Thursday, June 19, 2008

GOOD Magazine's Meet Hillary Clinton

This is such a good video, I am pretty sure its old from earlier but its worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Hillary falling in line with the Democratic Party and then requesting that we should fall in line too in voting for Obama.

I feel like she is throwing me under the bus. I would expect her to be the change that she talked about and stand up to say NO.

Falling in line is the wrong message. I'm not sure she is the person I voted for.

Anonymous said...

Commenter #1, hillary knows that her followers are smart enough to figure out what Hillary really wants. We won't vote for Obama. If you are truly a Hillary supporter, you would know she is not throwing you under the bus. You sound like an Obama troll trying to play psych games.

Patricia said...

Hillary is only doing what she felt was right...she's not thrown any of her supporters under the bus...her speech on June 7th was for "party unity"...what one chooses to do is up to that individual...WE all know the unfairness of this campaign and how the Democratic Party and media treated her...Hillary Clinton is a woman of class....she'll shine..eventually....

NoBamaNews said...

I am calling on all Hillary supporters to support Ed O'Reilly in the senate race in Massachusetts. If we can defeat John Kerry in the Sept. 16 primary (or at least give him a run for his money) we will send a loud and clear message that Hillary supporters will not be silenced.

Anonymous said...

this is the time Hillary needs our help the most that we can do just silently. We have to be smart enough to understand she cannot spell out what we should do. so dont vote for Obama. Vote for McCain now, then get Hillary to be the President in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I know that Hillary want to jump on the band wagon with her to support Obama. If he was fair and the media was fair, I would have loved to do that.
But by Obama's deceptions, dishonesty, immoral values, his relationships with criminals, racists and radical leaders.

I find him a risky bet at best.
I am also embarrassed of his friends and family so far.

I also think that he is somewhat of a con artist.

Thats my gut. No body knows him. He avoids debates and runs from the press.

He scared to death that he might be found out that he know nothing about nothing

Obama is not experienced enoug for the job and wil mess it up more.

We have been safe sind September ll. Something Bush did was to control the intrnational military's
from furthr attacks.

From mu heart, obama is running for power and self fulfulment

When will America's wake up!