Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Simple Plan To Arrive At Unity


1) DNC to acknowledge that NEITHER CANDIDATE earned sufficient pledged delegates to win the nomination
2) The DNC to cease and desist their strong arm tactics in support of Obama on SDs (which is encouraging & sanctioning the Obama campaign to use even stronger threats on SDs)
3) DNC Leadership to confront DNC insider groups and their leaders who continue to use strong arm tactics on the SDs
4) The DNC and all Democratic leadership to immediately confront the misogyny allowed to run rampant in the MSM and left unconfronted by Democratic leadership and confronting the use by Obama and his surrogates of neo-con based attacks on the Clinton campaign
5) SEAT all FL delegates with their votes intact
6) Seat 1/2 of MI delegates THE WAY THEY VOTED...not giving away HRC delegates to Obama nor giving him uncommitted votes that he did not earn. This RBC action was in clear violation of the Charter and should have never been allowed out of the back room.
7) Invite Hillary to make her case to the SDs at the convention unimpeded by the DNC
8) Invite Hillary to unsuspend her campaign and to run AGAINST John McCain much as Obama is doing
9) A special sub-committee of the Credentials committee should be formed immediately with truly non-partisan members to investigate the 1000's of reports of intimidation and voter fraud at the Democratic Caucuses. This report should be presented at the Convention with a list of recommended actions.

I would add a #10 Donna. I'm very unhappy that you sat on a national news program while that Republican thug repeatedly called Hillary a bitch and you didn't utter one word of protest. I'm trying to figure out just how one justifies that when representing oneself as a Democratic leader. With that said, I think you need to go.

10) Fire yourself (Donna Brazile) from being a spokesman for the DNC in this campaign given that you have become toxic to the party's unity

IF these 9 actions are taken, then much of the blatant pandering and underhandedness of this primary will be resolved to the satisfaction of HRC and long-time Democratic supporters. No one is asking for the nomination. We are asking for our fundamental right for ALL QUALIFIED CANDIDATES to state their case for the nomination.

Neither candidate has earned the nomination at this point.

If the DNC is willing to rein itself in instead of BLATANTLY promoting Obama to the detriment of the candidate who earned the popular vote in the primary, then at the convention, let the candidates make their case to the SDs. NEITHER Hillary or Obama has WON this primary.

It is simply obscene that the DNC has cutoff the process for one candidate in clear pandering to another. AND IF the DNC doesn't allow this process to finish, fairly and honestly, they will suffer the consequences from voters who are outraged at the heavy hand they have laid on the scale of equality against a candidate who clearly has huge support from Democratic and Independent voters as well.

The backlash is real. And it is fully justified at this point. No one who is opposing the DNCs actions or Obama's anointment right now is asking for a favor, we are only asking for the fundamental fairness which we "thought" the DNC believed in. The DNC and the Obama thugs, greatly aided by the unbridled misogyny of the MSM have stolen 18 million voter's right to choose.

Hillary earned her place at the Convention table. Continue to deny this fundamental fairness and the party will suffer. Allow the process to play out HONESTLY and we will all win. The spin isn't fooling everyone Donna and by the time 5 more months pass, even more will understand what happened. The DNC is going to look just like the Evangelical right-wing at the G.O.P. by the time the whole truth about this sorry little affair is told!

And don't blame Hillary for how we feel. Please, don't send me a response threatening to "not help her payoff her campaign debt". The crack in the Democratic party no longer has much to do with Hillary in all honesty. It has to do with the corruption of the DNC and people like yourself who are willing to quash the process in order to install an unvetted, untested and weak GE candidate who lost by over 600,000 votes since February.

We just want a level playing field. You won't win us back if you don't change course and many will actively work against this "anointed" candidate if fundamental fairness doesn't return to the party leadership. And if the exit polls are valid, you are talking about 4.5 million people who voted in the primary (multiply that by 4 or 5 for the GE) and in an election this tight, that is going to make or break any candidate.

Let both of the candidates who earned the right to go to the convention state their case. To refuse to do so imperils the party and the principals we say we believe in.


Linda C. Wade, MS/CIS
former DF-OKC Coordinator
former OK County Dem ECM Chair

p.s. and if you think I don't understand the process, please refer to the precinct manual on the Oklahoma Democrats website because I was the principal writer of this document and chaired the committee that wrote it. It has been used as a model in many states.
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Jane Heffelfinger said...

We should not be negotiating with thieves, cheaters, liars and those who use discrimination as a weapon and intimidation as a form of control.

Since when was the Democratic Party ruled by a mob?

This nomination has been stolen from Hillary Clinton. And, now they're stealing the Democratic Party from us. What next, America?

When, I ask, WHEN, will the peasants rise?

We do not ask for much, but we do demand fair play.




Camille said...

I repeat that sentiment!

Linx04 said...

"enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama"
Are you kidding me? Maybe you were watching the faux news channel when they aired it or something but thats not what I saw...

Regardless, the DNC is a disgrace and I will never vote for Obama NEVER. I will vote for McCain just to attempt to help him NOT GET TO THAT OFFICE.

anonymous said...

The DNC made a mistake when it refused to count the Florida and Michigan votes. No doubt. Disenfranchisement is a serious issue. But no Hillary Clinton supporters seemed to care when they thought that Hillary Clinton had the nomination locked up. The failure to speak out about this issue immediately after the decision is the real problem.

By waiting to raise the issue, the DNC was put between a rock and a hard place. The proposal suggested is to fully reinstate the Florida delegates. This would disenfranchise all of those voters who did not vote because they were told their vote wouldn’t count. Telling individuals their votes won’t count, thus discouraging them from voting at all, and then saying “just kidding, if you had voted it would’ve counted” is a form of disenfranchisement that should not be ignored. As for Michigan, the proposal not to give Barrack Obama any delegates disenfranchises all those individuals who could not vote for him. He took his name off the ballot in reliance on the DNC decision. Many of those “undecideds” would’ve voted for Barrack Obama if they had the opportunity. They didn’t. How is an election where only one candidate has their name on the ballot fair in any sense of the word?

Obviously it is too late for a revote, but opposition to that solution was completely justified. It would have been fairer than either solution posted here, but clearly a revote would’ve been tainted by the prior election.

Finally, by waiting to raise this issue, it belittled the issue. Often social movements are not born until someone is injured by a decision and decides to challenge it. However, if the issue is disenfranchisement, the harm should have been caused immediately after the decision was rendered and that was the time to fight it. The delay has made this a movement that only certain individuals feel comfortable getting involved in. Had it been raised sooner, before any decision would directly effect a particular candidates chance at receiving the nomination, individuals supporting both candidates could have gotten behind the movement, uniting the democratic party rather than dividing it.

The current solution was the fairest compromise that the DNC could think of. I don’t think anyone thinks it is perfect, but neither is the solution posted here.

Luculent said...

Is the above comment from donna? I take offense to the statement that "But no Hillary Clinton supporters seemed to care when they thought that Hillary Clinton had the nomination locked up". I am a Hillary supporter, and I cared. I also know many Hillary supporters who cared, as well. So please do not speak for me, Ms. Anonymous.

Anna said...

Well said!

Hey, for anyone interested, check out the June 2008 Blog Archives at the American Thinker on line publication (very conservative, which I'm not, but very anti-Obama, which I am). Look for the title that's something to the effect of Obama saying why he should not run for President. It contains a news clip embedded in the text of him after he won his Senate seat explaining quite simply and clearly why he could not, would not, and should not run! Too bad he didn't take his own advice.