Saturday, June 28, 2008

NPR’s Scott Simon on Obama’s Exploitation of the Race Card

Via NoQuarter

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Rex said...

You guys are like the 9/11 wacks.
You don’t care about the direction of this country as much as you care about yourselves and pushing your own “beliefs” on everyone else. I would rather have 8 more years of George Bush then one of you crazy’s. He may be leading the country down, but your type would sink it in about 48 hours.

I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame.
You should start taking you meds again and get a real life. Try something useful like helping the poor.

Rich said...

Well I guess we know Obama is paying "Rex". Who can call the NPR a "wack"?!? Another example of how legitimate questions will go unanswered because idiots like "Rex" don't care enough to listen to an answer to a question they didn't even have to think up. Pied Piper is piping for you isn't he "Rex"?

Castleriggpekes said...

Finally, someone is speaking out against what I call Obama's new McCarthyism - If you recall, during the McCarthy era, people's lives and careers were ruined by being labelled a communist. Often it took just a mere hint of disagreeing with McCarthy for him and his band to label a person as such and hence ruining that person.

When Obama's band labelled Bill and Hillary Clinton racist after she had won NH, I was very turned off by this because with their 30 some odd years of devotion to civil rights no one in their right mind could label them as such. And yet it seemed to stick and I think helped in her defeat.

A lot of people are afraid of Obama but not because he's black. It's the dirty and dishonest tactics he uses to defeat his opponents. Finally, someone on some reputable station has spoken out. This isn't the change I want. I hope more people can see through the deceptive and manipulative veil he's weaving.

Anonymous said...

Rex, first of all what is a 9/11 wack? Are you suggesting that 9/11 never happened and was not not a lie changing event? I continue to be amazed at the vitriol but not the lack of substance from the Obamites.

As a black person, I was offended that the Obama camp branded the Clintons as racists, but remember, the media carried the water on that and MANY other misrepresentations.

Obama's attempts to innoculate his campaign from attacks by holding the bigot label over our heads is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

All of the news stations talked about the RACE CARD! AND the Obama camp KNEW from the beginning they were going to play it they just wanted to wait it out and see when it was the right time. Bill Clinton I believe NEVER thought anyone would EVER believe it of him and that is why I think he really did not know how to get past it without hurting Hillary. It was so absurd and REDICULOUS! it is hard to believe the STUPID WHITE people who bought into it. But it was those self righteous hypocrits that were still covering their eyes over MONICA that grabbed onto it first and then it just went...exactly what Obamaland was hoping for. I guess one can always count on stupidity in this Country does run wild with some very educated people. That aside I am HOPING that the REAL AMERICANS will stand up during this election if for no other reason to set the record straight. WE THE PEOPLE WILL ELECT WHO WE WANT. AND WE THE PEOPLE will not have the names of JFK and Bill Clinton trashed without a fight.



Princess King International said...

I'm going to unsubscribe...with democrats like this who needs republicans. Have peace and be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone in the mainstream media was willing to tell it like it is. The media (and the DNC) has been so busy tripping over themselves not to appear racist, and in the process Obama's had a free ride. If anyone dares to question him as is valid to do of anyone running for the highest office in the land, they run the risk of being accused of being racist. It's absurd. Thank you Scott Simon and NPR. We needed more reporting like this throughout the primaries, but better late then never.

rosemary said...

princess king international- go to hell. you don't like democrats like us, then don't come around here. no one is telling you to come around. you stupid moron. i am so sick of idiots like you. get lost!!! you dumb $@#%*&!!!

Anonymous said...

what is this world coming to? think about it, we have people running for office that does not care about anything but power and money. and in the mean time this country is going down hill, we can not help the poor, we can not help all the people that the weather has effected. and here we go with the race card, OMG! this is 2008, who cares if your white, black, purple, mixed between a blue and a green. everyone is racist right now in life, not just againist the black and white. i know i am only one person, and what i say does not matter because i am married with 2 loving kids, struggling to make ends meat, hard to find a job in my area and trying to stand on our feet and look with our heads up, but you know that is really hard to do, with all the fighting and its needs to stop! stop with this race carp! lets start doing something to help this country get back up, we are supposed to be the best in the world, instead we send our trash to china, they go threw it, make things and then sell it back to us... thats why when you buy something from china it breaks.... why dont we put work here. anyway no one is going to read this and think about our people so i am just going to stop now...GOD BLESS US!!! WE ARE GOING TO NEED IT!!

missing the Clinton era said...

Well put. Simply well put. I have always been a Democrat, but Obama will never get my vote just because that is the way I will have to default. Ever notice how the media never pointed out that although Obama "didn't support the war in Iraq," it wasn't because he voted against it...he never voted at all. He wasn't a Senator yet. McCain is far more qualified than Obama, he doesn't share my values, but he *is* more qualified.