Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hillary Supporter Cynthia Lowney on Cavuto

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HILLARY SHOULD BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN THE NOMINATION AT THE DENVER DEM CONVENTION. Many men were allowed to compete at the convention with WAY fewer votes than HRC's 18,000,000. HRC was forced to suspend her campaign; however, she clearly has the higher number of votes if one is to look at the Electoral College votes that would be awarded for the states she won in the primaries (all large BLUE states - except IL, several swing states) vs. Obama's win of RED states & IL (a clear indicator that HRC is more electable)....

THE DNC erred when it TOOK MI votes from HRC while awarding unearned MI votes to Obama. HRC never did appeal it to the same case of characters who had a secret committee meeting dissuade HRC from pursuing a FAIR primary.

Obama has less experience, Rev. Wright issues, flip-flopping on Wright, his pin wearing, his church & more...He has accused rural America of being racist when they did not vote for him because he IGNORED WV, KY & other states - only to blame it on racism - when, in fact, he spent his time rallying the white male superdelegates (see media stories & photos in DC the FRIDAY before the WV primary. Going to WV one day between March & May 13th is the reason Obama lost the race - in addition to the intolerance of WV voters about the Wright nightmare of racism, sexism and semi-porn in church in front of children (which Obama cited as "things out of context" - only to later throw the Rev. Wright under the bus - after he called Obama a "politician" during his trifecta weekend of interviews...

Where is the Rev. Wright now?...Where are "friends" of Obama from his childhood, school days & neighborhood?....No one seems to be around to verify anything about Obama's past.

Obama has dissed his white maternal family members who raised him - & has failed to introduce America to ANY of his childhood relatives....(including the numerous half-brothers & half-sisters from his father's side of the family in Africa. WHY?

Obama says his parents were married -but as a lawyer, he knows his already-married father (to a woman with kids in Africa) could not then marry his pregnant 17 year old mom...TELL THE TRUTH!