Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama's Florida Finance Chairman Bullied Hillary DNC Members

From the Orlando Sentinel via NoQuarter

"It is not going to be a good day for Barack Obama's Florida finance chairman Kirk Wagar.

Late Thursday, Florida DNC member Jon Ausman released excerpts from a series of e-mail exchanges in which Wagar, a Miami lawyer, criticizes U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and rips into Ausman with the kind of language we'd never get into the newspaper.

"You (expletive) us," a June 6 note from Wagar to Ausman says. "We are dealing with it. You need to accept the fact that you (expletive) us."

Another note reads: "If 30 people are all that are (expletive) off ... we have done pretty well."

About Nelson, Wagar wrote, "I am getting very sick of Nelson making a bad situation worse" and "Let me be clear as a bell: As of right now, you (Ausman) have made a difficult situation worse. We have been put in a bad situation by Leonard (Joseph) and Nelson and you have just thrown your lot in with them."

Leonard Joseph is the executive director of the Florida Democratic Party.

The dispute centers on how delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be selected. Ausman has said he is concerned that the Obama campaign will try to remove some delegates -- as many as 30 -- and replace them with people who have been more supportive of the Illinois senator.

Ausman said that dismissing some delegates in favor of handpicked supporters would hurt party unity and make it harder for Democrats of different stripes to rally around the presumed nominee.

Ausman is the Tallahassee Democrat who drew national attention with his efforts to get Florida's representatives to the Democratic convention reinstated. The DNC had stripped the state of those delegates as a punishment for violating party primary rules. During his campaign, Ausman kept in constant touch with the media, e-mailing them with updates on his progress."

In the email to the Sentinel Jon went on to say about Kirk Wagar

"As an ambassador for Senator Obama I would hope you would be more temperate, more inclusionary, more embracing of others, more unifying."

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Anonymous said...

Obama will be the demise to this country, he is NOT qualified to become president. It just goes to show how "gullible" his supporters are.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

Who's really being divisive here?





Manuel said...


That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Manuel said...


That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Patricia said...

It just ceases to amaze me as to all that has gone on throughout this campaign...I'm afraid America will wake up when it's too late..I've heard of "dirty" politics but this has gotten so out of hand...WE all know that Hillary is the best qualified to become our President..Obama has "swayed" the general public...he has cast some kind of spell over them...I think/feel that the Convention should decide who should be the winner...I admire Hillary's class...she deserves so much...much more than how she has been treated...

Jet said...

0bama is TOO COCKEY in the way he presents himself to me.

He claims to be doing SO MUCH for me.

Well, What is his agenda? and is he wondering that also?

I'm writing in HILLARY!

M. Sakel said...

When he visited Bahgdad in 2005, Sen. McCain was asked by the late Tim Russert of Meet the Press a question about Hillary's candidacy for president. His response:

"I have no doubt that Sen. Hillary Clinton will make a great President!"--Sen. McCain.

RESPECT is something that is earned and something that Sen. Obama does not even know how to spell. Back in Chicago, he knocked off the ballot and stole election from his mentor and benefactor, AA Sen. Alice Palmer in '96. Now, the limping candidate was pushed over the superdel finish line by misogynist media frat-boys and this is his contribution to Hillary's women supporters: "Her claws are coming out" "Periodically, she gets feeling low and moody and starts launching attacks at me!" And his infamous You tube mega hit of feminism:

"Obama Gives the F!nger to Hillary!"---now that's change we can believe in, eh, Barack?!

Come November, the bitter medicine that will cure OBAMYOPIA is going to be delivered to Him by that Invisible Demographic that he has so insulted and maligned throughtout.


Sirtriz said...

i think what bill clinton said, that obama will be an experiment, is very true, despite the rap he took for that sound statement. i am leery that this country will look upon an obama presidency the same way we now look upon a bush presidency and say, "doh! what did we do?" I kind of hope hillary doesn't accept the VP position if offered because if obama's presidency does not go well, it will reflect on her. i don't intend to vote for mccain, however. I will write in hillary on my ballot. She's who I believe in, and the write in spot is there for us to use in order to follow our conscience. obama strikes me as someone who achieves a level of success and then quickly becomes discontent with his achievement. like he feels an emptiness and must strive for something even more grandiose. he's what we call at my company a "fast tracker". He earns promotions quickly because of his smooth-talking style, but what has he really done to earn it?

Sirtriz said...

i also want to say...i was a hillary clinton delegate for my precinct. i heard stories about how aggressive obama supporters were to bully people onto the obama side. also, at meetings they would boo hillary supporters. i mean, how snobbish. i have not seen the same crass behavior from clinton people. sure there are a few, but not near as prevalent. turn on any so-called progressive talk show, with the exception of tom hartmann perhaps, and you hear nothing but hillary bashing. it's so blatant, yet obama fanatics think that the hillary side is negative? give me a break. It's like you want to say, "I know you are, but what am i?"

Lulu said...

I hope this isn't bad to say? It seems there is alot of right things one can express. I was reading in one blog that Obama flipped Hillary off. I would have flipped it right back at em'. That probably isn't Democratic, but it is human. That wouldn't leave you a bad person in my eyes if you did this.

Ann said...

What is wrong with people? Do they not see this whole election has been a joke? WAKE UP OBAMA SUPPORTERS... do you want your man to win this way, to cheat, to steal delegates from others, to stop people just because they don't support you?

cottasofia said...

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