, campaigning for Obama. Sad, but true. In general, for this reason, I don't follow media coverage because it's too depressing. We all need to stay on point and keep working toward out goals. As Martin Luther King said: Keep your eyes on the prize.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I’d like to know where Obama would be without Clinton and his progress in the 1990’s. How dare a “potential” Democratic nominee say the best President in the last couple of decades was Ronald Reagan. Are you kidding me!!! The same Reagan who sold arms with Iran, the same man who cut my student loans while in college, the same man who believed in voo-doo economics.

This is Obama’s ideal for president??? Genius, Democrat = HELL NO!!!

Are these all 20 year olds voting or what? NO one remembers how bad it was to get a job in the late 1980’s?

Obama is nothing but an EMPTY suit. He and his wife have no class. They have never once said they LOVE THIS COUNTRY. Ask yourself, shouldn’t the next president be able to say at least that???? No wonder people question if he truly is an American. He creates his own speculation about his patriotism. My dog even likes this country.

Obama has no substance. It is like listening to a thesaurus talking out loud. Where is the BEEF?

He will lead this country without a clue. Recall he said oops more than 6 times in the state senate. He had to say oops I pressed the wrong button when I voted. That on top of voting ONLY present more than 100 times.

Hey if you want to be president you better damn well be able to make a fricken decision pal. There is no oops or present votes in WDC.

This is the most orchestrated pile of crap I have seen in a long time. Howard Dean better take notice, this Democrat is never voting for Obama. Pack you bags folks, this is going to be a long trip before November. We’re in for a ride. PUMAS are damn well mad that Dean is trying to hijack the democratic party to become Marxist radicals.

For the history gurus out there, recall Hitler’s whole campaign was about CHANGE. So I ask, what change are we talking about. I choose to be center — not left off the edge of reason.

PUMAS united. Voting “write in” HIllary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO Mr. Clinton!! Obama is a joke, he's nothing more than a phony, and all this supporters are brainwahsed sheep. HILLARY CLINTON!!!

Lets Get It Started said...

Way to go Bill!
After what they did how can they expect the Hillary people to move over to their side.

Jane Heffelfinger said...






Anonymous said...

That's my man!! Straight to the point. Things we good during Clinton's time. All Hillary supporters go to and sign up as a supporter. They are trying to count all supporters. That's one way to find out how many of us there are.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Bravo. Finally a man who has the guts to speak up for Senator Clinton. Way to go sir....I love that you did not cave into the DNC/DEAN/PELOSI or the good old boys in Washington, like Kennedy or Kerry..or the "O" list which brought us Barrack Hussein Obama. And Mr. President, you were right. if he was not black he would not be the Democratic nominee, Edwards would...because they still would have pushed Senator Clinton around and out because she is a woman. Dean is ignorant and needs to go and the media, if you can call it that, is nothing more than the National Inquirer on tv. No more Tom Brokaws. The news and no opinions or insults as they did to Senator Clinton. Shameful there's nothing more you can say about them. Dick Morris,is a joke and so full of hate and sour grapes, he's sickening. The DNC wants a Democrat they can manipulate and that is Barrack Hussein Obama. The Black community thinks he is their answer,and that is what he has led them to believe.We will never vote for Barrack Hussein Obama..if it isn't Senator CLinton, it will be MCCain. At least he isn't a phoney radical racist,nor a sexist.

PUMA POWER said...

go Mr Clinton, you rock.

Almost as much as Senator Clinton!

Patricia said...

Bless you Bill said what many of us have wanted to say...I applaud you....You and Hillary have been "abused" throughout this whole ordeal...You know as well as most intelligent people know that Hillary should become our next President...the media did not help her....Mr. Obama thinks he knows it so arrogant...Hillary has such class...When she spoke at Unity, NH....she gave the kind of speech that a President would...I loved when people were chanting her just shows that she still is a to be reckoned have stated that Mr. Obama does not have experience...and, I would like to know how he can even be considered as a candidate when I keep hearing that he's not even a United States citizen??? How can that be?? I feel that this whole thing needs to be decided at the Convention..Yes...Mr. Obama stated in his speech on Friday that he "needs" you and Hillary to help him win in November...I don't see a reason worth helping him...let him go it alone....he dosen't deserve to become President...
God Bless you and Hillary and for speaking your mind....I'm so proud of you!!! AND..I'm a PROUD New Yorker to have Hillary as my State Senator!!!! GO HILLARY!!!! 2008....

Anonymous said...

TO Mr. Shipman & Mr. Sherwell:

You both should be ASHAMED of the slanted ill conceived way that this article was written! Why is it that some people believe that the Clinton's should just ALLOW people to "shit" all over them, "SLANDER" them with vicious LIES and they are supposed to just smile and "get over it." This sounds like it is straight out of Obama's PLAYBOOK! Just like he wanted us PUMAS and others to get over it? Well, REAL AMERICANS get pissed and stay that way, like they say they don't get over they get EVEN. And I hope that is EXACTLY what President Clinton does! After ALL that he did for Black people in this Country and ten they BRAND him a racist, over nothing more than stating the TRUTH, and we all know that was the LAST thing the Obama camp wanted to hear was the truth. But there was ONE man who was tough enough to tell it. It was okay when he was standin up against tough odds FOR black people, but NOW that they do not need him they just conveniently tried to destroy him, well neither HE NOR the American people will let that happen. Atleast EIGHTEEN MILLION of us. By the way I hate signing as anonymous, however this Site will not recognize my username or password, so I will end by saying my name is Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

I love President Clinton.
Did he really say this?
I really think he's a mans man and will not take lip from anyone.

Hillary loves him too.
Lets figure out a way to get these two back in the white house.

I am so happy he isn't kissing up to Obama.

nancysabet said...

You are my hero Mr. president. I love you and thank you for all the hard work in the primaries. We won, but the nomination was stolen from Hillary.

sfate61 said...

Way to go Mr. Clinton! I couldn't have said it better! Tell it like it is! We have your back! You and Hillary were and still are the best thing this country has seen!
We Love You!

Anonymous said...

Yes! You go, guy -- do not cave to those who dared to call you and Senator Clinton racists. Every time I try to be a good li'l Dem and imagine myself come running back for more punishment in November, begging to be allowed to mark my ballot for any-D-will-do again . . . I think about the outrageous race-baiting attacks on you two. And I can't do it, I just can't kiss and makeup.

Yep, the Dems can kiss my ass, too, for what they did to you two. Senator Clinton has to do what she has to do, but nobody tells a former president what to do.

Be yourself, Bill. We know who you are -- and we know that those who try to vilify you are the real, reverse racists.

Anonymous said...

give it up! Obama is our next president. hillary can go back to ironing bill's shorts.
Obama doesn't need a running mate,he's got Michelle.
Obama will be president for the next eight years so hillary can forget about EVER being the president.
Vote Obama for hope and change.
Obama will end the war.
Obama will bring fairness to all with new social programs that will raise the standard of living for millions of american families.
Obama will bring free and fair healthcare for all americans.
Obama in 2008.
He's our only chance to survive.
Hillary is just a weak sister who can't stand on the same stage with a new and great american leader.

eebaltimore said...

TO ANONYMOUS OF 6/30 - 8:38 AM:

Obamabots ARE NOT welcome on this site! My God, don't you have a job or some hobby you can go to, or a pro-Obama site you can gush all over in??? JUST GO AWAY!

Bravo President Clinton! You are absolutely right not to join in with the crowd to back BO.

I am quite concerned about Hillary's debt. We cannot allow BO to help pay off this debt. It defeats our purpose, as she will be beholden to him. Think about it!!! We who support her MUST send a contribution to her campaign at It has been verified by Hillary that any donations given there DO go to reducing her debt.


Anonymous said...

I'm for Hillary all the way. Bill always says it the way it is.

Anonymous said...

From the "Telegraph" and you give it credence? must be true especially as it came from an aid to an aid to an aid 3rd cousin twice removed.

You peeps are more gullible than imaginable.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bill! Now all that remains is for Bill and Hillary to take a stand and tell the American people that the concerns they had about Obama still stand and as such they will not be endorsing him or campaigning for him. They will stand up for their beliefs and not be hypocrites to satisfy the DNC. They will be honest and put the needs of the American people first! Now, THAT would be real change and the political landscape would be the better for it!

betty said...


Anonymous said...

Hillary LOST!!! Get over it and yourselves. Democrats will win with or without YOU!

yvonne said...

Then do it! If you don't need us, then what the hell are you doing here? Somebody get the raid so we can spray our hillary blogs and rid of these osama hussein cockroaches who have infested! Maybe we can shine light on their candidate and these cockroaches since they like to operate in darkness and they can scatter!

Anonymous said...

Does Silicon Valley have a local chapter of PUMA? I wish to offer my assistance in writing Hillary Clinton on the voting ballot in November.

Ted said...

Check out this site, really funny, comparing Barack Obama to Chauncey Gardener from the movie, Being There:

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

obama -4 life

Anonymous said...

Wow.Just ran across this pseudo political site after listening to an excellent radio station in NYC that is sickened by bill and hillarys racist low life comments about Obama.People here in this city and Harlem do NOT want these nut cases who attack Obama and expect him to pay off her little debt from her own money she spent to live in Harlem anymore after the rove tactics they pulled against Obama.He didnt even respond to them.
Obama's upbringing was not elite kids.Hillary and bill are politicians with ego's that care only about themselves, not working class Americans.NAFTA anyone?Bush clinton for 30 years?No thanks. That was sad and you guys act like ranting 3 year old kids who should go work for FOX "news".

Hampton Howardsworth said...

It's such a farce to see Mr. Bill Clinton up there supporting Hilary Clinton during the DNC and still acting like he faithfully loved her all throughout their marriage. I mean, what a sham. I don't see how Americans can like him. He is a disgrace to what marriage and family is all about. Yet he continues to think he's never done anything wrong. I feel sorry for Hilary.

Sally Purdue, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Gracen, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton sure can't keep his pants zipped up for the life of him. And these are only 7 of the women that came forward, there must be tons more.

And now that he's supporting Barack Obama, people who support what a marriage truly means surly can't vote for Obama or any Democrat who gets support from Bill.

Tell Clinton to keep his pants zipped up. No more stained dresses please!!!

Sunny. said...

“I have [no] sympathy for the Clinton`s. They have pandered to the Black Community all their political careers. They pushed Affirmative Action to the max. Now their product challenges them and they are upset….The thing about White Liberals and their Affirmative Actions Programs, they never gave up anything they had, instead they took what little the blue collar working white worker had and gave some to the minorities. It is not rich people like the Kennedys whose kids get denied into an education program or a job, but the white working class person`s kid…..when hiring preferences are made based on race, it is the lower income white guy who gives.”

Magic of making up

Anonymous said...

Who's kissing whose ass now?