Monday, June 16, 2008

New "Just Say NO Deal" Video (Please Rate The Video)

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Mylingy said...

Excellent video!!!! It portrays the truth about Obauma: a sorry excuse for a political candidate much less a potential presidential nominee. I don't understand how intelligent people can listen to him and not see him for what he is: an unexperienced, loud-mouthed, politician "wanna-be."

LRW said...

Today I received a mailer from the Obama campaign asking me for a donation to his campaign. My response written across the donation form was simply, "NO DEAL". I am no longer going to support the Democratic Party or their presumptive nominee. I am a committed PUMA (Party Unity, My ASS!). We've been hearing all about how he can do it without women, Florida and Ohio voters, and "Reagon democrats", well, let him try. This is one woman who meant it when she said, NO DEAL!

Julie Johnson said...

Best video! It says everything that I could not put into words. Give me back the America I beleive in.

If not Hillary, then McCain.

R said...

Julie says if not Hillary then McCain?

If are not prepared to vote for Hillary's values, which you prove by voting for someone totally against them then you are a hollow citizen and the best thing to happen to the DNC is to see you leave it.

Anonymous said...

If all the Democrats who say "If Not Hillary then McCain" actually switch to the Republican party, then the Republicans will eventually out number the Democrats. So Mr. "r", you had better watch what you say or your chickens will come home to roost this November.