Tuesday, June 10, 2008

P.U.M.A. On Fox

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Sabbath7 said...

too bad this was an interview with Cavuto. He is so boring and such a stick in the mud. But good from the two P.U.M.U. reps!!!

Go Hillary!!! DUMP THE DNC and run Independent!!!

Anonymous said...

Please Hillary run as an independent. We're Americans first, and as Republicans, we decided we were going to vote for Hillary for President sometime in May after she showed incredible strength, stamina, and the determination for fighting for the truth. The truth was the press was championing Obama and trying to declare the race over long before voters had made up their minds. This effected the primaries and circumvented democracy. This outraged us making us more determine to vote for Hillary. Additionally, the DNC corrupted our great tradition of letting democracy determine the outcome of the nomination process. Are we living in America? Why couldn't this process go to the convention. If the DNC had an election process like the GOP, Hillary would have been the rightful candidate giving America the best possible candidate for our country. Regardless, democracy has been robbed by the DNC, by preventing the opportunity to vote for the best candidates between Hillary and McCain. Hillary is a Patriot and Obama is a Pied Pipper leading a parade of idiots.