Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clinton Supporters Wary Of Obama

Top Clinton supporters & fundraisers refuse to raise money for Obama or the DNC.

"While it appears that many Clinton backers are poised to begin immediately raising money for Mr. Obama, the presumed Democratic nominee, several categorically ruled that out in interviews. Others said they drew the line at collecting cash for the Democratic National Committee, whose chairman, Howard Dean, angered many Clinton donors over how he handled the dispute over whether to seat convention delegates from Florida and Michigan.

“The Obama campaign has a lot to show me before I will consider being there for them,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, co-founder of the clothing company Esprit and a longtime friend of Mrs. Clinton.

Ms. Buell said she wanted to see how Mrs. Clinton was treated over the next few weeks, a sentiment that she said was shared by many of the women, especially, in her donor network.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a top Clinton fund-raiser, telecommunications entrepreneur and member of the Democratic national convention’s platform committee, said she had questions about Mr. Obama’s trustworthiness. If he does not answer them, Ms. de Rothschild said she would at least consider voting for Mr. McCain or even working for him.

“I love my country more than I love my party,” said Ms. de Rothschild, who said she had been receiving entreaties from both Mr. Obama’s and Mr. McCain’s backers. “I can’t just fall in line.”" (from the NYTimes)

U. of Iowa Students for Hillary endorse McCain

"John McCain is an honorable man. He is good personal friends with Hillary Clinton. He is qualified to be president. We do not agree with him on everything, and this is why we urge you to strongly support Democrats up for re-election to congress. He served our country, he is right on immigration, right on global warming, and he voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would have banned Marriage Equality.

Nikki and I have decided that now is a good time to get this overwith. Barring a DREAM TICKET scenario or a scenario in which HILLARY WINS THE NOMINATION, which we see as unlikely at this time, we endorse John McCain for President.

This was a VERY tough decision, those of you that know me know I am extremely passionate about our party. I feel that it has moved away from me. We will not campaign for John McCain, but we will vote for him, and urge others to do the same."

(you can read the entire email here)

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Jane Heffelfinger said...

There is simply no trust with Obama. His story changes every few days. I cannot support a POTUS that is wish-washy. It started with the flag pin and the Rev. and continues to this day.

Now I hear he is moving the DNC to Chicago, why? He is doing this? Who is he? Why are things changing minute by minute when he isn't even the elected nominee of the party?

My family will not be voting for Obama. We will wait until the day before the election in November to decide where we will put our faith and trust.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

One other thing - no amount of PR can change our mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you got rid of the 'Anonymous' option. You're so schmart...

Filter the word 'pathetic' in the future. Because that's what your attempt to seal the fate of Roe v Wade, the ice caps, and who knows how many American soldiers in Iraq truly is. PATHETIC.

Hillary Clinton had the resources, the team and (clearly) the passionate support to take this to Denver. But she was an adult, and enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee.

You people sound like Deaniacs in 2004. Let it go.

gs13 said...

hey twister, the more you and your kind speak, the more we can't stand you or your candidate. So, please, continue.

gs13 said...

oh, and just for your info, roe v wade can already be overturned, without any help from McCain. So, this ridiculous argument that a republican president will "NOW" have the power to do so is just bogus.

in-the-mindseye said...

The DNC did not support Hillary. I will not vote for the democratic party. How many other candidates have ever had as many popular votes from the American People in History at this point in time during a campaign. The DNC does not respect the voices of the people. The DNC disrespected Hillary in many ways and did not see that all her delegate votes were counted or all votes for that matter, which was also disrepectful and a slap in the face to the American Public who placed those votes. The DNC sent me emails to respond and donate, but when I expressed concern about issues during the campaign never once did the two primary individuals sending out emails respond back to me. They like to put the republicans down and want us to support them in all efforts with their accusations against them...yet look at how one of their own candidates is treated and supported with lack of respect and needed support at critical times. Look at how democratic voter's votes were valued. How much effort was taken by the DNC to get those votes counted? . . . in a timely manner . . . when things mattered . . . and not leaving the candidate high and dry. Outrage and abuse of privileges and the system. Check

Marcus said...

Obamabots... are everywhere I guess. LOL.
I guess, I especially love how you love Hillary so much that you will whole heartedly, blindly, and in true "dem" style fall in line and without question support To me this is the equivalent of saying Im hungry- then sawing off your arm so you can handily cook it and enjoy it. DOESNT MAKE MUCH SENSE, huh!
This country was founded on the principals it just betrayed.. congrats on ur nomination BHO!

Alecki said...

I am writing on behalf of my community to inform you of how angry we are about the primary process this year. As a woman, a Democrat and a firm supporter of Democracy, this has been the worst media coverage of a primary election ever.
Also, I am totally embarrassed of Senator Obama for his morals, his associates and his views of the United States.
I have never seen such poor and biased reporting by media in my entire life.. 20 million Clinton supporters have had it with the media and injustice of this whole primary nominating system. This was not reporting, it was “Clinton” bashing. I felt like I was hearing headlines from the “Enquirer”newspaper.
It was daily and all day long. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Cafferty Files, CNN and slews of others networks followed each other down a lane of inaccurate reporting and vicious attacks against the entire Clinton family. The coverage swayed the public and government superdelegates into their sleazy “Obama Mania” corner.
For the first in my life, I am completely embarrassed of our country’s reporting tactics and the unfair judgment of the Democratic Party. The pundits were cruel towards our First Lady and the entire world watched.
I also cannot understand how Obama could not be embarrassed of himself.
How dare he ask the American people to stand with him and defend his ugly beliefs from his church (Trinity United Church of Christ), his radical and anti Semitic friends and his far left views of life.
How dare Senator Obama not apologize to Senator Clinton for the cruel remarks screamed in pews about whites, Senator Clinton and President Clinton. Instead of apologizing Obama had regrets about having to distance himself from his church and his low life buddies and mentors, Reverend Wright and Father Pflaeger.
Obama has deceived the American people and has used crooked tactics since the beginning of the primary season. He kept his father’s Muslim heritage, Reverend Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko and Trinity United Church of Christ under lock and key.
The audacity of Senator Obama to avoid conversations since the first primary about these associates is to say the least disturbing.
Obama kept Michigan and Florida delegates in his pocket the whole time to sway voters and superdelgates, to give himself bragging rights. "I have the most delegates. I am the winner! We have to follow the rules. Florida and Michigan will vote for me.”
Over 300 delegate and over 2 million people. He only won this primary because the fourth largest state has never been heard properly. The popular vote was ignored and the delegates were never added in full. The media displayed inaccurate maps with incorrect numbers to give Obama a free push.
For Senator Obama to accept this decision about not seating Florida and Michigan is especially troubling. How can a leader whose message is one of “unity” agree to support a decision that strips Senator Clinton of delegates and Florida voters of their voices?
I wonder whether the price the Democratic party will pay in the general election was worth Obama's very poor decision to ignore Michigan and Florida voters. Millions don’t think so.
There are also blocs of voters that Democrats need to win that Senator Obama is having a major problem with:
White Male Voters
White Women Voters
Rust Belt Voters
Women Voters
Latino Voters
Cuban Voters
Swing State Voters
Jewish Voters
Big states
Lunch Bucket Voters
Older voters
Catholic Voters
Ohio, Michigan, Florida, California, NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, Indian, West Virginia, Texas and Kentucky are out of his reach
Michigan and Florida will never forget his decision not to fight for them
Barak Hussein Obama has African Americans and elitist in his pocket. Doesn't sound like a winning ticket to me.
This is the first time in my life, along with my entire community, that I will be voting for a Republican or as an Independent.
Senator Clinton does not need Obama. Obama needs Clinton. I pray that she will not accept a VP role if he offered the position. Obama is a complete embarrassment to this country as a potential candidate for the President of the United States.
I am not trying to smear Senator Obama. As a Democrat, we should have won this election. Because we are supporting the weakest of candidates, I doubt very much this will happen.
I would hope that the DNC would wake up to the abuse that Senator Clinton endured from the media. This has been an unfair primary and Clinton supporters and most of Americans are well aware of all of it.
Where was the DNC?

Alecki said...

You tube video of Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader supporting Obama in Chicago with 20,000 members.

Alecki said...

The reason Clinton supporters will not vote for Obama is because they are embarrassed of him, his life, his unfair tactics and his beliefs. And they still don't know all about him.

They don't want a candidate that has been in a twenty year relationship with Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.

They don’t’ want a candidate that has a twenty year relationship with Father Pflaeger as his compass in life

They don’t want a candidate that went to a church that supports Louis Farrakhan, an anti Semitic racist.

They don't want to defend Black Liberation theology.

They don’t want a candidate that lies about his relationship with Tony Rezko, the Syrian Criminal that sold his property to Obama and supported his campaign.

They don't want a candidate that could work with a domestic terrorist, William Ayers.

They don’t' want a candidate that didn't stand up for the voters of Michigan and Florida.

They don’t want a candidate that Hamas supports.

They don’t want a candidate that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam support

They don’t want a candidate that has a wife that has just now realized she was proud of our country.

They don’t want a candidate that denies Florida and Michigan their voices

They don’t want a candidate that mentions 57 states in his speeches. 50 states in the USA and 57 states in the Nation of Islam (IOC website)

They don’t want a candidate that fights unfair and steals Michigan delegate votes from his opponent.

They don’t want a candidate that feels sorry to leave a church that is anti American and that preaches hatred and racial views that are cruel and nasty.

They don't want a candidate that is inexperienced.

They don’t want a candidate that considers it a loss to not to be able to attend his anti American, racist Church.

They don’t want a candidate that has a Muslim father.

They don’t’ want a candidate that can’t win a debate

They don’t’ want a candidate that misleads the youth with an ‘Obama girl and her behind in their face”

They don’t want a candidate that says he’s an African American and missed the MLK Remembrance Day and the Louisiana Black Caucus meeting

They don’t want a candidate that has done nothing for humanity except talk about it.

They don’t' want a candidate named; Barack Hussein Obama

He scares them to death.
He is embarrassing.
He is unelectable.