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R said...
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Anonymous said...

What a waste of time. Good don't vote for Obama. Please don't complain when McCain is in office. Hillary lost so get a life.

Anonymous said...

I want Hillary in the White House. But let's get real. An independent run isn't viable. There's not enough time to get the ground organization up & running in 50 states and enough money can't be raised in time.

A "write-in" campaign similarly is a waste of time since the liklihood is small that enough people will get themselves up to speed on the write-in rules for their state.

Here's the deal: if we want Hillary in the White House as PRESIDENT,then her only shot if all of us NObamas suck it up & vote for John McCain. Anything else is just an exercie in kvetching & trust me the Obama people couldn't care less just so we don't vote for John McCain. Catm31

Anonymous said...

I don't geet it. After 8 yearsof Republicans in the White House, how can any right thinking Democrat do anything to undermine the effort to get the White House back. Lets face it, if you want to see everything you stand for destroyed in the next Republican administration continue with this stupidity. Otherwise, get on the band wagon and help.

Dennis C

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in Diane Mantouvalos and anyone associated with her "JustSayNoDeal" insanity. She is not a Democrat, she is not even a decent human being. Being a Democrat is about party unity and not party pontification and self-edification. It is not really Hillary that Diane and her cohorts are fighting for, Diane is jockeying for "fame" for Diane. Diane is an incredibly selfish human being who has no interest in our party. If she defects to McCain, then we are better off without her. But the good news is, at least the Republicans are showing unity, irrespective of whether they agree with McCain or not; or the party for that matter. Hillary may be disappointed that she did not secure the nomination, but she is a Democrat and she is fighting to put a Democrat (Barack Obama) in the White House. Grow up Diane and spend some time contemplating what "unity" means. Hillary must be as embarrassed of you as the rest of us are.