Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama to Women "Get Over It"

One thing that has really bothered me in this campaign has been the lack of outreach from the Obama campaign. Obama has not taken the time to actually reach out to Hillary supporters, instead Obama turns to others to do it for him.
  • He hired Patti Solis
  • He forms a committee and puts Madeleine Albright & Gen. Wesley Clark on it
  • He gets Hillary to commit to campaign with him
Yet the one thing missing is Obama, he doesn't actually do anything himself to reach out to Hillary supporters. Maybe he is afraid that people will ask him about his VP or how the DNC is taking Hillary off the ballot in August.

Here is an exchange that happened at a meeting between Obama and the Black Caucus on Thursday.

"Sources at the meeting said that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, a Clinton supporter, expressed the desire that Obama and his campaign would reach out the millions of women still aggrieved about what happened in the campaign and still disappointed that Clinton lost.

Obama agreed that a lot of work needs to be done to heal the Democratic Party, and that he hoped the Clinton supporters in the room would help as much as possible.

According to Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., Obama then said, "However, I need to make a decision in the next few months as to how I manage that since I'm running against John McCain, which takes a lot of time. If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it."

Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif., a longtime Clinton supporter, did not like those last three words -- "Get over it." She found them dismissive, off-putting. (ABC News)

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Anonymous said...

they are all hypocrits! If Barack Obama gets in office you can BET there will be a World War III, another Great Depression, and even more Terrorist Attacks on this country! Do the American people ACTUALLY think he's going to take his position seriously?!? he thinks it's all a joke. it's not fair to all the other senators who have been in this political field for a long time, Barack Obama just pops out of thin air over night, and the American people are going gah-gah over this inexperienced man, who just declares that he's running for president of this country. It makes me sick.

Jill L said...

Earth to Obama: I'll "get over it", when you get OUT of it!

Obama = Hubris you can believe in!

HopeForHillary '08

Anonymous said...

We are over it when Obama is OUT of it.

Patricia said...

I couldn't agree more with the three comments that have been left here...It just shows the maturity the three of you have...I cannot support a man who treated Hillary as he did...The DNC is as much as fault as well...the media...the should be ashamed of themselves...The problem is..they all knew that Hillary was the best candidate...let him become President and fail...he has so many people "swayed"...he's nothing more than a "smooth talker"..we think we have problems with the present administration...we've not seen nothing yet...I praise Hillary and the wonderful speeck that she gave on June heart was breaking when I heard it...where was Obama??? He was golfing...just so sure of himself...time will tell..I still feel that the Convention should decide the candidate....And....if Michelle Obama thinks that she is another Jackie Kennedy....boy oh she ever wrong...she couldn't hold a candle to Jackie Kennedy....

bonita said...

i would like to have 5 minutes alone with that wuss and dare him to look me in the eye and tell me to get over it! he would not do it w/his wussy ass self. i know as a woman, i, hillary and many women supporters are stronger than he is at all levels. emotionally, spiritually and physically. (seeing as we have not been hitting the crack pipe and doing God knows what else to our bodies) gross!!!! he one disgusting man!!

Anonymous said...

Why should Obama reach out to peopl who have clearly said they do not want him as the President...just so you can slap his face and say no boy we don't want you. THis group right here in particular...just need to get over it and vote your conscious, vote your heart which is really honest with yourself...and stop trying to those same tired ass bully tactics yall did during the primary season. You guys are just hateful people who have been faking like you were democrats just because you wanted a woman as president. Hillary repeated so many cruel comments about Barack and all Barack did was give her complete respect that she did not deserve.
If Hillary had been a honest, gracious person she would have been the nominee and would have gone all the way...but those two things she did not have...everyone saw except for you.

Persio said...

He ignored Women, Hispanics and blue collar workers. Heck he needs to learn a good lesson that without those groups he is not going anywhere but back to the senate representing Illinois. We need to spread the word, JUST SAY NO TO OBAMA. "He's a typical politician that would say anything to win" Remember those famous words from his former pastor/mentor?

Outsider said...

The blogger who says BO only treated Hillary with respect needs a serious reality check ..... your nominee is a political joke and Hillary was mainly supported because she is definitely the best qualified for the job! To many it has nothing to do with the Democratic or Republican Party - just clear independent assessment of the facts.

And look how he has just dissed Hillary supporters in general - "get over it" indeed ...... he's just like an arrogant teen with his hand in the country's money box with his eye on the Bank!

I have been proud to have the US as my Country's ally for most of my life - but count me out if this unqualified clown gets his hands on the WH ..... and he would need to work a lot harder than he currently appears capable of to gain real respect from the rest of us in the Free World!

vrajavala said...

It's only June 22nd, there's two months left before the dem. convention. there are every days more questions about him. he still hasn't produced his birth certificate. There are still questions about his constitutional eligibility to even run, not being a "natural", but a naturalized am citizen. check out my post on
Hang in there!

seasonedcook said...

Anonymous, Are you afraid to post your name...If there is any Hypocrit on here, it is you..If you are a Obama supporter, go there and make your brags..We have a right to say and believe what we will..I am a Black woman, and I have always supported Hillary. She has stood up for us when no other would do so.
Obama will not stand up for us, because he is an elitist...He doesn't know what scratching is...I hate two faced people, and someone that talks out of both sides of their mouth, and Obama does..He
rises to the occasion on how ever it fits him...When Michelle said she was just now proud of her country, She meant it..And Jackie
Kennedy she will not be. I have said this, and I will say this again, I will not vote for either
party in November...I will write Hillary's name in...That is not throwing my vote away...It is telling them, someone has to stand up and speak to what is right...Hillary lost for many reasons, but she didn't lose for 18 million women and men...Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind...and I am not ashamed to say who I am on here...

Kat in Florida said...

I really admire and love the guts of ANONYMOUS, who posts references to people being racist because we don't want a short sighted, inexperienced idiot after the last 8 years!

ANONYMOUS posted his or her well-educated opinion (LOL) like a true blind sheep. YOU would do well to stay off a blog that supports the candidate YOU think isn't the BEST WOMAN for the job.

I will NEVER vote for OBAMA BIN LADEN because I'm a real American, and one of few literate Americans in this country. (America has a literacy rate that is barely 50%) I will never vote for BHO because he is a true LIAR and has no clue as how to run his own affairs, let alone the affairs of a whole country in peril. I will never vote for BHO because he is totally inexperienced and clueless, when it comes to the REAL world. Not because I'm racist, not because I'm a Hillary supporter (I would have cast a vote for Joe Biden if he had stayed in the race)

I tell the TRUTH, not a bunch of BS to make idiots like ANONYMOUS swoon over me. Get a life, will ya?
NObama 08

bonita said...

anonymous- let me tell you something boy or girl whatever you are. i am a 6th generation texas latina (4th generation democrat) who is college educated and was taught to register to vote the minute i turned 18. (now 43) i have voted in every state and national election since 1984 straight democratic ticket. period. never gave it a second thought. that is how i have voted all my life. what is your record? are you even registered? is this your first time? so, don't you dare tell me what i am or am not. your political ignorance is obvious. i was card carrying democrat (do you know what that means?) until now. i am now an independent thanks to the dnc. so, until you know what the hell you are talking about, get the hell off this blog.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

I will never vote for Obama.

And I'm beginning to question those leaders up for election - if they are/were an Obama supporter before Hillary suspended her campaign.

If they were along for the ride with Obama, they, also, will not get my vote.

It's as simple as that.

lindanow2 said...

The thought of him actually winning the presidency is frightening to me with all his corrupt and terrorists connections. Being so surrounded by these people certainly points out the many character flaws he has.
I have asked by U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator to check into the validity of Obama's birth certificate. If we all did this, surely one of our M.C. would actually check it out. Please contact your Congressional Representatives and ask them to do this. Thank you.

good by DNC said...

Is it set in stone that Hillary is not on the first abllet at the convention ?

Anonymous said...

The full text of the AP article included one woman who attended who stated she didn't mind the reference.
My feeling: there are women who don't mind being called ho's - not really my standard.
Obama makes the mistake that somehow female Democrats will have to vote for him, that we don't have anywhere else to go.
Big error.

Anonymous said...

Have you been following the Larry Sinclair story? He was at the Nationl Press Conference June 18. Then he was arrested? Please go over to No Quarter and read this article. I believe in Larry.

Hillary 08

Melissa said...

For information on CHANGE WE CAN'T AFFORD go to
We will be made irrelevant by inaction ... don't just blog ... get involved!

BostonBeth said...

Look, I'm wrecked over Hillary not winning, too. More than that, I'm angry and disgusted at the sexism and outright misogyny I saw/read/heard in the opposition to her candidacy.

But I just can't fathom how anyone who believed in any of the policies or positions that Hillary stood for could consider note voting for OBama now. While I don't think for a second that Obama will be as effective in carrying out an agenda as Hillary would have been as president, that's still a damn sight better than having to deal with a "President McCain" agenda.

Why respond to a slap in the face by shooting ourselves in the head?

william DenverCO said...

This message is for BostonBeth;
You are simply an Obamacrat!
Let me tell you why I am voting for Sen. McCain….To teach Obama, the Super Delegates and the DNC, that they can not steal my vote.
If over the next McCain years I do not have a job, health care, or if I need to pay up the ass for gas, it is the “PRINCIPAL OF DEMOCRACY” that counts.

layla said...

boston beth- shooting myself in the head sounds better than wearing a burka on my head. i agree with william DenverCo, you are a bobo supporter not a hillary one.

vrajavala said...

It's only June 23rd. Andy Martin's book "Obama: the man Behind the Mask" goes tot he printer in a few hours. He's done his research and this should blow the lids off the Obambots drinking Kool-aid.
I've written to the Federal Election commission under the Freedom of Information act to request the birth details of BO. They can't stone-wall us forever.they just want us to go away and shrivel up/ NObama08

vrajavala said...

Yes, bostonbeth is definitely an Obamabot.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who felt ignored by were not were just not listening and did not answer the call for change. Change in a broken system that continues to not recognize the basic needs and foundations for American people... If you were for Hillary then supporting Barack would be a hard pill to swallow seeing as those two are nothing like each other.

If you are now supporting McCain then that explains why it is easy for you to jump the democratic ship. makes sense to me! The RNC convention is September 1-4 Minneapolis Saint Paul.

Those of you who are speaking ill of our nominee who won fair and square...played by the rules that Hillary kept changing and still won. She was suing teacher and labor unions and lying about sniper fire and her daughters whereabouts during 911...changing her place of birth in every city she went to praticaly...just to get nominate.

If she had of been nominated I probably wouldn't vote for her because she is the exact opposite of Barack. If she was a Madeline Albright type then I could support her. I agree with Barack she is a fine civil servant...but I just can't get past her complete dishonesty on the pivotal events in her life. If she is so comfortable with misspeaking then she cannot be trusted to speak for the nation. And those of you who are ok with that characteristic of your choice for leader of the highest office in the land are probably ok with Bush too...You have not learned your lesson about outright lying to the American people politicians. Yes there are some that don't trust Barack or believe he is dishonest but the consenses across the board is that Hillary is a dishonest person. That's why she did not receive the support from the Superdelegates.

I'm Anonymous on here because I don't like being called _igger lover which i only and usually get from Clinton and McCAin supporters...go figure.

Anonymous said...

What about the 18 million who voted for Barack. Are Hillary's 18 million more important than his?
Find another attribute or reason. They both got almost the same amount of people and Barack creamed her in the delegate count even without the "so-called" 4! delegates he supposedly stole. What about the document she agreed to at the beginning saying that Michigan and Florida would not count...What about the the video of her saying she knew those two states would not count? What about the way she ran her campaingn and now owes millions of dollars to campaign providers and vendors? You people are not looking at the facts and this is why we ended up with George W. Bush becasue of people like you who are blind to clear as day facts not rumor... All you have against Barack Obama, our party's nominee is rumors and more rumors. It sickens and saddens me. I will do everything in my power to make sure Barack wins the election in November...McCain will lose badly....and then we will have a great President with integrity, honor, morals, strength and wisdom and plain good judgement. He knew the war was a bad mistake, Hillary did not! and she had so called experience....We needed all that toughness she displayed during the primaries back then....don't you think. She of all people could have led the way to stop George Bush...but no....she went along with him and McShame! That's not leading on day one....that's following on day one. Shame on her! 4000+ people would still be alive!

I'm disappointed in you democrats!

Anna said...

Wow! That is so typical of a Obama nut to be playing the race card. I'm a hispanic , lesbian women..and I DON't TRUST OBAMA. Mcain may be against gay mariage but according to the islam religion I should be stoned. I would rather not get married than be killed for being who I am. He is also racist, and all my friends "gay" are always harrased by black men and women than by any other race. Why? I don't understand it. How is years of racism erased with more reacism and hate? I have ALOT of respect for MArtin Luthur King Jr. because he spoke of all races and people unting.. to me OBAMA is the Malcom X. He is not John F. Kennedy, no one can be John F. Kennedy. The truth is this.. the democrats once again gave us the dim lightbulb in the box. He can talk very well when a speech is prepared and he has time to rehearse...but he has no proof of ever working a day in the "real" world. I can't vote for him, and I'm still unsure of Mcain. I have to vote because My family has faught in every war since WWI, and now in Iraq and they all served to protect my rights. I don't know...but once again American politicians have turned the beautiful democratic process into thier own benefit. I RESPECT NO POLITICIAN WHO DOES PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY. THE PARTY IS NOTHING WITHOUT THE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE FORGOTEN THAt. We need to be more like the french and demand our rights...our forefathers would be ashamed. The leaders have become kings and there is a revolution coming. A BIG ONE!
I'M TIRED OF SETTLING FOR THE CRAPY CANIDATES. I seriously belive the dedmocrats love to fuck themselves over...2004... Kerry?? What a joke.....2008...Obama??? IT just keeps getting lower and lower. Why not let jed bush be the next hopefull or better yet since it is a "American Idol" race Ryan Secrest? ANyone else feel my pain...cause damn...I'm bleeding to death here. I never thought I'd see the day where I would vote republican...or watch fox news.....The democrats lost my repsect they are exactly the same as a republican..the only difference is that with a republican you know what to expect and the democrats is like the unlce that put you through college and raped and molested you along the way.

Anna said...

Obama was for the war....he just never voted on it. There is a quote I have it somewhere on my computer. He said, when he was running for senate, that he felt the same for the Iraq war as Bush. HE voted present in his "senate" hearing over 100 times...i think 135 around that area...he flip flops more than John Kerry. He so sumg and fake....Hilary was a bitch...everyone knew but she got stuff done. When she voted for the war, HELLO NEW YORK WAS THE ONE WHO SUFFERED!!!! She was acting as a president should, the same way rosevelt acted when pearl harbor was bombed. How many people died in that WAR? the reason 4,000 died?? HELL no! She understood as all LEADERS do is that blood is spilled but it is not in vaine...I didn't agree with the war. But I AM TIRED OF OBAMA saying we shouldn't have been there...well DUH everyone knows that NOW! No one except RON PAUL opposed the war. HE HAS NO EXIT STRADIGY....he Doesn't know what to do. I'm not saying Mcain is better at all...but MCain was in vietnam...he knows war. I don't think Obama has ever played RISK. HE a chicago politician...THE WINDY's windy because the polticians blow nothing but hot air and thier crooks. Hillary has connections...but everyone knows hers. Obama's are sketchy and there is new ones poping up every day. The republican's love it because obama won soooo many states because they were open caucus and hello republicans were voting against hillary because SHE CAN beat MCain....Obama can't! And the democrats followed sheep and once again rolled out the RED carpet to the republicans....JACKASSES..seriously!

vrajavala said...

When BO was "affirmative actioned" into the post of Pres of the Harvard law review, there were different guidelines. Also note that he is the first one in such a position to have never produced any papers while he was there and he never served as a clerk of a Federal judge after law school. This is normally accepted from someone who has been Pres of the Harvard law review.
so, as far as "anonymous" is concerned, you're an Obamabot.

vrajavala said...

These are the links to substantiate what i just posted

bostonbeth said...

If it makes you feel better to call anyone who disagrees with you an "Obamabot" or what have you, go right ahead.

It makes no more sense than your arguments for supporting McCain, but whatever.

What "democratic principles" does that allegedly support? Hillary lost the primary fair and square. Sure, the DNC fucked up Michigan and Florida royally, but Hillary herself supported those penalties when they were first announced, and agreed not to campaign in those states just like Obama did. If she had a problem with those rules, her campaign should have dealt with it last year.

But since you bring up "democratic principles" - how do you claim to care about them, and then say you're willing to vote for a man who denounced the US Supreme Court's decision to uphold habeas corpus - one of the BEDROCK principles of a free society - by calling it one of the worst rulings in the Court's history?

BostonBeth said...

"Mcain may be against gay mariage but according to the islam religion I should be stoned. "

This would make sense if Obama were a radical muslim - or a muslim at all.

If you think you'll be better off, as a lesbian, under McCain, you deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

Anna you're a idiot, no wonder you supported Hillary. No one brought up race or sexual preference, you did. Is that suppose to validate your opinion. WTF? I'm glad the Obamabots are here to overide the votes of idiots like you. DA...figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Anna you're a idiot, no wonder you supported Hillary. No one brought up race or sexual preference, you did. Is that suppose to validate your opinion. WTF? I'm glad the Obamabots are here to overide the votes of idiots like you. DA...figure it out.