Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Danger Signs for the Democratic Party

ABC News has a great article about Obama's Danger Signs via NoQuarter

"A ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Obama, D-Ill., leading McCain, R-Ariz., by a margin of 48 percent to 42 percent. It is a surprisingly small lead considering that the incumbent Republican president George Bush is at record lows and public opinion overwhelmingly feels the country is on the "wrong track".

No Bounce, Resistance from Clinton Supporters

The poll indicates that Obama did not get the traditional "bounce" in the public's opinion by finally defeating Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and getting her endorsement as the Democratic presidential candidate.

While leading among young voters and other key demographics, ABC News chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos saw what he called "danger signs" for Obama."

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Patricia said...

Why should this surprise anyone?? How can any of Hillary's supporters support Obama?? After all he has done to her...his supporters acting like they did..Hillary stood proud on June 7th and in my heart I knew this was hurting her...I won't vote for Obama..I don't trust him...he's a "smooth talker" and has everyone swayed to believe in him..America had better wake up before November..we think that we have problems now...you just wait IF he should get elected....Hillary should have been the choice...and, forget his wife thinking she's another Jackie Kennedy...no way does she hold a candle to her...still feel that this should go to the Convention!!

LRW said...

I'm with you Patricia. I will NOT vote for Obama no matter what! And my opinion of those who are getting on the Obama bandwagon has gone down including Al Gore. The Democratic Party leaders are getting what they wanted and unfortunately they have lost a lot of us in the process.

jen from Philly said...

Speaking of Al Gore, I can't believe he did not come out and say something about the Florida votes!! Did he forget 2000 too?! The rest of the democratic party seems to have forgotten what it was like when the candidate who did not get the popular vote was handed the presidency. NObama. Hillary '08 '12 and forever!

layla said...

boo osama hussein! this texas latina (and all may family, friends, and co-worker out here in rural west texas) does not roll w/osama hussein. hillary all the way for me or no-one.