Friday, June 13, 2008

Hillary Supporters Keep The Fight Alive

The NY Daily News has a great article about the Hillary grassroots efforts

"Some of Hillary Clinton's die-hard supporters are plotting to stop Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, or more realistically, at the polls in November.

Though Clinton folded her campaign last Saturday and endorsed Obama, a few Hillary activists still hope to somehow convince superdelegates to award her the nomination at the Aug. 25-28 convention in Denver.

Others want a Clinton write-in campaign for the November ballot. Some plan to sit the election out. And then there are those now behind Republican John McCain.....

Bower, 36, of Washington, said he still harbors some hope Obama won't officially be crowned the nominee in Denver, but, meanwhile, he's urging voters to back McCain.

"We have almost three months until convention - and it's been a crazy political season as it is - and who knows what will be revealed," Bower said. "Come convention, the Democratic Party may be like, 'Oh, my God! We have to have Hillary!'""

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Bama4Hillary said...

I am with behind her now and always, I will NOT vote Obama..

Anonymous said...

This november is going to be my first time voting. Out of all the years I have seen the elections going on and never really was into it as a kid. I didn't like politics at all. But now, this 2008 campaign has inspired me to vote because Hillary was running. I will NOT vote for Obama! I think he is way too inexperienced and can not handle being the leader of the United States! Hillary is the ONLY ONE I will be voting for. Please Hillary run as an independent and let the people vote for the best person who can handle the White House and this Country!!!

dcrc9596 said...

I will vote McCain if I can't have Hillary, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER vote for Obama. My husband will not vote for Obama either and we have convinced many others to vote against Obama. Sad to think that I am voting republican, because the DNC won't let me vote for the one I want and I will not vote for an unexperienced man to try to learn on the job, he has no ability to run anything except people out of their minds apparently!!

seasonedcook said...

I will sit this one out if Hillary is not on the ticket...I am not threatening! I will not vote,PERIOD!
I am sick of all of the news media,
and the kissing up to would think he was God...McCain is
going to be treated like Hillary was in the media..They will whip his A..
but good... I will say this until the day I die, People do not think about the future when voting for a president. They only care if they
are fashionable, and how the man speaks..I said man. No ladies please..The speeches they give must be self serving... They don't care if they are being lied to...They want some one who can entertain us and keep us in a good mood all the time...They don't care if the country is going to hell or long as they are being entertained...that is the kind of president people want! A pretty face, young and flamboyant!

ASolis said...

I am not voting for Obama under any circumstances. Glad to know I am not alone. Bothers me that media says we are a "small but vocal group" I'd like to spread the word, especially among Hillary supporters that are not online much. I will vote for Mcain IF he begins to address women and other moderates' issues; he does not have the support of the conservatives to the extreme right anyway, so here is opportunity to have our issues addressed while at the same time respond decidely to the so called party leaders and extreme left radicals. Hillary Siempre!