Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Calling All Hillary Delegates

A lot of States have already had their state conventions. If you are a Hillary Delegate and you have already attended your state convention, I would love to hear from you.
  • How was it?
  • How were you treated?
  • Were there any serious attempts at Unity?
Email me or leave a comment:

Here is one response I got from a Delegate in Washington State

The convention was a disappointment to the Hillary coalition. Most of the speakers barely if ever mentioned Hillary - many of us felt invisible - there were no olive branches to us ...
Cindy Schwartz

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Anonymous said...

I was a Hillary delegate to the Texas Democratic Convention.

There was no unity. One woman was crying becase some Obama people told her to get over it.

On Saturday, as all of us were gathered in the convention hall together, Hillary's speech was mysteriously lost--so none of us heard it.

We were called to hold hands in a show of unity, but many people just walked out instead.

I talked to many, many people during those days, and the only Hillary people who were willing to support Obama were what I call
"professional, career" Democrats.
"My party right or wrong" Democrats.

No one else was going to vote for Obama. All the Hillary people I talked to there were voting for McCain.

You asked for an email on this subject, but where should I email you?


Tym_Machine said...

Sorry to disrupt the discussion here, I am just some poor lost canadian on an American blog but let me ask you guys a question anyway.

Polls and surveys are telling us that about 30% of Hilary voters will vote for John McCain but I am just wondering what would be the percentages knowing that lots of these "professionnal democrats" that April is mentionning tell their entourage they'll vote for Obama but in the voting booth, lots of them will be voting for John McCain anyways.


Tym Machine

vrajavala said...

What I don't understand is why Hillary or Howard Dean are letting Obama's ineligibility to be POTUSA slide. If you are following what's being discussed about the constitutional requirements, Obama does not fulfill the "natuarl born" citizen requirement. Please check my post onhttp://democratsforrealchane.info
the information from Wayne Madsen Report is just as damning. Check out this site
Apparently the RNC already has proof 1/ that Obama was born in Kenya and 2. that his real mother is not Stanley Anne Durham.

seasonedcook said...

Well if he wasn't born on our soil,
we will never find out..No one wants to vet this guy...I believe he has made all of us laughing stocks coming from Chicago...Everyone should have had their guard up and began vetting him when he became a US Senator..I am out here every day talking about Hillary..and people are upset...What in the world can we all do that is legal and right, and still have her become president. I am hearing so many stories it is unbelievable..I have tried to sort the truth from fiction...Hillary is meeting Obama the 26th of June, to give her big contributers to him. What is he giving her??? He has not offered her anything except mud in the face and laughing all the way to the bank !!! Her site here, does not offer much info except asking people to sign up for the write in vote...and it is honestly hard to get on to..I have tried and tried..and it will not except my e mail...so I can't sign up for it..

william DenverCO said...

Sen. McCain will vet Obama, then what will the Democrats do?

Allow me to say this; the Democratic primary system is broken. Problems started showing up at the caucuses. This conversation is about the State Convention and unity, yet I would like to say that from the very beginning there was no unity. And there were problems.
My main grip is about the caucus. We did not have any voter verification at the entrance. The precinct tables were so close to each other that anyone from the other table could raise their hand for the vote count of the other table. We were bullied and mislead by the Obama supporters; one girl was yelling “All Hillary supporters go to the opposite end of the gym.” Because there was so much confusion I, like a fool, did go to the other end of the gym. Then realized that this was wrong, and went back to my table. They had already taken some vote. The Obama supporters were totally in control of the caucus. We gave our names to them as having voted. I did not trust that the list would be properly taken care of. At that point I lost all faith that this was a fair election. I will not attend another caucus for the rest of my voting life!
We need to make all the state have Primary Elections. And void the current nominee cycle!

Jane Heffelfinger said...


Back from the Texas State Democratic Convention and I have this to report.

Day One: Friday, June 6, 2008.

I was there from 6:15am Friday morning until 3:30am Saturday morning on the first day of the convention.

The leaders of the Convention and different caucus events continued to reiterate the Unity for Change propaganda we have heard lately. If they say it enough times we will eventually believe it and if they say it enough we will eventually conform.

The day was spent split between special interest Caucus meetings and individual Senate District Caucus meetings, conducting the business of electing Committee Members for the year and Delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

My Senate District Caucus was uneventful for a while since we, Hillary supporters, weren’t expecting to win any seats on the committees. Still, we fought on, voting for our candidates.

Then, the Obama supporters suggested they vote a Hillary supporter to a committee. While on the surface that token would’ve been a nice gesture in the uniting process; the position offered, however, held no actual authority. The proposal was ruled against because the rules would not permit it. However, Obama supporters could’ve, as a unit, elected a Hillary supporter anyway while following the rules since they had the majority of voting power. They chose not to.

The point I, and many of the Hillary supporters, were trying to make, and continue to voice, is that if the Obama supporters REALLY wanted to bring the Democratic Party together in unity, they would not pander to us; they would’ve offered a position with some authority, such as Credentials or Nominations.

If you have won the battle as they claim, are not fearful of your opponent as they state and truly embrace unity within the Democratic Party as they profess, why wouldn’t they offer just one position of authority as a gesture of friendship, compassion, unity and change? That’s would’ve been good sportsman like conduct.

While many of us had insults and/or elite attitudes thrown at us, all in all it was predictable.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter spoke! She said she had never spoken before that large of a crowd; the estimate before the convention was around 14,000 people, I don’t know the actual numbers. She spoke eloquently even though I’m sure the circumstances were overwhelming for her.


Day Two: Saturday, June, 7, 2008.

I arrived at the Convention at 7:30am, left for home at 8:15pm.

While the tone of the Obama supporters was in celebration for their candidate, most of the Convention propaganda was directed specifically at the Hillary supporters…and by the time people started leaving, it was as if all the air had been forced out of the balloon.

Hillary’s speech was to be televised in the Hall. We were listening to the commentators speak about what they thought Hillary would say in her speech when the screen went blank. Later they found the satellite feed and we watched for a few minutes as Hillary walked up to the stage and began speaking. Then the screen went blank for a few more minutes. Then Hillary came back on to announce she was “suspending” her campaign. Then the screen went blank again. Then a few minutes later she came back on to say she supports Obama, then suddenly the screen went blank again and nothing else.

How convenient those mysterious technical difficulties were at those appropriate times. Mind you, our convention was at the famous Austin Convention Center in fabulous Austin, Texas.


The leaders on this day spent most of their efforts trying to convert Hillary supporters to join the party of change in hopes of unity.

I lost count of just how many times we heard the words – CHANGE – HOPE – UNITY. It was as if they were trying to brainwash us. Remember, if you hear it enough times you will eventually believe it and if they say it enough we will eventually conform.

While we were sitting in the very large hall, we were yelled at by the speaker, told to stand up and hold hands with the person next to you – as if we were at a church revival.

That was the last straw for me; I do not touch much in public and holding two strangers’ hands is just too much for me. Where have their hands been, when was the last time they washed their hands, do they have a cold? Do you see where I’m going with this? It was not a religious revival for me and I could not be part of this lame effort to unite.

If you want me to unite with your cause, convince me that your cause will hold my values to some degree of integrity, convince me that your cause is worthy of my efforts, convince me that you are honorable in your efforts.

When the actual voting process was called to order, the Chairman went through the process so quickly it was obvious something continued to be just a little off in Dodge City – oops, Austin.

Then, in the middle of an important vote regarding whether or not we should take out the disenfranchising Caucus from the election process, we were told, ”There is an emergency, we need to evacuate the building.” By this time it was clear to everyone, not just Hillary supporters, that something was afoul in the O-K Corral, ooops, Austin.

After waiting outside for four minutes we were given the all clear sign and told to enter the building. At this point many people had already left the convention, it was finally more than they could take.

My party stayed at the convention a few more hours, then left with such disappointment; not only was our candidate treated so unfairly, but we were treated with such disrespect and the process of democracy did not prevail even within the Texas State Democratic Party Convention.

Personal note:
Let's be honest and call this what it is: a coup d'├ętat period.

Ranking members of the Democratic Party, including those within the Texas Democratic Party, knew they could never control Hillary Clinton, but they could control Obama; so they have staged a coup d'├ętat within the Democratic Party itself.

If the leaders of the Democratic Party do not care about fracturing the Democratic Party, then why should we?

Put the blame where the blame should go - the leaders. It is their responsibility to bring integrity, honesty and a general sense of fair play and transparency to the table - they have not.

They will have exactly what they deserve for staging such a disgraceful coup d'etat.

jaqui said...

Ah, the Texas State Democratic convention. I was lucky enough to attend myself. I tried to blog from the convention but found it next to impossible because of the lack of privacy. Face it, the clintonites and obamacrats weren't mixing or blending or unifying and I didn't need to be harrassed by somebody reading over my shoulder while I was typing.
Two things that I did want to bring up were, the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) rented the sound systems for the senatorial distric caucuses until 6pm Friday night. That's right folks, we came back to caucus after a general assembly on Friday evening and we had to shout through it, til 2 am in the morning. Great planning TDP. Do you think that they did this on purpose?
The second was, on Friday night as we gathered in the convention hall, TDP volunteers were sent to each group and informed that Chelsea Clinton would be speaking (!) and to 'act nice' (?) Comments like 'that's okay, we don't have anything against Chelsea' could be heard which made the situation awkward and that was just one comment from many that I heard there). I have never seen so many sore 'winners' in my life.

betsy said...

There is NO competition ...
and everyone is too stupid to see it! Good luck America!

Jane Heffelfinger said...

One problem I have with the Obama supporters is it seems they're treating this as if they've won a football game or something; as if they don't understand or care about the long term effects of their decisions as long as their favorite player gets the trophy.

It is somewhat troubling that the election of the President of the United States of America can be chosen like this.