Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anyone Want To Protest In DC On July 4th

Here is an invitation I was asked to post in case anyone is interested.
From Cristi
I am looking for people interested in a protest on Independence Day. On July 4, would you or anyone from your group be able to come to DC for a public protest outside of the FOX studios? It is a national press conference and Indepence from the DNC/Obama Protest...our signs can have our individual groups on them, and messages to the DNC stating this is our official statement...
We celebrate our Independence from Obama, sexism, threats of Roe V Wade and unfair/unbalanced politics with national media
Have a blessed and healthy day,
Cristi Adkins, RN Cht
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Melissa,Long Island NY said...

Really wish I could.Good Luck to anyone who is.GO HILLARY!!

Layla in texas! said...

I would love to be there! I will be there in spirit for sure!