Monday, June 23, 2008


For everyone who had problems with the email earlier, it has been fixed.

Let's Face It :

The 1 in 18 million ad campaign

ace it. You may only be one. But you are not alone.

Just Say No Deal represents a percentage of the 18
million + Americans who did not vote for Barack Obama.

If you have not fallen in line - we want
your face.

Your voice will continue to be heard as long as we stay

You are one voice. But you are not alone.

Photo Submission Guideline

  • First Name, CIty, State
  • Digital Only - High Resolution
  • Close-Up, Portrait or Solo Shots - NO GROUP SHOTS
  • Minimum Background "noise"
  • Work Environment ideal! Professor, Nurse, Fireman, Nurse, Construction Worker,
    Plumber, Soldier, Lawyer...
  • Every shot will be considered - but not all will be used
  • Submissions automatically grant Just Say No Deal usage for purpose of campaign

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What is the POINT of the pictures??? WE NEED TV COVERAGE