Friday, June 27, 2008

How Do We Feel About Unity?

Here is the official JustSayNoDeal stance on Unity
While the Coalition respects the genuine nature of Senator Clinton in keeping her word to campaign with and for Senator Obama, we will not support him now or on November 4, 2008. Senator Clinton’s vote is her own; our votes are our own and they will not be cast for
Senator Obama. The Just Say No Deal Coalition members will either choose to stay home in
protest, write in Senator Clinton’s name or vote for Senator John McCain. Our votes are our
voices and Just Say No Deal’s voices are 2 million strong and growing.

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HiLLGAL2008 said...

I agree 100%. We supported Senator CLinton, not just a Democrat. Most voters vote for the person anyway, regardless of the party affiliation. We supported her alone as the nominee to run for President..there is no room for unity when there was no unity while she was running. The Demaocrats/Dean/Pelosi and Obama along with the far left liberal media used dirty politics and sexism and even cruelty to push Senator Clinton in trying to force Obama on us, but, it was never about the my opinion we have NO Choice, but, to vote for the only experienced and descent man left in the race, John McCain. I believe he will do everything he can to change a lot of the things even he sees wrong with Washington and at least we know who he is and can trust him. We cannot stay home or write in senator Clinton, each state has their own laws and a write in vote will go to Obama in a lot of the states if the voter is a registered Democrat and writes Senator Clinton in and she is not registered in that state as a write-in please don't do that unless you know positively the vote will not just automatically go to him.And if you stay home, that's like a vote for Obama as well..each time one person doesn't vote for McCain.It's not the perfect candidate, but, it's better than the alternative. God help us if we have him as president when he thinks "the Sunnis and Sheites have not been fighting for very long", okay, maybe his idea of 1200 years is different than ours. He has not a clue what is going on in the Sneate, but, he does know where the restrooms are and the restaurant is, it seems he's skipped most of the votes the two years he was a Jr.Senator.
No thank you. I will take my chances and put our safety in the hands of someone who at least has military experience and looks you in the eyes when he talks. John McCain may not be the best speaker, but, he can answer a question when he is asked and you may not like his answers, but, he looks at you and gives you a straight answer. Anyone can go to "Toastmasters" and learn to read a teleprompter and give a good speech that someone else has written. But,Obama cannot, when asked a direct question do anything other than talk in circles and makes absolutely no sense at all. His answers almost sound crazy. Why? Because he doesn't know the answers. His commercials are full of lies as to his accomplishments,in one even saying he passed laws.He hasn't passed anything except the ability to lie and he doesn't even do that minute he was born to shephard and the next he was raised by his grandmother. I don't recall him ever saying where he was born. In the Us or Kenya. There is not one thing about him I trust..I will never, vote for him and none of my friends who were former Clinton backers are either..Guess when he said last Saturday for us to "Get Over It" he thought we would...

Anonymous said...

Good I hope that all of you get what you want. Please vote Mccain and don't cry about it later. Everyone knows that the only reason why there's a problem with Obama is because he's a Black man. I really hope you get four more years of a republican. We'll see who gets the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "Hillgal2008" 100% because I truly believe that the current DNC treated Hillary poorly. Right now, Hillary has no choice, she has to do what she was pressured to do. However, I have a choice which is not supporting Mr. Obama who is not qualified for this highest job.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not qualified to be president and the only way unity can be achieved is if he steps down and lets the candidate who won the popular vote lead this country. His fifty state plan is not very smart especially when Obama mainly won caucuses and its damn near impossible to tell how many people participated; and his new paradigmn isn't new, its just shifted to a more conservative world view, which is why he seems more concerned about getting the vote of conservative republicans than Hillary supporters. The black church is very conservative in it's core values. It has become a business where so called leaders preach homophobia and misogynistic ideologies(women are suppose to be submissive to their husbands or some bull like that) People are so concerned with the falsehood that Obama is a muslim, but in my opinion, sitting in Rev. Wright's Church for 20 years is much worst. Unity will never happen because Obama and the DNC have destroyed the democratic party.

Patricia said...

To "hillgal2008"...I applaud you for all that you said...I could not agree with you more...I was able to watch most of that "Unity" gathering on MSNBC and Hillary gave an excellent speech...I know it has to hurt does me when I think how she's been treated...She gave that speech like a President...I was highly impressed with her...Obama sits while she is giving it...when it was his turn...Hillary stood tall and proud...a few times people were chanting her name so you knew that people still want her...I know she has to do what is expected of her...however...I still feel that this should go to the Convention....we all know that Obama won't help her to payoff her debt..he's "using" her and Bill as well...why should they help him win something that he does not deserve..there is way toooooooo much that we don't know about him...he's a "smoothe talker" and has easily swayed people to believing in him...people are gullible...I just hope that people think long and hard before they vote in November!!

Jane Heffelfinger said...

How do I feel about unity?

Where the hell was Obama when Hillary was being slapped around by thugs?

When did Barack raise his voice against the discrimination?

Where was your character, your integrity?

And now he wants my vote AND my money?

Hell no, he's got to go.

I will be wearing my Hillary gear when I vote in November.

Don't know who I'll vote for, only know it will not be the man who didn't speak out against the discrimination of one of his own party members.

You never showed me unity or change, Barack, how can you have the audacity to ask for my vote and my money?

Answer that one question. The DNC and Hillary have my number, call me any time.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

Another reason I cannot unite behind this candidate is simple:


Once again, Obama said NOTHING against the obvious voter disenfranchisement.




Oh, and here's another reason:
HOWARD, NANCY, DONNA...and others.

Anonymous said...

It's all said here.

Go Hillary!

Obama is a FRAUD.

Alice Paul said...

This is what happened when I tried to blog on CNN's Jack Cafferty regarding Unity. I guess I learned a hard lesson about how the free press works!

This is getting extremely scary. I knew the media was biased towards Obama but tonight I really learned how extreme. I was watching CNN and Cafferty came on and asked people to go to his web site and answer the qustion: Do you believe that Obama and Hillary and truly united? When I logged on I read others comments and couldn’t believe how almost all of them stated they believed they were united or they were very anti Hillary statements. I posted a very polite comment that stated I didn’t thing they really were united and that there was no way that I would ever voted for Obama and it grieved me to see her paraded around like a trick pony and I felt maybe she was doing it to help pay down her campaign debt. As soon as I posted it it came up that it needed to be approved. They post right above mine and right after mine were posted immediately. After I came home from dinner I checked and they never posted my comment!

Emkay said...

hillgal 2008 hits the mark. I agree, please don't waste your vote by writing in HRC (unless you know that it will count) and please don't stay home. While McCain will never come close to the leadership that Hillary Clinton has exhibited, he is far better than Obama. The problem I have with Obama is that he is inexperienced, comes from Chicago politics and he's a phony. The DNC has been trying to shove him down our throats, but I've never bought it. I got involved with Senator Clinton's campaign because I couldn't believe how people were being duped with the promise of "change". Of course we need change, but change is constant. I plan to vote for Senator McCain because I believe he is an honest man. I don't agree with all of his ideas, but he is a man of conviction, sometimes putting him in conflict with the GOP. I have "gotten over it" and I plan to vote for Senator McCain.

rosemary said...

not no, but, HELL NO! i will not vote for osama hussein. he could get on his hands and knees and beg hillary and all women to vote for him and i will not vote for this thug in a suit. i loathe him more every day. i actually get on my hands and knees and pray to God every day that he will protect former President Clinton, hillary, chelsea and this beautiful country from this thing. may God bless America!

Anonymous said...

The saddest thing about this all is that the media has really orchestrated the whole mess --resulting in the pitting of Democrats against one another. I also watched the Unity event today and the media some of the media analysis. The coverage is still very biased and geared toward building Obama up and tearing Hillary and her husband down. Take the issue of campaign donations. They never mention that it is TYPICAL for the "victor" to help with he/her opponent's campaign debt. They never mention that Hillary has done so when she was the victor. Instead, they intimate that she's some sort of deadbeat and desperate for money. It is just another way to tarnish her image and to try to discourage the people who support her.

The other thing that miffs me is the suggestion that only a handful of disgruntled older white women will not vote for Obama. The Hillary supporters have alway been a far more diverse group than the media reports. By reducing us to "a bunch of women" it is easy to minimize the importance of our protests and reduce our concerns to the level of pettiness. I am an African American and I know many men, youth, union, gay, etc. who are not voting for Obama.

The suggest ion by one of the posters that this is all about his "race" is particularly troubling to me. As an African American, I am too familiar with the insidious and powerful nature of racial bigotry. And although I know that is the factor for some, for most it is the WAY Obama was SELECTED, not elected, his inexperience and the Free pass he was given by the press that is the major issue.

That and the fact that he portrays himself as being a different style politician while he acts very much like the old style is unacceptable. Again, the media has fostered the racial tension by suggesting that the Clintons pulled the race card in the first place. SO untrue and so sad.

The media is the real enemy here.
I still intend to write Hillary's name in and I encourage all who will not vote for Obama to do so. McCain doesn't deserve your vote.

Anonymous said...

If we write in "Hillary", I am afraid that it will not count and that we vote for Mr. Obama. So, if we do not want an inexperienced with lots of talk individual, we should vote McCain. Doing this, in my opinion, we also give the current DNC (including those biased media)a lesson.

Anonymous said...

A vote not for Obama is a vote for more war and no health care two of Hillarys major goal shared by Obama.

To vote McCain is to betray hillary and her beliefs. It is a shameful thing to do and can only be motivated by race because it sure is not motivated by issues.

Shame on you all for destroying Hillary beliefs because of your racist attitude those who insist on using Obamas middle name back up your racism 100%.

I only thank God that you are so tiny in number.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me the last person who left the comment is very unhappy in hearing that most of us agree with the "hillgal2008". You have right to express your opinion. Likewise, most of us have right to express ours. Good luck to you with you choice.

layla said...

this is to anonymous with your 100 % racism comments. guess what? the more you cry racism, the more you alienate many of us latinos. we do not buy into all that crap! so take it somewhere else!!!!

chris said...

That is what I think of party unity!

Bandy4 said...

I agree with hillgal also! I also want to state that my opninions have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with race! I don't think race has anything to do with why anyone in this group is not voting for Obama. To indicate that it does shows some serious mis-judgment.

I also agree with the post by anonymous at 10:36 pm on June 27th, who indicated they were African American. It drives me crazy that the media, the pundits, and Dem. party leaders continually indicate that it's only a handful of older white women who are disgruntled. Along with their comments that we just need some more time to get over it - and eventually we can be won over! ....NOT A CHANCE!!!! They are just plain incorrect about this!!!

I tire of the assumption that we are just sore losers over Hillary not winning. Maybe that is the case for small number, but the vast majority of Just Say No Deal member posts - on many differnt blogs - tell a completely different story!!!

It's about Obama's qualifications!!! Or lack thereof! Not to mention his poor judgement, shady connections, etc, etc, etc. I could go on & on.

It's also about the way he "selected" and not "elected".

He would not be where he is today if the entire process had been fairly conducted, either by the DNC & party officials or in how he was so obviously favored by the media! (Except Glenn Beck on Headline News and Fox News towards the latter half of the primaries). All the rest were obvious in their bias. In the case of NBC & MSNBC. it was beyond blatant! They used to be my favorite station for news. Now I won't even watch them!

The media as a whole started glamorizing him, however, and declaring him the winner immediately following the vote in Iowa! ..And long before all the other primaries had even taken place! Even when he started losing (and losing big in many of the latter primaries), the bias still continued on! It was SICKENING!

The voice of the people was NOT heard! And it's still being inaccurately protrayed with ridiculous comments about how we are just a handful of older white women, who will come around to Obama's side before November!

WE ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO SHOW THEM IN NOV!!! And I for one, cannot wait to show them!

Just one last thing as a side-note: I was thinking yesterday about why Obama would expose his young daughters to the type of rhetoric that went on in that church week after week. Did he teach them that type of thing was Christianity? That just convinces me more that perhaps he doesn't even know what Christianity is! Because it wasn't practiced or tautght at that church he attended, that's for sure!

Alice Paul said...

What amazes me is that people like getthefacts above and others waste their time on our blogs. If their Mr.Obama is such a strong candidate and he doesn't even need us to win why come here. Just go gloat in some big Obama party area and wait for November. Forget about us, write us off as Middle Aged Women who really aren't important and go on your way. Don't you have anything better to do than to troll our little haven. We'll see what happens in November won't we!

Bandy4 said...

The post above from getthefacts is what's despicable to me! ....Probably a paid "bot" - sent to surf the blogs and re-post the same statement over and over on behalf of the B.O. campaign! I agree with you Alice! If they aren't worried, why waste time at our blogs!

They seem to be missing the intelligence to realize that a post like that, with SO MANY INCORRECT FACTS does nothing to endear any of us to him! That's for sure!

In fact, the skewed view that the 'getthefacts' blogger tries to put forth here, only enrages us further and makes us want to work harder to make sure he is not elected!!!

We don't want the Obama camp's manipulated facts! (The blogger directs us to his his fact-check site?!!) Is that a joke?! You've got the wrong audience here! We don't trust him, nor do we trust his version of "facts". He's been proven deceptive many times already! Why try and feed us manipulated facts? We are THE LAST PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO BUY INTO THEM!

Talk about portraying things INCORRECTLY! MILLIONS of people WANTED HILLARY TO STAY IN THE RACE! And it WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT ALL WRAPPED UP IN FEBRUARY! In fact, if all the primaries that were held back in February, instead took place in May, he would NEVER have ended up the presumptive nominee! Back in Feb., many people were naive and sucked in by his flowery rhetoric - with NOTHING behind it! I personally know of 5 different people who voted for him in my state's primary in February... However, as more & more became known about him, by May those same individuals were cheering Hillary on in the remaining primaries. And committed to voting for McCain if Obama became the nominee!

Talk about a skewed view! Get the facts obviously doesn't have all the facts. Except the facts the Obama camp wants portrayed. But WE ARE NOT FOOLED!!!! We KNOW what went on with ourselves and those we know. You can't come in & re-write our personal histories or views of this election.

And speaking for those I know, the more we see comments like those from getthefacts, the more we will work against his candidacy! So do yourself a favor and stop creating more enemies for Obama. Get off our blogs! After all, in your opinion we are a measely 2 million who won't matter anyway!

YVONNE said...

YOU OBAMA BITCHES GET OFF THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YVONNE said...


what-a-tangled-weaved-web said...

NEWSFLASH HERE, NARROW CLOSED-MINDED KEEPERS OF THE CULT: An objective-minded person, is both opened to agreement and dissent...this says a lot about your scope and capacity for learning. But after all, it does speak of your mentality, which is unable to deal with the truth...we've all learned that you need someone else to think for you. The posts that you removed from your blog, were not hostile, attacking or harassing -- but merely gave another view with FACTS; but again, YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT DEAL WITH THE TRUTH. This is making women look bad -- portraying a dim light on women in politics -- as if we do not have the ability to be fair and objective have permeated a catty image of women in politics. Please stop! Instead of rebelling, try reading more; self-education is FREE. The praise given Hillary after the campaign along with the standing ovation on her return to the Senate floor and the shout-out of praise given her from Obama, McCain and others, was something called "reverse psychology," where you mirror to an opponent or player how to behave -- how the game is played -- a simply display of sportsmanship, which she and Bill are very much lacking. If an opponent outplays YOU, especially if that opponent has been more than polite, courteous, and extended you an "olive branch," you must know when to hold and when to fold. You thank you opponent for the challenge and wish him well; and if you are from the "same team," (women of scorn), you certainly support and join him onto is called GRACE, DIGNITY AND CLASS. By silencing others' views, you are darkening your own lenses.

YVONNE said...