Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ted Strickland Says No Way To Obama

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland(Democrat and loyal Hillary supporter) asked for his name to be taken off Obama's VP list. On NPR's All Things Considered he said "If drafted I will not run, nominated I will not accept and if elected I will not serve.........So, I don't know how more crystal clear I can be." OUCH!!

Here are some Obama Blogger reactions
"Ted Strickland, douchebag....I guess someone just shat on the plate that's going to feed him for the next four years." (Culture Kitchen)

"Ted, We Hardly Knew You!...his age made him a non-factor from the very outset." (BackAlley)

So it looks like if your not willing to be in the running for VP and your older than 60 your a douchebag in the eyes of Obama Supporters.

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Temple Stark said...

People still don't believe that other people are upset how Obama got the nomination.

That was a rather forceful denunciation from Strickland though. Wow, he does have a pair. i think a lot of the Hillary camp knows more about the electability of Obama than we do. I don't know what it could be though ...

- Temple

Harvey said...

Stickland, along with all the other whiners of both sexes ought to get over it! Obama beat Clinton and he's the presidential candidate! Go ahead and vote for McCain if you are that freaking stupid! It looks like a close election so maybe you can make it "deja vu all over again" like in 2000 when the Nader voting numbskulls in Florida alone gave us 8 freaking years of George W. Bush.

We have truly become a nation of fools. Spoiled little brats used to getting everything their way every time have become spoiled big brats. "I'm gonna' take my crayons and go home!" Disgusting!

who supported Senator Clinton from the beginning,
contributed big bucks to her campaign, and of course voted for her...but will gladly do the same for Senator Obama now!

Temple Stark said...

That's special Harvey, continue that unity. I'm not voting for McCain but my principles extend beyond just "who's president."


freaking stupid

spoiled little brats

You should run for office. Or you can agree -you make your decision, others respect that and vice versa.

Democracy is still a goal and it didn't thrive well in the Dem. primary.

Anonymous said...

I'm a life time democrat, who have voted for every Democrat presidential ticket and down ticket for 19 years.

This year will be the first time that I will vote AGAINST the Democrat presidential ticket and all the down ticket that endorsed the Big Fraud that cheated in the primary. The Big Fraud was SELECTED not ELECTED in.

DNC selected the weaker candidate and they will have to pay the price for their action.
I'm holding them accountable.

PUMA Power!

V said...


I will NOT vote for Obama ( I disagree with the way he operates and manipulates )

I will NOT vote for McCain (voting for McCain in November is NOT teaching the DNC a 'lesson'.This decision only hurts the American people who are already in dire straits about the future of this country )

I WILL vote for Hillary. Even if it is just noted as a sign of protest !!

I WILL write in Hillary Clinton on the ballot.


Care to join me ??

sharyn said...

I do not like having anyone selected by the DNC shoved down my throat. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. She was attacked, villified and belittled by the DNC and the media for everything from what she wears to how she laughs. She was asked to drop out of the race MONTHS before it was over and she recieved the worse treatment that I have ever been witness to just for running in this election. No, I will not vote for Obama. I will vote for Hillary. She should be the nominee.