Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here Is A Video We Received In Our Email

The video comes from Hillary supporters called Deja Vote
The video was taken at the DC rally

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M. Sakel said...

Deja Vote should be sumbitted by Pumas to Hollywood in the 'short docs' category for '08. It's a Winner!

Come November, the 18 million cracks on the DNC ceiling will be exploding on the empty heads of Madam Misogynist Pelosi, Democratic Malpractice Practitioner Dr. Dean and the OBAMYOPICS. They will then see the Light! That is shortly after their Bitter medicine is delivered by that hard-working, degraded, demeaned and diminished Invisible Demographic they've taken for granted!

Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton
President '12

Go, Pumas, Go and Give 'Em Democracy!

Anonymous said...

This video is terrific. It's good to go as an ad on tv. Really well done. Very moving. Very inspiring. By far, one of the best I've seen of this ilk. I wish it could get more visibility.

Anonymous said...

super video! i agree w/mr m. sakel, should be submitted for an emmy. great piece. i watched the coverage all day and kept switching stations looking for coverage on hillary supporters. and after hours and hours of watching, i think i saw 5 sec total. so, this was what i had been looking for. thank you.