Thursday, June 12, 2008

New "Just Say NO Deal" Video

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Camille said...

The scrolling is way too fast! I am an avid reader. If I cannot keep up with it, less experienced readers will have a difficult time and shut it off. Get the message out so everyone can absorb it, please.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

The New "Just Say NO DEAL" is great. No wonder Obama wouldn't debate Senator Clinton again or agree to McCain's town hall meetings. He stutters and stammers unless he is making a memorized (assisted by a teleprompter) speech...sounds kind of dumb...and is one heck of a double's an awesome video...and Senator Clinton is not forgotten. We do not plan to give up on her and will never vote for the radical racist inexperienced Obama. We will vote for McCain and wait for Senator Clinton..