Thursday, June 26, 2008

Have I Mentioned How Much I Can't Stand Nancy Pelosi

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Diamond Tiger said...

I am right there with you....she makes me gag right along with quite a few others.

You are, once again, not alone!!!!

jennanidanu1 said...

The day before that interview Nancy went to her hypnotist to help her lose a few pounds: Hypnotist to Nancy, "now Nancy I want you to lie back and just relax, ok. Now follow the light and when you are under we will begin." A little while later, "Now Nancy repeat after me, he's a great intellect, he's a great intellect, he's a great intellect." After a hour session and Nancy leaves the nurse turns to the therapist and say's "do you think its working?" and the therapist say's "yes without a doubt, now I can tell Obama not to worry that his money has been well spent and speaking of I am late for my daughters speach at her new boarding school, thanks Barack, if it was not for him I would never be able to send her there!" LMFAO

Douglas I. Thompson said...

Poor, ignorant Nancy.

I would hardly describe the failed politics and ideas of the 1960s as "new" and "fresh."

Obama worships at the altar of the hypocrites Marx and Engels, just as the corrupt 1960s generation, from whom he models his worldview.

Douglas I. Thompson said...

She never did answer the question...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks, Nance. Now go bend over again and help pass another bill that gives communications corporations immunity from being called to task for illegal wiretapping on American citizens.

Hypocricy is alive and well in Washington, all right.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi once again reinforces why the Democratic system is flawed. The Democratic Process "is what it is." I hate that saying. That is a cop out! She should wake up and take note that while Obama's supporters may be pleased with this failed process, Hillary's supporters are well aware that the Democratic system means that the DNC chooses for us rather than we choose our candidate. We will remember this. We didn't drink the Kool-Aid, our listening ears are still open!

Anonymous said...

Pelosi creeps me out. How DARE she speak for "the American People"! His lack of Washington experience is a giant plus??? He has an "enormous intellect"???

Pelosi, you are in for a surprise. Obama's intellect is NOWHERE NEAR that of Hillary's. That's why he didn't want to debate her. And Hillary supporters aren't buying your bs. We're not voting for this slick scam artist. Pumapac all the way!

You're just glad he went to church? Geez your standards are low!!

Jane Heffelfinger said...

Hahaha! You sound like me with Donna! And, Howard! And, Nancy! And, Barack! And, Donna!

Did I mention Donna?

The whole lot of them involved in creating this disgusting mess and forcing it down the throats of Americans.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant, elitist, disgusting... She can go to hell along with Dean, Brazille and Obama. SHAME ON THEM!

seasonedcook said...

You all have made my day...My husband thinks Nancy is a very good Speaker..
I keep asking him, Why, what, where, and when?? She didn't come to Hillary's aid when Hillary needed her. That to me is being catty and jealous. Obama will never come up to par that Hillary is. I still do not trust him..I believe he is connected with the Chicago clan and that is how he got where he is at. I am not voting in November, unless I can write her name on the ballot...Obama is a sham, and McCain is to old to cut the W H...Boy do we know how to pick them????? Hillary is still my gal, and no one will convince me other is Hillary or none!

Anonymous said...

dexrtI couldn't watch the video in its entirety because it was too unbearable to listen to her speak about Obama. She never answered the question directly. And, this notion of being a Washington outsider as being some kind of automatic plus is so insane. First, outsider or insider, it doesn't matter. What matters is the person being qualified and able to do the job. Second, if you're an outsider, you have no experience or connections, both of which you need to get things done. So, what does Obama do? He surrounds himself with a bunch of insiders, because he realizes he needs them to function.

The whole bunch make me sick. I rue the day I was ever a Democrat. Left the party. So glad to be an Indpendent. Won't vote for Obama. No way.

Oh, and by the way, it's so outrageous to hear Pelosi hail Obama's judgment. Where's the great judgment? Former cocaine abuser. History of associating himself with terrorists, criminals and hate mongers.

I don't get it, but then I never was into Kool Aid, even as a kid.

chris said...

to seasonedcook: i am so with you. i think nancy is just so jealous of hillary. i cannot imagine why a woman, who has just made history by being the first woman speaker (put aside all the political correctness stuff) would not support another woman to make history by being the first woman president. it is just beyond my understanding. just think of the accomplishments they could have made toward women's issues; and the message they would have sent to the world. women are powerful and tough and we can do anything! why? geez-why would she not have wanted this for women and all little girls around the world? just just plain jealousy. what a complete loser! how pathetic!