Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama "I think families are off limits"

From the Seattle Stranger

Quote from an Interview Obama did with the BrodyFile
"I think families are off limits. I would never consider making Cindy McCain a campaign issue, and if I saw people doing that - I would speak out against it. And the fact that I haven't seen that from John McCain I think is a deep disappointment."

But I wonder: Where was Obama's strict "families are off limits" stance when he was snapping at Clinton that he "didn't know who he was running against" sometimes--her or her husband--in the South Carolina debate (after Clinton pointed out that she, not her husband, was Obama's opponent)? Where was his "families are off limits" stance when he blasted Clinton in that same debate for "your husband['s]" criticism of Obama's statements on Ronald Reagan? Where was it when he implied Clinton was dipping into her wealthy husband's assets to pay her campaign debt? And for that matter, where was it when media pundits like Chris Matthews were implying that Clinton didn't win her Senate race on her merit, but because people felt sorry for her because her husband "messed around"?

If families are off limits, they're off limits--whether the spouse in question is a former President or a whip-smart corporate attorney working full-time for your presidential campaign. I find it disappointing that Obama's desire to take the high road didn't emerge until it was his spouse under attack. Nor will I be surprised if Obama has a similar revelation about sexism, a topic he consistently declined to address when it was used to against his female opponent, once it's turned against his wife.

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Ricco said...

Ohhhh snap! NObama!

kanaughty said...

he is such a blatant hypocrit. he went ahead and wrote a long ass memo on how to make bill look like a racist so he could get most of the aa votes away from hillary, and now he says families are off limits? all the criticism that she is getting is from saying stupid crap while on the campaign trail, and that is her own fault, she is not off limits. the minute you campaign for your spouse just as obama did to bill, then that family member is not off limits. he can go ahead and screw himself seriously... man am i so pissed at this hypocrit. he is worse than bush and i never thought i would ever say that about any politician let alone a supposed democrat...

Patricia said...

Good for you Kanaughty...I couldn't agree with you I see it...what's good for the good for the gander...this whole campaign has been something else...very disturbing to me to know that many people out there have been swayed by Obama's "smooth talk"...I thought that this country was in a mess under the present administration...but...let Obama win in November and we will deal with "4" years of his not knowing how this country should have been's sad really that so many have fallen into his trap...I'll never support him......or what he stands for!! It hurt me to watch Hillary on June 7th and felt in my heart how it was hurting her...She's a CLASSY one can top her and that's why everyone else knew it as well...

Anonymous said...

where was this m*#$%& f&%#&$'s outrage when heartless people were asking chelsea about her parent's past? how heartbreaking is that? where was this m*^$%& f&%#$%'s outrage when his own house of worship's leaders and guests friends were mocking and making the most disgusting comments about the former first lady and President? when they were making those despicable comments on the pulpit in God's house where he worshiped? where the f@#! was his outrage? why did he not come to the lady's defense? what a lying piece of crap he is. i agree w/the other comment, just when i thought i could not dislike politicians more than cheney/bush here comes osama. God help us. he is now in the same category as michael vick as far as i am concerned.