Friday, June 6, 2008

Want To See Hillary Run As An Independent?

Let's explore this possibility of a Hillary Clinton run as an independent candidate this year. It may not be as outlandish as first thought by most. Look at the electoral map. She would have a very good chance of winning or at the least being extremely competitive in NY, CA, MA, NJ, FL, PA, WV (and if she took General Clark as a running mate) AR. That is 172 electoral votes that she could legitimately pick up. That is more than 1/3 of all total electoral votes and 64% of the total needed to win the presidency. In this scenario she would insure that neither McCain or Obama win the presidency. More than likely she would be the electoral vote leader and Congress would have to settle the presidency. If she was the electoral leader and not chosen, that would be the end of the two-party stranglehold on power. If she was chosen, it would still be a huge nail in the two-party coffin.

The more we consider this, the more we are in favor of her making an independent run.

Hillary Clinton is our candidate and she can win without the Democratic Party. Can the Democratic Party win without her? Help make a statement to the DNC

Petition Hillary to run as an Independent for President. Let's show Hillary that we support her all the way!

5 Million Signatures by August 15th

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Anonymous said...

I am the administrator of We will add you as a link. Happy to be on board!


Anonymous said...

If you hit 5,000,000 signatures, I will eat my own foot.

Lauren M said...

I can not vote for Obama.... he doesn't stand for anything I believe in. Hillary has to do what she believes is the best for her and her family.

I posted about the "The View" insulting Hillary and her family, but I guess it didn't meet the posting criteria. I forgot to mention how they said the reason Hillary didn't concede on Tuesday was to make more money off her campaign supporters (because she's in so much debt).

Women sabotaging women is outright horrible, but it seems to be a norm in this country.... it's a no wonder Hillary lost.

Forrest said...

If Obama doesn't select Hillary as a VP, she could do this. But I think doing so would be divisive and would hurt the Democratic election altogether, possibly leaving an air of negativity afterward.

Hillary has "suspended" her campaign, which allows her to re-enter and to retain control over her delegates.

She met with Obama in secret. Who knows what they discussed, but surely one subject was potential VP.

And while I laud the effort here to get Hillary in office as President, which is what I really want, I think we need to be cautious and think clearly about what's best for our country and for the Democratic party.

You know, the old adage: united we stand, divided we fall.

If McCain (McSame) gets in office, we can count on essentially a few more years of Bush-like leadership. And we do NOT want or need that.

We have a lot of work ahead and a lot of things to think about.

I'm not taking down my Hillary signs.

Michael Madison said...
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marilyn said...

I agree with Forest..We can not divide the party and if she lost that would be the end of her political
career. She is to smart for that.
We can pray that he is smart enough to take Hillary on as VP. I would support her in anyway that I could.
She is not the type to change in the middle of the stream and as for her husband it would make it very hard for him to finish what he wants to do. No folks, I don't see Hillary doing that.