Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will Bowers with justsaynodeal on Fox and Friends

Will Bowers abppeared on Fox and Friends to discuss justsaynodeal and PUMA voters

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BostonBeth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Beth said...

So what are you all afraid of, that you keep deleting my comments?

A said...

What I don't understand is, why do you hang out here. You know we don't believe like you do. Your not going to change our mind, I would never think to go to an obama blog or obama forum and tell them how they need to support McCain etc etc. Why do you insist on posting on here. Seriously there has to be some very good Obama sites where you can post to your hearts content and people are going to praise you and you guys will all just be happy. I respect that you support Obama, many of my best friends do, but let us believe what we want to believe in peace

Beth said...

I do support Obama - NOW. But up until her withdrawl, I not only supported Hillary with my voice, but with my vote and my money as well.

I'm upset that she didn't get the nomination, and disgusted with the misogyny I saw along the way. But I'm also upset that people who claim to share her values (at least, her values as expressed in her votes and her campaigns positions) are willing to turn their backs on those values and support McCain.

I thought that just maybe, there might be people here who either a) hadn't made up their minds or at least b) still had their minds open.

I don't need people to praise everything I say or agree with me, but I did expect a little honest debate.

If that's more than you can handle, don't read my posts.

But to delete comments when they contain nothing dishonest, or inflamatory and insulting just because someone disagrees with you?

I answered your questions about why I post here. Can somone now answer mine - again, what are you afraid of?

A said...

I guess to answer your question, it's not that we are afraid of anything, it's just that this isn't a debate site. We already here all the obama stuff all over the news, on my of our favorite blogs which are totally in the tank for obama etc etc, So this is just a site where we can come and be arounds others like us who share our same point of view. I am tired of the debating, I get that from all my friends. This weekend at gay pride I had 4 friends badgering me on why I won't vote for Obama. So I like to come to a site like this where I don't have to hear that. We have all heard it before. I only delete your comments because I get so many emails from other Hillary supporters upset that Obama people are posting. People get upset for the same reasons I listed above. I in no way mean to be disrespectful when I delete your comments, I was just responding to my emails who point out when ever they feel Obama people are posting. We are trying to avoid flame wars. I don't know if this makes sense but that's kind of how we feel.

Beth said...

So, you're ok with people posting/blogging really inaccurate, distorted stuff about Obama, (some of it distorting what Hillary herself is saying and doing) but someone asking questions, or providing a different opinion risks "flame wars"?

In other words, you're ok with flaming, so long as you agree with the target? Or am I missing something?

A said...

I really don't understand what your mean?

""So, you're ok with people posting/blogging really inaccurate, distorted stuff about Obama""

Like what?

""(some of it distorting what Hillary herself is saying and doing)""

The PUMAs have made it really clear that we love Hillary but have gone our own way. We are fully aware that we are going against her wishes to support Obama

As for ""but someone asking questions, or providing a different opinion""

We are faced with different opinions when ever we turn on the tv. Almost every media outlet is against what we are doing so we get those opinions daily.

A said...

Beth just check out the latest comment I just got right now
""Puma? is that like cougars? older ladies that cruise for you boys?

Only in this case it's older ladies that hate black people and are willing to let McCain "100 more years of war" into the white house.

Menopause must be a bitch.""

I get maybe 50 of these a day that I have to delete so as you can see we get all kinds of stuff. We just want to be a community of PUMAs where we can discuss freely what we support.

Beth said...

You know, I'm really sorry that you had to deal with something that ugly - I work in the fundraising office of a gay-rights groups, so I've had my share of nasty-grams to deal with and they're not fun.

But considering that the nastiest thing I've posted questioned Will Bower's motives, I"m not sure how that applies here.