Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pelosi Feels Clinton was victim of sexism

Talking to a group of reporters this morning Pelosi admitted that sexism played a roll with Hillary's Campaign.

What I don't understand is why Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat leadership didn't do anything about it. She saw it in the media and in the news but apparently didn't tell Howard Dean because we already know he didn't hear about it until after Hillary pulled out of the race.

I am so disgusted with our Democratic Leadership. Whats up with passing FISA?
On Friday Pelosi and other Democrats voted to pass FISA giving the Government Wiretapping abilities and giving telcoms protection from civil suits. Since when are Democrats in favor of wiretapping and protecting companies that break laws? Obama also voiced support for FISA, another reason why I don't feel bad for leaving the Democratic Party and not supporting Obama in the general election.
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Anonymous said...

Pelosi was arrogant admiting there were sexim in the campaign. She said that she was too busy with her job and she can't tell if sexim cost Hillary the race. She has been clearly for Obama since the get go. SHAME ON HER.

kathie2ark said...

I wish someone had watched her last night on Greta VanSustren. When Greta told her that she was receiving thousands of emails daily about the sexism that was leveled at Hillary and how unhappy they were with Obama her response was, "They have no choice, the nominees are McCain and Obama." Here is the letter I sent immediately I was so angry.

Madam Speaker,

I am listening to you with Greta Van Sustren and if I was outraged before I am speechless now. You absolutely do not get it. The party did not choose Obama, the most unqualified candidate the party has ever put forth, he was selected by party elites after throwing Hillary under the bus. How dare you say we who reject him have no choice? 18 million people voted for Hillary, how do you square that Howard Dean has said she will not be on the first ballot, although he was in 2004 with only 167.5 delegates? Is that following "the rules," or is it that what they do in Banana Republics?

And, I know you know better than to hold Roe v Wade over women's heads as it is settled law having survived 23 years of Republican control. You know the only way Roe can be overturned is by Constitutional amendment and that's not bloody likely.

If I was ambivalent before about voting for McCain I am not now, I will work with PUMA, JustSayNoDeal, and any other group whose goal is to defeat Obama. I cannot articulate the anger I feel right now after hearing you completely dismiss the despair Greta said she is hearing in e-mails from women who watched the constant sexist assaults of Hillary.

Good God, I am so glad my mother is not here to see this. Shame on you, shame on you.

A Former Democrat,

BJ said...

Hi Kathie, I borrowed part of your letter and sent my own to Nancy Pelosi. How can she not feel the deep, deep pain that millions of us are feeling? How can she so callously dismiss the biggest base of voters for the democratic party. I sense that this DNC fiasco has awakened a sleeping giant with millions of small voices that are going to generate a ferocious noise between now and the convention. I would rather have four years of McCain than see the power mongrels get their way. The issues important to women will still be safe.

BJ said...

BTW Kathie, With your user name, I'm assuming you are from Arkansas. So am I. I would like to connect with anyone from Arkansas and become a core group from this state working for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

kathie2ark - your letter is brilliant. Thank you so much for sending.

Though I won't be voting for McCain, I appreciate your sentiments and clarity.

Anonymous said...

After Watching Pelosi's interview with Greta Vansustern, it is NO wonder they backed Obama! She is as much an AIR HEAD as it gets! For ONE thing through out the interview she kept trying to tout her own importance. However, HER statements regarding Obama's JUDGMENTS are what counts and NOT the EXPERIENCE, it WAS OBVIOUS that this one has had HER head in the SAND for a lONG TIME. She also stated that it did NOT MATTER that Obama sat in Wright's church for 20years, SHE WAS JUST GLAD HE WENT TO CHURCH???? Sort of like we were selecting a Presidential Candidate from a group of homeless, ex-con addicts??? Just GLAD HE WENT TO CHURCH?? Where HAS SHE BEEN? Then she went on to say that his judgements and his "freshness" would bring something to Washington that was badly needed, referring to the amount of ENTITLEMENT in WASHINGTON???? LOOK AT HER..it takes 2 minutes to figure out she IS THE EPIDOMY of ENTITLEMENT! Finally, NONE of the 18 MILLION people Could understand HOW on earth Pelosi, Dean, and Reid could POSSIBLY NOT Back Clinton, well here is OUR ANSWER. IT is the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND with the whole imcompetent bunch! IT is like the invasion of the body snatchers came and just took any kind of common sense ANY of them may have had completely away. And NOW we also KNOW why, with a Democratic Majority in the HOUSE. WE CANNOT GET ANYTHING DONE, OR CHANGED. I cannot stand BUSH, But this is NOT BUSH'S FAULT. IT lies right with the DEMOCRATS, and feeble as they are!

Jane Heffelfinger said...

Damn liars, all of them. They all knew the gender discrimination was going on AND they did nothing, said nothing, turned a blind eye.


The discrimination fit right into their coup d'etat.


Howard, Nancy, Donna and Barack need to step down FOR AMERICA!

How arrogant and elite. They don't care about "the people" until they need your vote AND your money.

seasonedcook said...

I am sorry folks, but when they said the Howard Dean did not know...I believe someone is misinformed...I wrote Howard Dean personally about the sexism and why he was allowing it to happen before the W Va primaries...I wrote a follow up on the same letter..Pelosi said she does not watch the news...Someone is not being truthful here..It makes good copy, but the fact is they all let Hillary down..I enjoyed Greta's questions last night and to see
Nancy squirm...The DNC new the Sexism was going on, and so did
everyone else....they all turned their heads...Now comes August...
The Super Delegates can change their minds...S Dakota did not commit all of their votes, and some of the other state did not either....If Obama makes any major mistakes when August comes, Hillary will still have a chance...Remember, she said to listen to her!..Please don't commit to anyone, and help her pay her debt off...If her debt is paid off by August, she will have a chance...but if she is under the debt, then she can not be declared the winner in August...so please help everyone...what ever you can!

kathie2ark said...

I agree, Hillary is being coerced into allowing Obama a ride on her skirt tail in order for him to pay down $10 million of her debt. If she goes into the convention debt free and Obama continues to limp to the finish line the roar from the PUMAs will shake the convention into their senses.

Gallup shows that Obama lost his meager six point bounce when the average is 12 points and he is now virtually tied with McCain. Keep writing letters, spread the word and never let up. One week of not hearing from Hillary's supporters is a long time in the news cycle. Make noise!

Patricia said...

I couldn't agree more with all of you...this whole campaign has been something else...Pelosi knew all of this right from the get go...yet she just stood there and watched it..and, we must not forget how the media treated all of this...they ought to be ashamed of themselves...I applaud Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric for defending Hillary...It will be a sad state of affairs should Obama become our next President...he has "smooth talked" his way throughout this whole thing...swaying people in all that he has said...to me they were nothing more than a bunch of words that were worthless..and, if his wife thinks that she's the next Jackie Kennedy...she had better think again...Michelle Obama doesn't have the "class or charm" that Jackie Kennedy had....never will...
In my heart I feel this should go to the Convention and let that make the "final" decision.....
WE all know who should be the candidate!!!
You GO Hillary....Follow your dream!!!