Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tom Brokaw Slams The Media For "Inappropriate", "Commentary Disguised As Reporting"

The Huffington Post has a great article about Tom Brokaws criticism of how the media trashed Hillary.

Here is a snippet from the article
""It was inappropriate, for journalists especially, to try to cut the process short," NBC News' anchor emeritus, Tom Brokaw, told The Associated Press. "It was an appropriate issue for people to report on, in context, but there was an awful lot of commentary disguised as reporting that gave the impression that people were trying to shove her out of the race."

Brokaw's old-school attitude often put him at odds with Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann when he joined them for primary night coverage on MSNBC this year. One example was last Tuesday. Brokaw was talking about the contrasts between McCain and Obama when Olbermann interjected about "a third one trying toshoehornn her way" into the coverage.

"Well, I think that's unfair, Keith," Brokaw replied. "I don't think sheshoehornedd her way in. When you look at the states that she won and the popular vote that she piled up, and the number of delegates that she has on her side, she's got real bargaining power in all of this."" (HuffingtonPost)

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Katieschoicein2008 said...

MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are a disgrace to their profession.

I don't care to watch MSNBC ever again. Their kind of reporting, if you can even call it that, was useless. The sexism was horrific. And not something I'll ever forget.

DANA said...

I wrote MSNBC and expressed my anger towards their so called unbiased reporting. I have watched them for many years but no longer will. I don't expect a response!

Patricia said...

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Brokaw...he did the NBC Nightly News for many years(because I was a faithful watcher each night) and never saw him slam anyone the way that the media has done to Senator Hillary Clinton...it disgusted me when I kept hearing what they had to say about her...they should be ashamed of themselves...to cut/rip someone apart as they did to her..upsets me terribly...Hillary Clinton is an icon to politics..I'm proud to have her as my NY State Senator...personally..she has helped my family twice in two different situations and I'll never be able to thank her enough!! Her speech on Saturday just proves the "class" she endures....I hope and pray that she'll run again in 2012!

Marcus said...

I have also boycotted MSNBC, close to doin the same for NBC "news", along with CNN, CBS "news", ABC "news" and many other horrific "news websites" like huffington post, daily kos, and tpm. All of these became funnels for FAR left ideas, and the MSM's interpretation of the Primary Race. This was not only disgraceful for the networks as "news" sources, but should also have been for their individual journalists that were tapped to spew such hate.
As a longtime Democrat, I have always been opposed to Fox "noise", but they provided the only fair coverage for Senator Clinton, and did so in a professional way. For this i commend them, but i no longer watch as they are still a little too republican, ideologically for my tastes...
Im SO glad that a real professional, Brokaw, stood up and said something about the BLATENT bias that Matthews Olberman, and co. displayed.. This was the case on most primary nights, when Senator Clinton was of course winning... they couldnt wait to start talkin smack, and kissin BO's a**...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Brokaw for stating the obvious.

US MSM are shameless. They report opinions as facts. They have all lost their credibility as journalists.

seasonedcook said...

I agree whole heartedly, but a little to late. He knew of this for weeks and months, and only now come out and talk about it..He could have made a difference if he wanted too..
The news people are only to give the news, report it..Not to give their opinion...Jack on CNN with Wolf in the evenings is another person that needs to be called down..He talked awful about Hillary...He sounds like he only has an 8th grade education the way he goes on..Some of his stupid
questions, he only got Obama fans
to answer him...What goes around,
will come around, and these guys
will lose a lot of their following, and their contracts will be up some day. If enough people write in,
we will have a voice as to how they
handle Hillary or the next woman
running again...Katie, you are correct...Keith and Chris are a disgrace to their profession