Friday, June 13, 2008

John McCain On The Supreme Court

ClintonDems made a good point about John McCain

"I hear a lot of folks threatening us with Roe v. Wade.

I just flipped to FOXNEWS and watched McCain campaign LIVE. He was asked about the types of Supreme Court justices he would appoint. He stated that he liked Chief Justice John Roberts (a conservative). However, his following statement was interesting and comforting….he said he voted in favor of Justice Ginsberg and Justice Breyer when Congress was asked to vote to ratify Bill Clinton’s appointments to our Highest Court when he was President. I repeat…he voted IN FAVOR of the two most liberal justices we have! Don’t be afraid of McCain….he’s neither right nor left…McCain is a middle man. PASS THIS INFO ON so other women know they have nothing to fear.

Do not allow the Obamabots to scare you with Roe v. Wade threats."

I hate how Obamabots are always trying to scare us into supporting Obama instead of actually engaging us. I will never vote for Obama!

Here is a reminder that John McCain will be speaking to Democrats and Hillary Supporters this Saturday. More Information on the Virtual Townhall available here

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this was several years ago. As I hear it, he has become increasingly more conservative through the years, and he now agrees with much of the Bush admin's policies. Please check his most recent voting record.

Of course, with any candidate, we take a risk... but I won't risk the rights that most affect me as a woman. That's just me.

Diva Donna said...

There is no way I will let my guard down on Mr. McCain...nor would I suggest that no one be afraid of him...he is part of the present administration...and that has been a nightmare...

He changes with the wind...kind of like the weather here in Seattle...if the weather is good the saying is " just wait fifteen minutes and it will change"

Marcus said...

Diva Donna,
(not Brazille i hope)
I live in seattle too.. heard that saying many times, but i believe it compares a little more accurately to BHO and HIS policy shifts in the last couple weeks. Its seems with him, HOPE, is the only message that is consistant.. as its PRINTED ON EVERY POSTER!
Good luck to my former party this year, (You're gonna NEED it!)cause your gonna have to pull the wool over ALOT of peoples eyes to be able to elect BHO. Not even the millions, upon millions he spent during the primaries could not buy his way into middle america.. Yet no one seems to care that the only reason he is where he is, is because of large (connected) money and influential connections (Dean, Brazille, Kerry, Kennedy.. et al), the exact same situation that put GWB where he is today... Except with GWB (and i CANNOT BELIEVE this), BHO has SHOCKINGLY LESS EXECUTIVE and total POLITICAL experience in comparison.
I have to ask... Who the F*CK thought this one thru??

Its our childrens future, and their childrens future and so on and so forth.. we cannot give it to someone who is grossly underqualified to be president. As we have seen first hand for the last 7 and a half years, this is not a good direction for the country, or the world at large...

HILLARY 2012(or save us in 2008)

Sabbath said...

First of all, the Republicans will never overturn Roe v. Wade nor do they want to. This has been a lightning rod issue for the Repubs for many years. If they overturn Roe v. Wade then they have nothing to secure the Religious right with in future elections. Once the Religious right get their way ( overturning Roe v. Wade) then they go back to being socialists by virtue of the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am telling you if we allow Obama and his racist wife in the White House, Roe v. Wade will be the least of our worries. This man will run a country that is already in perils due to the current inexperienced President, into the ground even worse than it is now. NOBAMA!!!!

Diva Donna said...

Marcus: your comment "no one seems to care that the only reason he is where he is, is because of large (connected) money and influential connections" can be applied to anyone in the political arena...even Ron Paul...

what I have to remind myself of is the Democratic ideology is what I am supporting...there is no way i can support the Republican way of thinking - never have and never is more government expense than I care to support with my taxes..would rather support those here in my own country..

Anonymous said...

I can see that BO concerned trolls make their way into this website.

I suggest that you should be fighting out there with McCain. There is no point trying to brainwash us. After 6 months exposed your typical lies, fear tactics, hoodwink, and bamboozle, we are immune.

McCain is an honest man. And he always tell the truth even when the view he took was not popular. He has a provened record of standing up against his own party for the good of the country.

What did BO has? NOTHING! Flipflop, lies after lies.

Tigger12 said...

Hmmm? Let me think.... A republican president and a democratic congress. I know that I can do four more years with McCain standing on my head. I am not worried about what McCain is going to do; but I am absolutely scared to death of what Barack might do. I do not believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.